Something's funky...

My room smells. It's that smell which builds up and eventually stenches the whole place after you leave a wet carpet in the room for a period of time. I'd probably describe the smell as the smell of dead rats and lizards. Perhaps a little durian around its edges, and a whooping fine twist of SHIT! In this case though, it's a fucking towel. Who knew such a small item like that could achieve such wondrous things.

My towel's been in my room for quite some time now... I've been using it, and racking it, then re-using it, then racking it. I have an appalling habit of re-using everything that my maid hasn't thrown into the wash for me (excluding underwear and sweaty clothes). I wouldn't say it's being unhygienic, I would like to think of it as more of a fear of having to share my stuff with other people. I dont' want people to use my towel, or anything sanitary for that matter.

It's incredible how we build these little bonds with our possessions, we don't even know it. I've managed to build a bond with my towel, I don't even want to let it go. My toothbrush is my savior. My life revolves around a toothbrush. Seeing it being thrown into the bin after it's been frayed is like... letting go a piece of me. Months with that toothbrush and it never once let me down. But of course that piece of me sprouts back alive once I find an even better-newer looking toothbrush. Then the cycle starts again.

I will never share my lip balm with anyone. It's just inhumane man. Lip balms are very personal and it's been on my lips and everything, it's not right. It's sick if anyone ever thinks about sharing anyone else's lip balm. I get fairly paranoid whenever I have a flavoured lip balm and people ask whether they could sniff it. A million and one things instantly run through my head. I start to think what if they sniff out and nose particles are blasted onto the tip of my lip balm. Or the other way around, where they sniff in and to think that they're sniffing in what's been on my lips.. just makes me feel dirtier than usual.

This is not directed to anyone in particular, it's just me and my paranoia.

This goes back to the whole public toilet situation. Public toilets should not even exist, they're a sick joke.

Ran into a toilet today, the smell was... Indescribable, it was bad man. But I told myself I haev to mantain decent manners, and remain calm for as long as I can hold my breath. Gadong mall has a reputation of not having any tissue paper what so ever in their toilets, so the only cubicle which had toilet paper was the cubicle which someone decided to leave some shit in. I should've known why it was the only cubicle with toilet paper in. It was either she was being really inconsiderate for leaving the lid and door wide open, or she was just being really honest. I don't understand why they always have to leave bits of shit floating around, and not just a clump of shit instead. They always have to make it look like they have diarrhea.

And holy shit, did you guys know that the kings, queens and jacks of different suits had different poses and significance? That blew my mind this morning man. I was playing with a deck of cards and I realized... that they all looked different. And the little men in the google home page, they're nearly achieving soemthing. I can see something building up... so all eyes on the little men.


Music Industry's gotten confused

Shayne Ward is in Wikipedia... What were they thinking. He of all people should not deserve a place in Wikipedia. He is the definition of being disgraceful to the whole music industry. He is like the hair I find in my food, the cherry I find on my perfectly good Sundae Icecream, the strange taste of cold pizza in my mouth. He ruins my appetite and is indeed a pest.

There are two types of entertainers you find in the entertainment business; the people who sell their looks, and the people who truly succeed by merely entertaining, and do good in what they do. Perhaps I'm being a little bias.. I suppose looks do matter in the entertainment business, but I think that they shouldn't single-handedly rely on that feature. It is a job, and they'll have to work for it. Their looks will wither away one day, and they'll be nothing but pixelated paparazzi shots ocassionaly streamed across your TV screen with headlines of "SEX ICON TURNS INTO ALCOHOLIC WITH BEER BELLY THE SIZE OF BEACH BALL"

Which is why I personally do not respect entertainers who make money simply by their looks; excluding models. Of course. Hence, I do not respect Shayne Ward. His music is the worse yet. His lyrics don't even make sense. And he has a tendency of showing us his non-existent packs whenever he has the chance to

If That's OK With You
I love the way that you look without your make up
I had a girl before we met but we broke up
Theres something 'bout you
that makes me want to step up
Which is like sort of saying "You're my rebound girl, let's hook up"
If he's trying to impress the females, I must say he is failing miserably.

His music video consists of all these sexy girls flooding some party, and they're all preening Shayne as he walks down a corridor. The lyrics and the video don't match. Where's the girl he was going to keep the neighbors awake with? It was all a very messy situation I don't want to ever involve myself in again. Watching him was a roller coaster ride of goosebumps, once it's up, then it's down. Majority of the time, it was up.

I wanna keep your toothbrush at my appartment
Make a second set of keys
and ask you to move in
I'm not crazy
Yeow. That's creepy. So, he's there dancing in a room with a bunch of people, in his buttoned down wear, giving us some of chests. It's... Painful, to see him trying to dance. Don't get me started on his other video, the previous one where he's dead and singing to his lover who cannot see him. I remember watching six sense and being so tricked into the whole twist of the story, but concepts get old quick.

In the beginning, Shayne sits on a table and serenades the hot lover, but she looks dazed and confused. Within seconds, naturally, you'll realize that he's dead. But willing to watch on, because you think that your theory cannot be it, and you're just waiting to be proven wrong, you get disappointed vastly when they state the obvious. When the girl walks to the grave and flashbacks shoots through, attempting the old 'HERE'S THE TWIST!' trick. Shayne also attempts some of those 'Bold and Beautiful' stunts, where the scene is really dramatic and expressions; exaggerated. Y'know how they usually look into the camera, and go "I..... LOVE you" *dramatic music*. Shayne does a lot of that in this music video. He's once again sent me high on a roller coaster ride of goosebumps.

Performers like Michael Jackson would pour his heart out, so hard that we'd actually cry watching him perform. He was perhaps the last music legend in our time. Now we're getting all sorts of singers who don't, (I feel) respect music. Rather like, using it as an advantage to be on top. Most dont' even earn their status.


Ann explores the milky way

Dear Sunny Sunday,

Twas a rough night. Snuck into mama's room yesterday night and snuggled right up beside her. I'd almost forgotten the sweet distinct smell the bed's been perfumed with. The smell I once adored; sheltered me with comfort and protected me from the scary boogie woogies that lived underneath and beyond. This time, it was the smell of having her beside me. May it be being relieved or gifted, I cherished it finely. I took in a big breath, and never have I remembered loving the smell so much.

It took much shifting and blanket pulling until I had finally settled on the perfect cold spot. But little did I know what the night had laid out for me. Constant kicking and tugging shattered my perfectly sleepy thoughts. Ocasionally, mama would lift the blankets, and I'd feel the strong gusts of wind prickling against my legs. Wakes me up and pierces me with anger, but not to worry. I tend to sleep it off. I've learnt to forgive and forget. Perhaps years of sleeping on my own bed had alienated me from mama's bed. My dreams that I had planned out had disappointed me greatly.

