Here comes my rants.. so brace yourself!

I haven't had this feeling in awhile.. the sudden rush of desire to blog. wah.. I've just realised how computer-maniac taht sounded! But yeah man, I decided to make use of this feeling fast!! before I lose my motivation! My inspiration! My D├ęsir! My.. wahtever you guys call it these days.. my oompf!

Ms. Then.. I'm so sorry to say.. she just fucked it up real bad this time. First the whole fake american accent slash.. malaysian? then the whole talking through the nose 'nigitive' thing, then the really bad choices of clothes! And now socks with open toe sandals?!?!? Not just any socks! But green socks with kermit the frog on it!! and socks with little bears patterned on it! I would've never