I dreamt of an old lady next door who asked me in to play Big 2 with her. She was white. And we lived in the country. I wouldn't think it was too random, the night before I had several games of Big 2 with Jean and Jon. It had sort of left me in a Big 2 sensation, in fact I have to say that I'm craving for the game right now. Yeow. No, I'm afraid I didn't have the chance to explore the universe like I had so ambitiously planned. But the night's looking unrevengeful, it will do me good. I just know it wouldn't dare disappoint me again. This time, I'll dream of flying across the milky way... Pass the great wonders of space.

The sun light had eagled through the windows, which had left me in a half alarmed-half near to puking state. I get that a lot, I tend to feel like puking whenever I'd just woken up. Don't tell me I'm the only one... I had cleared my eyes and duh'd into the bathroom at 8 this morning, only to find more hair on the floor. I'd like to twist my sadness and metamorphose that into anger. Though I have to say, the feeling of sticking together is simply withering away.

I want a resolution plan for the year 2008. I've never had one of those before... Perhaps I should place "Stop embarassing yourself" as one of my first resolution points. I have had one too many of those this year, it's just time for a change. In fact, I had humiliated myself today as I found myself trotting into Arthur's home earlier with a Christmas hat on, with a goofy smile I often wear around, only to find his whole family and others gathering around a dining table infront of the door. I was as duh'd out as Jasz and HM were. We had not only disrupted their dinner, but mortified them with my shiny christmas hat. I found myself skipping up the stairs after uttering a soft "Hi Uncle..." and realizing an answer wasn't given out. I'm not the girl to give up, so I had automatically shouted a "Where's Arthur?" when I most obviously knew where he was... I felt down-right stupid because I had noticed I was already halfway up the stairs.

Dear Sunny Sunday, I hope you leave Glorious Monday with a schedule list. It's her turn to babysit me tomorrow.


I'm feeling a tad chilly today

...with a slight pinch of warmth.

Woke up to the sound of my alarm this morning at 6.30. I had almost forgotten; this morning was the day my family drives off to dominate Mount KK, but of course leaving me and Mama Bear at home to 'miss out on all the fun', they like to call it. Aaah.. I absolutely cannot wait to see them come home with aches and what not. The joke'll be on them.

It took ages until I finally got out of bed. Uncombed, Unbrushed and Unhappy, I managed to stumble down the stairs, but only to find that nobody had woken up yet. But of course my Chipsies, who never fails to wait for me. I should've known better. My family has a tendancy of being late for everything. Except for Mama. She always complains about our disorganization. It drives us nuts, because her nagging never does any good. Yet it is a women's instinct to carry on and on about the same thing; just placed in different context each time.

I had waited downstairs with my Chipsies for half an hour until I finally dozed off. I had placed myself in such awkward positions just so I wouldn't do so, but yet again I had failed my words. I was convinced I'd wake up. Then when I finally did, it was 2 hours later, and I had missed seeing them off. Damn! I should've known better again, my family also has a tendancy of being grumpy whenever we've been called up, so we've come to realize that they're better off sleeping anyway. I had once again, disappointed myself!

I'm so sick of disappointing myself. I have to say that, being the youngest in the family was rather enjoyable.. for the first few years of my life. Then I had started to realize that despite all the love and kisses I have gotten, they were all little steps that were slowly keading me into being a young spoilt teenage girl. It definately isn't anything to be proud about. Convinced I'd shoot up one day from my little sprout, from the way things are going at the moment, the idea of that is a little vague. When I say sprout, I mean being taken seriously in the family.

Being the youngest in the family, I have figured that it'd be a little more challenging to be taken more seriously. That I will have to try even harder to prove myself towards them. It's a constant strive to be better than my siblings, everyone gets that with their siblings. I often find myself comparing my actions to theirs. Their attention span with me is of the size of a pencil, sometimes it's a little hard to communicate with them. It is perhaps our age differences, their wit and inteligence is far off my scale, but this is why I love talking to them.

I feel that my behavior towards everything has come through family events. My self-consciousness had come from such a young age. 1996, a hash activity was taking place and I remember walking down the stairs with the only uniform we had left, an oversized shirt that had draped over me like a blanket. My father and siblings had laughed so hard at me when I had reached the bottom of the stairs. It was tears and sobs from then on. Thing is, I remember being humialated at such a young age, I still don't understand why. I like to describe that event as a mad nightmare, and I still remember it as one. It was like walking down through curtains and lights, then I had been plonked onto center stage only to find myself surrounded by laughing mad cows. Massive humiliation infestation.

Often my brother forgets that respect begets respect. A decent conversation with him is rare, they'd probably be moments of him smiling or when he's not in his usual 'mmph' mood. So I find it easier to talk to him a day or two after he comes back.

Recent catch up's with my English Novel 'Things Fall Apart' helps. I've been reading outside lately, I have only just started to realize the beauty of nature, and reading outside relaxes me well. Through the good of it all, there is somewehre in my house an army of mosquitos which has been planning an assasination of my whole family. They wil one day kill us all with their blood sucking snouts. I dream that one day I'll find them and kill them all with a single kick.

Aaah.. Tis' the season to be jolly! As for the tad chilly-ness, It is that time of year again. Not to worry! Brunei hasn't decided to snow yet, or have any christmas spirit whatsover to that matter, but it is this time of year where I like to pretend that it is snowing. Too many, December is the month to enjoy the spirit of giving. Spend time with their family and friends, singing Christmas Carols and puting up Christmas trees. I've always had a picture in my mind that Christmas is when everything brightens up, songs and jolly people flood the streets, and of course I've always wanted snow. But when you grow up here, you come to realize that Christmas in Brunei is like Summer in Alaska.

My Decembers are always hectic. It is when last minute gift shoppings are done, and my Christmas's... not so Christmasey indeed. My fantasies about my perfect Christmas spent are always crushed by last minute plans for dinner and disappointing gifts I have bought for people. Never have I ever reached my expectations of gifts I should've given others. This year isn't lookin too good, my budget box has a limit of about 50 dollars, perhaps I will plant a vegetable garden for my parents. Though I have to say.. Not so easy when you share the same garden.

I better get to bed, I have a whole dream list lined up. I'll dream of climbing Mount KK with Papa and my siblings. I'll dream that I will be treated more maturely in my family, and I'll also dream that Brunei will snow, and Christmas will show. I'll dream of exploring space and beyond. It's a wild thought, but a thought which one day will come through. Trust me, NASA's working with me. In my dreams. Of course.



YESTERDAY, 3 puppies had been abandoned and left on a flowerbed by the local gym in Kiulap. Witnesses had claimed that they have heard much yelping and howling since the night before, but had not the heart to collect them as they had hoped that the irresponsible owners would realize their wrong doing and would eventually come back for them. Fitness Zone staff members had tried to live in denial, and ignore the fact that 3 puppies had been left upon their responsibility. As they were too busy rock climbing and phone chatting by the registration counter, they 'had not noticed the puppy's constant crying for food and help'.

A few mornings after, May Lee; a gym member, had heard the dog's cries. She explains that she had collected the dogs in good will, and hopes that she'd find the perfect home for them.
"I know my family can't keep them, but we have to find homes for these puppies, they're far too young to be out there alone, otherwise they'd die." May debates.

All three puppies are confirmed as females, clearly pulled away from their mother.. and milk supply at such a young age. For more information about the three puppies, contact Ann. These dogs are good dogs. Happy dogs. Small dogs. They are looking for responsible owners to take them in, not a dirty hag who'd dump them by the streets.

Written by Ann Lee

Did you like my article? Someday, I hope to write for Borneo Bulletin. Hopefully I'll make it big.. Well, yeah. Three female puppies were found, and we took them in, and we want nothing better than to look for a good home for these puppies. They had clearly been abondoned by an irresponsible owner who did not want to bare living with more dogs, but if you wanted to keep male and a female in your house, you have to live up for the consequences, and not dump them by Fitness Zone like a fucking coward and flee so the responsibility can be left for someone else. If you leave them there and hope they'll die by the flower beds, then you are a dirty bastard.

I have to say that this is probably a big problem in Brunei, strays and abaondoning and whatever other animal cruelty this sick place is filled with. I understand that the dogs are breeding like mad cells, but if you are willing to take them in, then perhaps you should treat them with love because animals deserve a life too. If you want stray animals to stop wandering around Brunei because it's 'Inconveniencing' you, perhaps you should stop taking random dogs in so they could be your guard dog, then letting them breed more and abandoning them by the roads because it's too much hassle, but hey, let's dust it off our shoulders by letting it get run down by cars and trucks. Perhaps, instead of sending in complaints into the opinions page in the newspaper, you should do something yourself instead of depending on others to start something up. You pathetic losers, your complaints do nothing but irritate us. As if we don't already notice the problem? Perhaps instead of ramming the dogs down whenever you see them in the roads, because you get so angry that they're there, or because dogs have become so much of a taboo in the muslim religion, you should think twice you sick.... inhuman.. object..

I was glad to know that the animal shelter was being set up, which is great news! Until I heard.. of course.. that all they do is put them to sleep.. I understand that nobody is willing to adopt them, because for wahtever reason, possibly because they're stray dogs. But, my god, try putting a poodle or a chihuahua up for addoption, check how many phonecalls they'd get then. It's great for the society that hey, finally they're doing something about these pests, they're killing them so they would stop rummaging through our garbages, and my goodness we're doing the dogs a favour anyway. We'll put them to sleep so they don't have to live yet another day suffering and dying, but how do we know that we're donig them a favour? There could be a possiblity they would rather live stray than to die. Why of course, who cares what the animals think, we're at the top of the food chain and we're doing this for our own good. But I also have to be realistic, If nobody is willing to adopt them then we can't possibly put them back in the streets, I suppose the best sollution is to actually kil them, I know.. I know.. it's heartbreaking, but that's what they actually do..

I just feel that they are strays because of us. We led them to being strays, and we're letting them be. Then we want this to stop, because they're pestering us, but we're not doing anything about it.. so we.. just really want to stop our own wrong doings? but we make it sound like it's the animal's fault that they can't find any elsewhere to live. But how're we going to do it.. if we're not doing anything.. really. The animal needs more cash for making a shelter, perhaps we could think about that and make some donations. We have to understand that these animals are under our responsibility, and they are depending on us. Whether we like it or not, we'll have to do something about it.

As for the three puppies, I'll post photos up. They're so adorable.. If you're willing to take one in? or all three, that'd be awesome. If you know other responsible pet lovers as well who're looking for a dog, hehe come to me! :)

I'm thinking... instead


I'm starting a Modern Suffragette movement

I've been motivated!

How've you guys been doing? why of course if anyone out there is actually reading this. How I wish I knew who my viewers were.. y'know what all the bloggers need? A box at the side which indicates who the people are who're visiting.. like if everyone had webcams which are left on 24/7, then I can scan through the box and look at you guys reading it. but I must say, that's just some michael jackson stuff right there. I'll be the creepy perv getting OG's from looking at you guys through the webcam.. ha-ha but of course I'm not like that. Gee, no.. of course I don't seek pleasure through live-webcam videos, my god that's just sick. Same goes to porn! Shame on you for going on R-rated websites! Porn on internet or videos.. or PICTURES, my god! are simply signs which show how desperate and pathetic some people are out there.. How do pictures turn you on.. They aren't even moving. Shit, can you imagine having to try to puzzle up the pieces in your head? Make your own story up from the picture you're holding. I suppose that's the whole fun behind it.. sick shit...

I haven't got anything against it haha, but one thing I definately don't understand is, why would anyone ever want to expose their body in such manner through videos and pictures? It's just... wrong. Having sex for the pleasure of the viewers.. y'know people who watch porn, i reckon.. are just people who wish they could be put in their position, and who hopes to some day have a crazy sexual intercourse with another. People are actually proud of it too, which is.. perculiar.. they're actually proud of watching porn. I suppose it's become sorta like a trend now, but I find it so wrong for girls to allow their bodies to be exposed like that in this society. I could start like another one of those suffragette movements thing, hahah fight for the rights of women!

Which reminds me, that 'I got it from my mama' song by that head tingly song sung by Blackeyedpea star, that catchy song which is being constantly played in [V] countdown, the first song I've ever heard which made me personally, feel like a friggin' object as a female myself. haa-ha.. I wish he died. Am I the only one who thinks this song is offending? I've never thought of Black eyed peas as musically talented, their songs are good club songs I suppose.. good tunes to dance to.. catchy driving songs.. but basically all their lyrics don't mean a thing. They steal tunes and add in a few rip off lyrics and their version of their mix. That song was.. technically using us as.. an object really. He's comparing our bodies god dammit, and if I'm ugly shit, my mum's ugly shit too.

"Maybe cause you’re blessed with the beautiful buns.Maybe cause your beauty keep the dudes on sprung,"

Shuttup will you, keep your eyes to yourself! Shame on you! sigh. We dont' want you telling the world who has better buns, and whether they're beautiful or not.. Throughout the whole song, I was pretty pleased.. until I heard;

"And if her mama real ugly,I guarantee ya she gon’ be ugly like her mama."

which just got me wondering..

Well, I dont' know how the topic led to porn and what not.. but that wasn't what I wanted to blog about, but I've lost my motivation, so there you go for now. I need a new layout.. mm.. Perhaps Azim might help me out on that..


Late 'Summer' celebration

Beach party next Sunday...
Jonshim's organizing, hahahaha and I'm helping him make it happen. PLEASE make it happen, it will be a nice catch up session.

You can go if we don't know you as well.. oh no, it wont' be awkward at all.. having unknown people in the beach with us.. eating our food.. talking to our friends.. no.. won't be awkward. Not one bit.. So yeah go ahead if you want to!

Bring volleyballs and footballs and whatever else! If you have beach buggies.. that'd be pretty awesome.. yeah.. if I dont' know you and you have a beach buggy, PLEASE come. We're friendly people, we like people.. with beach buggies..

Advertising post

Battle of the Bands, Friday 9th from 7pm - midnight. Go! You don't want to miss out.. ONLY the best bands are playing. Linkin park, Incubus, Smashing Pumpkins.. just to name a few.. It's going to be the ultimate head-banging event. I'm personally more of a Sheng and Azim fan.. hahaha it's only going to be 5 dollars a ticket. Fill the hall up!!!! BOTB needs YOU! Keep in mind, no smoking within school grounds! unless you're out of the school. Hope to see as many of you there tomorrow!!!

haha and Ann Lau's new blog just got launched!

Dont' want to miss this one too right? Here's a sneak peek.. "i get home is to sign in MSN; i like typing on the keyboard. Mind..." oooh.. how exciting! Let's see how long this blog is goign to last Ann.. hahahHAHAHA ok sorry I'm sure it'll last long.


Movie Mistakes

In my last post I was wondering wehther it was possible to get wisdom teeth at this age, because I suspect I have one making its way through.. and it erally does hurt shit. It is the most excruciating pain ever!! I had a dentist appointment today with Leslie (he's a man.. and dont' ever go there! you'll find out why in a minute), i've never been to him before.. to be honest I've never made it a point to go to the dentist every once in awhile, and if I do go to the dentist, it'd be a different dentist everytime. I'm never happy with the dentists here!

So Leslie ong is the worse dentist ever!! I was so fustrated the whole afternoon. If this is actually a tooth that's coming out, I am DEFINATE it is the wisdom tooth. Dont' ask me why I have it at 15, my teeth just can't wait to mature. So I went into the dentist, and the FIRST thing he said when I saw him was,
"You're only 15 lah how can you get your wisdom tooth.."
So you can imagine how convinced he already was once he heard my dad tell him over the phone why I'm making the appointment. He thinks I'm 15 and he's already taken for granted that it can't be possible to have a wisdom tooth.and when he checked, he took the quickest glimpse and said "THIS is not your wisdom tooth, you see. When a tooth is erupting, it will cause your gums to swell. There are two things you can do.. You can leave it... or cut the flesh out so it'd grow faster"
"oh. uh.. I'll leave it. thanks.."
Much help... So he suspects it's a tooth, but if he actually counted how many teeth I have, THIS IS MY 15TH TOOTH!! LIke any good dentist would do, an xray would be carried out to see what swelling is caused by, but he thinks it's a normal molar that's coming out.. his appointment merely took 5 minutes.

I'm very angry with that dentist becuase that was total slack man. He's a fully qualified dentist, do what's he's being paid for doing. There was nobody lining up after me, take his bloody time and attend to all his fucking patients with equal manner! I know... deep down.. he was slacking because he was so absolutely sure that this was not going to be a big problem. Just an ordinary kid.. worrying over a really small thing, and making it into a really big deal. But I honestly dont' always go to the dentist and if I do, it has to be important! Well, he doesnt' know that.. but I'm still very fustrated with him. I paid good money to see him! Anyway, tomorrow I'm goign to see another dentist..

Well, besides that. hahah i've been doing a few stuff that would keep my midn off the pain. I think my blog is in need of PICTAAAAS to brighten it up a little, maybe I'll change the blog layout soon.. I personally am quite happy with this one i have now. It's plain and there aren't any really vivid colours taht make your eyes go flashey and hurty.



To hell with it

I am angry, I am so confused.. I am pretty fucking down. To hell with it, it isn't going to kill her, because I know with my family, we can definately fight it together. We might lose her, but I'm going to stop thinking of the what mights, or the what if's, because it hasn't even happened yet and I'm positive we won't because we're going to be in it together and nothing gets pass the Lee's man. I have to start thinking present, and right now she's fine. I'm not going to give up right now and I know neither of my family members are going to as well. We have to appear strong and positive so we can keep her in a fighting state. I know we're goign to do it, we'll fight it together :).

I have to say though, it is no doubt one of the toughest things I've ever had to face. My brother is coming back on Saturday and.. I don't think he knows about it yet, it's going to be a pretty hectic weekend and there's goign to be an emotional flooding I'm guessing.. but my sister isn't in Brunei, Dad's exhausted from all the bullshit our family is going through right now, I will have to take the responsibility of keeping the family together and to consntantly remind everyone to be optimistic about the situation. far too much responsibility for a 15 year old! but I know I can take it, I've taken the time to take everything in and accept it as it is and to appear strong is not going to be easy, but I have been doing it for the pass week.. so I'm sure I can continue doing it.. mm.

I've told myself that I will definately not let this effect my life, with year 11 and the mocks and everything, it isn't goign to be a very pleasent year 2008 ahead of me. But I will still make sure I will eat well, and doe verything healthy including studying smart for my mocks and end of year exams! but I just know it isn't goint to be as easy for me as it is for some of you guys. Who am I to say your problems are nothing compared to mine? mm, No one.. obviously.. but what I'm going through right now are some pretty rough stuff. I hate waking up in the morning and having to go through the day with so much things in my head, I dont' look forward to going back from school as much anymore.. it's probably one of the most depressing things ever, but partly I hate staying back now, I just want to go back and be with my family. it is the strangest feeling ever, I just want to be home all week now. Not so strange really..

I guess I am pretty angry as well. I'm actually furious. Easily, this is by far the hardest stage in life.. anyway, my brother is coming back on Saturday so that's somethign I can look forward to! My sister's coming back in 3 weeks time, that' definately somethign to look forward to. Thank goodness I have siblings, they make everything so much better.

On the happier note, can you get wisdom teeth at 15? 2 teeth popped out from my upper jaw a few months ago.. and it HURT SHIT! I went to the dentist to check whether they were my wisdom teeth, and.. he said it wasn't? but I did some research and.. well.. apparently it is.
"Wisdom teeth are third molars that usually appear between the ages of 16 and 24" (Wikipedia stuff),
but.. I'm 15.. maybe my teeth are like.. oddly mature. I did my research and usually 'normal kids' will have 14 teeth both at the top and at the bottom.. I have 14 at the bottom.. and 15th is is erupting out from the right side of my bottom jaw (supposed to have 16 permanent teeth if i'm not mistaken including wisdom teeth).. It hurts so much, I wake up and it feels like I have a sorethroat in the morning down the ride side of my throat. I better make a dentist appointment soon.. I hope they wont' extract it. I'm positive it's my wisdom tooth !

A spider is running across my computer screen.. and it's actually hopping around (I know.. Spiders hopped?!?) It's probably a sign to you know, stop being such a comoputer geek. So I better make a move. I hear the little voices of sushi calling me in the kitchen... THey just can't WAIT to be eaten!


Know yourself

mmmm. This is a must watch. Definately in the list of best videos so far


A Capella

A Capella is so awesome! I've realized that a capella groups either consist of a bunch of chinese geeks.. or you know wannabe chinese geeks. If you're chinese.. You're a geek.. and you can sing.. you're made for A Capella!

This shit rocks.. Bohemian rhapsody hahaha no regrets my friend. Trust me it's tha bomb.. These geeks got talent. Notice.. the odd one in the group.. the only chinese guy. and my god is he like the geekiest out of them all..


Here comes my rants.. so brace yourself!

I haven't had this feeling in awhile.. the sudden rush of desire to blog. wah.. I've just realised how computer-maniac taht sounded! But yeah man, I decided to make use of this feeling fast!! before I lose my motivation! My inspiration! My D├ęsir! My.. wahtever you guys call it these days.. my oompf!

Ms. Then.. I'm so sorry to say.. she just fucked it up real bad this time. First the whole fake american accent slash.. malaysian? then the whole talking through the nose 'nigitive' thing, then the really bad choices of clothes! And now socks with open toe sandals?!?!? Not just any socks! But green socks with kermit the frog on it!! and socks with little bears patterned on it! I would've never thought anyone from America would ever come to brunei like this.. I love her, she is a brilliant maths teacher!! But it's too unbearable to see! and I'm sitting in front, it's hard to not be distracted. You can't help but look down all the time.. it's like a game you know, "hmm.. so what sorta socks does she- WINNIE THE POOH?!" If there was a fashion police around, I swear she'd probably be sentenced for the rest of her life! maybe i am exegerating it a little.. but socks with open toe sandals?? :( sigh what a disappointment from an american influenced woman.

Anyway!! The other day something happened.. Festive month, so if you happen to be driving around gerhdong (day/night.. same thing).. you'd be caught in the most disastrous traffic jam ever. wait.. hey i dont get why the roads are packed even during the day. Aren't you guys supposed to be home and resting or something instead..? So.. you know, you won't get hungry and stuff. mm strange. anyway, so i was looking out the windowwwwwww right... and i realized all the cars that drove pass, NONE of the drivers had their seat belts on! Especially when it's puasa month, everyone drives like a lunatic at like 6 ish. I swear, accident rates are going to shoot up the scales this month. Someone died the other night at the big jerudong road.. probably was rushing home for home cooked curry or something.

The other time Me and zim saw the craziest accident at that road too.. where the bottom of the car was stuck flat onto the tree.. sorta like you know. bent, ok.. like hooked onto the tree sideways. not head-on, not from the side of the car, but the bottom. you can imagine like the whole car's been flattened and bent, and gone through so mcuh pain.. holy shit i got no idea how the car got there, but it was raining crazy.. probably skidded and went out of control and flipped through the air and went SPLAT onto the tree trunk. No news about the guy who was int he car though! But it was obvious he was dead.. or she.. hmmmmm.

hahahahaha you know what amuses me so much.. like when you go to gadong, and you make sure you stay there until buka puasa! You go to a restaurant at like 5.30, and you see everyone sitting on tables with their food infrotn of them.. just waiting for the prayers. THen when the prayers go on, everyone starts digging into their food. hahahahahahahaha i'm not disrespecting or anything but you have to admit man, even if you are muslim! It is the funniest shit to watch. So i like to go into restaurants at like 5.30.. especially the food court at the mall. EVERYONE man, they all wait.. hahahahhahhaa.

hmm.. hey is it me or does milo have a thing for making you feel liek shitting all the time. i know azim feels the same way too.. you guys have to let me know. I want to knwo whether our stomachs are just... you know.. fragile.. or anti-milo. and hey waht is up with fonzies and twisties?! Twisties is most obviously the original.. fonzies can burn in hell. So as pepsi.. coke owns all.

Oh well.. Here's a little something-something for you to watch.. i think this clip is amazing. You all have to watch it.. trust me! you're honestly not going to regret this!

Perfect pictures for an imperfect world

Oh dear.. I stumbled upon a commercial ad on internet this afternoon.. My god I told myself I had to show you guys the clip..

now tell me.. is this a comercial ad for a camera?! because if it is, why the fuck would any of us want to take photos with it after watching this ad?! it says "perfect pictures for an imperfect world".. wait.. huh? strange, they're doing a very good job with convincing us not to take photos though.. it's such a depressing advertisement! maybe it's telling us that the camera can take photos of objects and make it seem perfect through the lens.. and erase all the flaws away. mm... sounds like bullshit to me.

If you ask me, I think society's pretty fucked man. I know this isn't anything new and you've probably heard it about a millions times now, but I've just been thinking.. generally I think it's those damn Americans with their constant strive to be the 'it' place, my god and with those damn hilbilies and ghetto fools all those stupid poklens in the mall look up to.. who keeps shooting us with movies and music, trends, reality TV shows.. mm I'm definately not saying that I'm totally against them. You know.. I love desperate housewives and the OC!! and you know all that other chick flicks hehe. but I just dont understand why we're living in this..

the media.. well can burn in hell. Again, nothing new but I don't think we'd all be looking ourselves in the mirror from day to day and trying to look like a certain stereotypical image of how a girl shoudl look like if it wasn't for the media. If it wasn't for all those fake slutty chicks they put on magazine covers.. Then again, I guess we'd all be living really unhealthy if it wasn't for that. hmm.. come to think of it, we'd all probably be really obese and sloppy.. they'd probably have to make larger cars for us to fit into.. bigger beds.. larger toilet bowls for our fat asses. I could probably look at a really obese, hairy black man and say "mmm.. he's so sexy.. but quit dreaming Ann!!! He's so out of your leauge~ sigh".

OK so the images could give a healthy look, you know.. but do you know how much they edit those shit pictures?! those models look nothing like the outcome of those photos we see in our rip off seventeen magazines!! and people actually strive to look like that fake image.. they'd even go so far just to look like that. Y'know.. bullimic and crap..
If you dont' believe me on how much those images have been retouched, you can check this site out..

I had a better site similair to this.. with far more better retouched photos.. but I lost it!!!! Well, this will do!

We're living in such a fake world. I swear.. I dont' even know what's real anymore. Everything is so fucking comercialized! My sister was reading a book by a author by the name of mm.. Think it was harumi murasaki. and she was telling me.. just like a sudden outburst of conversation, well the author said the last time something felt 'real' was in the 70's, when you bought a drink, you'd get a precisely that.. a drink. But if youw ere to buy a coke right now, it wouldn't just be extracts from the coca plant anymore, it'd be.. all these other strange chemicals. Because everything's so fckin over marketed nowadays, and we'd be buying a brand image not the drink. I would choose a paddlepop over an Anun icecream anytime..

mmmmm ok that's about it.. enough of my midnight ramblings. Swimming tomorrow for PE.. Time to get into 'shape' babeehxyxyz. giggity giggity giggity!


Tea.. mm.

helllooooooo blogging world!!! I'm so sorry I haven't been around lately but I honestly get so lazy during the weekdays, and during the weekends I just can't be arsed you know.. sigh. hahaha ok let me satisfy you people, if you need any satisfying that is.. Ok.. no. Wait, let me satisfy myself!! I feel so.. unfinished. As pathetic as it sounds!! It's like I have a little ring at the side of my head constantly telling me that I have to blog.. and it's like if I don't, it feels.. as if I've got some unfinished business to do. my god trust me I've been wanting to blog so many times last week hahahahahhahahaha if you come into this whole blogger website thing and sign into my account you'd see so many incomplete posts saved as drafts. It's just I lose my motivation halfway and also because you know, i just run out of things to say.

So I'll make this really short.. I doint' want to lose my motivation halfway and stop.

hahahahahah ok so you know how you go into big cafe's, and their logo often has a little date underneath stating when it's been established and shit. like.. you get 'established 1983' or 'since 1845' or something along that line..

The other day (about 3 months ago actually) we were at kiulap mall, we went into a small miserable looking cafe gahahhaa and found this..

Tea box cafe... SINCE 2001?!?! hahHAHAHAH so embarrassing why do they even bother putting it up. and what is that, like little flies flying around the coffee? I dont' know.. at least make the date up right? They could put 'since 1980' instead or something, at least got a little more class la.

'since 2001' tsz hahahahah who wants to drink coffee that's like 6 years old, the taste obviously wouldnt' be the same! Coffee from 100 years ago awlays tastes better, the recipe's gone through so mcuh, people likes to think that it's 'evolved' and the ingrediants are much more classier. It's just the thought of it makes it tasty.. you know. like the fact that 100 year old coffee's are made the original way by hand, and not gone through some huge chemical process through the factory and been exposed to the poluted air, probably dumped into shit water a couple of times in the south china sea or something. who wants to drink 2001 coffee?

oh ok whoops this makes it even better, hahahaha it's actually TEA! whoops. well ok, who would want to drink 2001 tea?!?!?! same shit.. the tea bags have probably been through the same chemical process as well anyway. The thought of having tea that originated from teabags that were actually made from pandan leaves straight off the jungle or something would make the tea drinking experience more tastier.

Ok. I blabbered.. hahahahhahahahahhahahha this might not even make sense but hmmmmm.. whatever that's your problem. hahaha I'm off to bedddddd!!!! bye!!


If I were living in the Harry Potter world..

Alriiiiiight well first of all, thanks for tagging bitches.. NOT! Eh man, if I don't blog.. it doens't mean you can't show me some love ok. So sad my blog was like seriously dying! Never gave me any motivation :( sighhhhhhh I know I blog bullcrap ok.. just pretend that you like it anyway.

I haven't really been bothered to blog lately..

I've finally started pickin up with this Harry Potter thing.. Because you know it's like the 'in thing', and everyone's always like "THE LAST HARRY POTTER BOOK WAS SOOO GOOD" and stuff.. I thought I'd just pick off from the 6th book. Because I've seen the movies for the rest, so you know whut the fuck whatever. No difference..

I've always wondered how it was like to live in the Harry Potter world though.. shit that'd be so cool. I'd be like 'Ann Antoine Teetlebird' or something.. because y'know all the characters in Harry Potter have the weirdest names ever. YOu know how much easier life would be if we all lived in the Harry Potter world?! It was like some sick joke God decided to play on us.. He'd purposely create some famous author named JK Rowling to write books about this world he knew every kid would fantasize about, then he puts us in some boring world so we're left to think about how awesome it'd be to be friends with harry potter.

When I was a kid and I was new to ISB (this was in year 2), I remember I used to get bullied alot. I still remember this kid's name, her name was Natasha (she can burn in hell for giving me a hard time) and the other one with the big afro, I forgot her name. Well y'see.. what they'd do is.. My mum used to give me ferero roche's to school for me to eat during breaktime a lot.. and it was cool and stuff y'know cuz woah.. Ferero Roche's can make me the most evied person in that class. But that didnt' matter because I had bigger things to worry about, like who I was going to play with during break time. So this gang of white girls, they were humungousoo compared to me.. and obviously I got pretty freaked out. They like seriously made fun of me.. no joke, it was like something out of a Disney movie.

Ok, so you know how students from SAS dont' normally call their teachers by their last name, they call them 'teacher' and occasionally when you get too used to saying it, it comes out as 'cher'.. well nobody ever told me I had to call my form class teacher by her last name when I came into ISB? I dind't see it anywehre in the rules book? So I walk into class, obviously a little pettrified.. still getting used to the smell of the class and stuff, and I hear people beside me raising their hand up and saying 'I'm stuck' with their math equations.. and I"m like ok.. that's easy, if I don't know how to do my maths equation I'll just call out 'I'm stuck'. But because I was being the dumbass I was from SAS, I raise my hand up and call out "CHER!".. everyone looks at me as if I'd just killed their dog or something. THen Natasha, the girl who deserves to burn in hell looks back and says

"hahaha what'd youc all her?!?! she's not Teacherrr! it's MRS. TURNERR!"..

Sheesh man, I know I didnt' have the nicest haircut ever (lokoed like a mushroom) but that dindt' mean you get to correct me in the bitchiest manner!

Back to the forero rocher's right, well occasionally they'd be nice to me.. and this was only when they see me opening my lunch box up. When they see forero rocher's, they'd be all "hiiii aannnnn :)". I dint' have any friends so what the fuck give them lah, because they asekd for it. I remember once I brought some other cheap chocolate instead, they came up to me and was like

"Do you have the other chocolate instead? the one you brought yesterday?"
"no.. but you can have this one.."
"Uhmmm.. No it's ok, I dont' like those.."

"*fckin losers*.."

I'm not joking I actually gave them chocolate from time to time because I really wanted to be their friend. Once they played some sick joke on me, when I stood up from the stoole, Samantha (some chick who also deserves to burn in hell) pulled the stool away in hope that I'd sit and plomp right onto the floor. I didn't because she did it so obvious, it was ultra easy to spot by the side of my eye.. then I was like "haha she wants to play in this game huh.." so I wait until she stood up from her stool, I pulled the stool away.. AND SHE ACTUALLY SAT. What idiot wouldn't notice the loud screeching of the stool being pulled away?! She of course cried.. I ran away from the scene of the crime.. Mrs. Turner comforted her.. Nobody knew I did it. Skillllllsz..

So I was thinking.. If we all lived in the Harry Potter world.. I'D HAVE EASILY TURNED THEM ALL INTO LITTLE SHITS THEY WERE!! hahahahaha omg so evil sounding.. but yeah

This post was really rushed, you can so totally see hahaha ok have fun. I'm so sorry this post was so full of bullshitz. But yeah ok toooooooodlesz to tha x to tha y to tha z.


Sleeping habits

I'mmmmmmmmm baaaaaack! haha, I'm gogni to blog again before I forget..

I couldn't go to bed last night, it was craazy. Basically I only had 4 hours of sleep (school holiday just ended and my bodyalarm is so fucking messed), and I had such a hard time trying to put myself to sleep.. There I was.. lying on my bed.. and kicking all over the place! I swear I felt like a cow.. dont' ask me why, but dont' cows kick around a lot?.. or not..? donkeys..? err. Same thing!

Which reminds me.. Is it only me or do I have the weirdest sleeping habits ever? Ok. Tell me that it isn't only me which feels really paranoid after watching a thriller and would only feel comfortable when all of my limbs are nicely tucked under the covers.. When I first realised that I only felt safe when my whole body was firmly tucked under my blanket, I felt really stooopid. It's like I fear Ju-On would jump out from under my bed and grab me by my feet or something.. and bring me to tha world of.. movie making?? Which was exactly why I felt so stupid.. The more I thought about it, the more "why would Ju-On jump out and grab me? God Ann you're so dumb!" I would've felt.. ok so I honestly feel much safer in my room now haha then I did a few years baack.. no.. I'm not just saying this because "I'm so brave and you're not!".. well, I've assured myself that nothing's ever going to pop up beside my bed and haunt me because I've lived in this house for 9 years now and I've not seen anything silly like that! Which is a good thing of course! I definately don't intend to hahah..

Ok, this one I know not all of you would do.. I personally like to sleep with two pillows. One pillow that goes over my head, and another for me to rest my head on.. I've been told milllions of times that it isn't a very normal thing to do.. it isn't exactly a habit just anyone could get into, y'know? usually it'd be

"going to bed now?"
"well, yeah, it's getting pretty late.." (me)
"ok. I'm going to read a book first, so goodnight!"
"nights man" (me)
(big pause while I try to make myself comfortable)
"hey ann.. err.. why do you sleep like that??"
"like what?" (me)
"like that.. I've never seen anyone sleep with a pillow over the head. I've seen it in cartoon animations and stuff, but I think that's just strange.."
"I like it."(me)
"you're weird.."
"YOU'RE weird.."(me)

You know.. something like that anyway. It's not weird! It isn't weird once you hear my story! Well, if you must know.. when I was younger, I used to see a lot of cartoon animations sleeping like that, you know.. bugs bunny, daffy duck, and all that other children goods.. and I thought to myself.. that's weird. I can't imagine myself sleeping ike that.. but one day, I snuck into my parent's room to grab something, and I saw my mum sleeping with a pillow over her head too! I think she was down with a headache or something. Anyway, that night when I went to bed I tried putting the pillow over my head, just to you know.. experience the magical feeling which all cartoon characters I knew at that time felt.. it wasn't very comfortable, but I thought 'well hey, if my mum's doing it, all the cartoon characters are doing it, I can too!'. Then from that day onwards, I found myself unable to sleep without a pillow over my head.. it just grew into me.. til this day I still love to sleep with two pillows! It's very comfortable! I hate going to sleepovers and having to face all these "Why do you sleep like that?? why? huh? why??" questions.. hahah it's not strange really!

I also hate sleeping on the warm side of the pillow, so I constantly find myself switchin sides, shoving the pillow all over the place just to find that nice cold spot. And same goes under the blanket, my feet always has to find that just-nice spot.. the nice chilly but not too chilly, and not too warm spot. So really, I' always move around a lot on my bed..

Ok. Enough, I've lost my motivation to blog.. hahaha :D I'll blog sooooon! Toodles


Big thaaaanks! :D!!!

to the guys who remembered!! :) I really appreciated all the greetins :D!

Some people spend their birthdays on cruises, maybe in a shoppin spree in Paris, even get rice yogurt splattered on their forehead for good luck (I read that up one time, people from Nepal do that haha) but I don't need any of that :D hehe. I'd consider myself one of the luckiest girls ever because I get to celebrate my birthday with some of my closest friends :D hehe. Thanks for the inkkkredibleeee night! Appreciated you guys poppin over hehe :) Just what I needed right before the holiday ends!

Big shout out to Sheng, hehe thanks for poppin over my place this afternoon just to give me a birthday greeting. You certainly one of the best friends I've ever had :) <3

haha I wish I could turn 15 everyday.. So here are a few photos that were taken earlier.. Once again there isn't going to be anything interesting for you guys to read haha. Just one of those days, I'm not in the mood for postin about anything random tonight hehe.

P.S// I'm aware I have a strange fringe startin in the middle of my forehead, It looks a bit like a mole.. errrr. I'll chop it off soon.

Surprisee!!! hehe I loved your peanut butter cake Jon!! :)

hahahah I'm not very good at cuttin cakes..

Jon lookin around my refridgerator for things to cook. hhaha he was going to be our chef for the night..
"errr.. better not be condoms and ciggi's again >=("
"waiiiiiit.. I feel something else.."
Kickass candy maan.

Bling blinb babeh

HAHAHAHAHA whoops totally fugleh


Azim checkin who has the longer legs. errrr. hahaha
"I get to light your ciggi?? :D eeeeeeee so excitingggg!" HAHAHA sakai ok..
Someone's... being the outcast in the group.. HAHAH so damn emo

Jon managed to whip us up a little sometheng somethenngggg..

Thanks for the awesome night.. :)



Hiiiii :). Quick update. I've been having a lot of thoughts goign on in my head and I've just been having an urge to scribble it all down.. for some reason the thought of typing it all in my blog never came up. I've been trying to write songs earlier just now, just for the sake of trying something new.. I thought expressing what I'm feeling in a form of a song would be a pretty kickass idea.. but just remind me next time never to be an artist. Because I can't write for shit. So I just started doodling on a piece of paper instead.. very angry doodles! I felt like a goth.. \m/!

Nothing interesting for you guys to read today, I'm sorry to say that there isn't going to be any random posts about strange signs around the world or fast food reality checks.. It's going to be one of those days where I'd just blab on about.. well.. things that would not concern you whatsoever.. haha so it's all for me maan.

I woke up this morning, and I felt haaapy. hehe. Whether it was the rain, or just another good feeling about not having to go to school.. it felt refreshing. Nothing beats a great kickstart to a day. Moments like these always make me feel so grateful for everything I've got, and I know it everyday. Yet only days like these would actually make me feel "weeeee" about it all.. y'know what I'm saying? hahaha probably not.. ok, let's put it this way..

Spongebob works for the Krusty Krabs.
He loves his work because he loves flippin patties..
He's always happy with his job
Not until he gets fired, will he actually realise how much he loved that job
He starts talking to his pet snail about losing his job and how lucky he was for Mr. Krabs to hire him at the first place (Like I'm doing now. Except I dont' have a pet snail.. Instead I have a blog. holy shit.. how geekafied does that sound?)
Because face it, Spongebob is a dumbass..

Perhaps that'd make it clearer?? Maybe?? Sorta?? You know where I'm going with this?? I know.. I'm not very good with examples either hahaha.. so that's two things I have to scrap off my ambition list; an artist and an example maker. SIGH how am I ever going to live in this world?! haha.

I've got the greatest batch of friends ever (not the greatest man. but you catch my drift), and a family that not until recently have I realised how much they've been there for me.. I probably have one of the best brothers ever that I absolutely look up to as a role model, and a sister that I just want to be like when I'm older.. not exactly haha she's a bit of a control freak.. let's hope I won't turn out exactly like her. Doesn't look it, but I reckon my parents are spoiling me haha and how I wish they hadn't. But I love my family, especially my parents :) I appreciate every long lecture my father gives me, because in that amount of time, I can learn so much from him.

Holyshit. I just read that over and I just realised how emotional that sounds. It's like something out of a suicidal note.. I am not feeling like myself tonight haha. And it's good :) I think feeling like this every once in awhile is great.

Y'know, I probably have to say that one of the greatest feelings anyone could ever experience is having someone to love and knowing that the person loves you too. I KNOW THIS SOUNDS CHEESY OK, but bare with me! hehe. (you sad, sad person! I can't believe you're actually reading this! I'm putting a whole bucket load of bullshit in your head right now, hahaha) but even then, when things dont' work out with that special someone, it's great to know that you have your family and friends, and god damnit it isn't the end of the world. Why dont' you put yourself in an African's feet hah?! See how' you'd be sufferin then.. Running around scavangin for food.. tisk.. hahaha ok no I'm joking. But yerh,

it's 4am in the morning and I doin't even know what I'm typing.. like I said man, a whole lot of bullshit. Just like how life is filled wid a whole lot of bullshit, but live with it because you know that you're even lucky to be here. Dont tell me that your'e not lucky, becuase I know you are. For one, you have a bloody computer you're using right now to read this. treasure every moment, no joke. What grinds my gears is when people complain that life is being a bitch.. but they don't necessarily have to live with that, they can simply change that but they choose not to.

Ok how embarrassing this post is.. uggh I'd probably delete it one day.. HORMONAL CHANGES OKE?! I'm feeling.. very.. very.. fragile at the moment. I'm going to burst out crying any moment soon.. hahaha no I'm joking. I joke a lot *ahiok*. You know what's funny? I read this whole thing over and I don't think it was exactly what I wanted out of my mind.. when I finally find what I've been wanting to let out, I'll spill it out here. This whole post just went a little out of hand hehe.

I'm sorry this post wasn't interesting :(


Jon's big whoops!

ok I'm so sorry, Jon for posting this.. but I had to. Because sometimes you're such a bitch, but sometimes you're not <3 like when you promised me you'd cook me dinner for my b'day. Bitch that better be a good dinner..

Anyway a really short post about today's small, but rather embarassing incident Jon had in Swensens! *sniggers* Since I've ran out of things to blog about, and since my tagboard is totally dying out.. well no. That isn't the reason.. I just want to embarrass Jon.. y'know (ahiok ahiok ahiok!)

We had chillarxin time at the Swensens earlier today, hehe and Jon went to pay.. and we thought we had more than enough money. So he left the money on the counter and we walked away, and the waiter called after him. It was like this, y'know.. ROLEPLAY TIME!!!!

Waiter: Er-Eh! Wait!
Jon: Huh? No it's ok, keep the change ;)..
Waiter: Oh, no.. You didn't pay enough..
Jon: Oh.. Fuck. Ok.

Ok, so that wasn't much of a roleplay.. HAHAHA IT WAS ONLY 4 LINES. But yeah, you guys can have fun with it! Act it out and stuff.. and you could make fun of Jon with it. HAHAHA Jon you think you so rich huh??

"Keep the change.." uiiseh man hahahahhahahahahaa

So I had my embarassin moment today too.. but I'm obvoiusly not thinkin about postin about it, we'll see if Jon posts about my embarassin moment. :(

Ok. tooodles. Spiffy says bye too!


"Don't read my blog"

Whoops! That didn't turn out right.. hmm.. haha I'm sure you've all come across one of those before. You travel to another place only to find misleading signs that are so strange that you can't believe they even bothered making signs like that at the first place. Signs that are most obvious to signs that dont' even make sense.. I find it hilarious! haha. I know I came across one sign not long ago when my family and I were drivin to Penang from KL.. it was at one of those toilet stops, and above the toilet seat, there was a sign pinned onto the wall which said,
"Flush twice"
What's that supposed to mean? There isn't enough water to go around for it to complete a single flush? That turned me off for a bit, so I did the wise thing and told myself to forget about peeing until I get to the next stop. What if I flushed and the whole thing exploded infront of me? The toilet did look a little dodgy!

I found these this morning, just a little giggle for you if you've just read the post I posted below.

Notice this sign
Closes at 25.00
Information centre -can you make it anymore obvious?!
Beware of this guy
So, how exactly do you use a toilet?
errr.. no shit sherlock
Beware of God!Strange..
Where do you park?
Lost tourists
We should swim
No rain
Please go south for 80 miles, just on your left..

The child forbids playing here, take care dangerously!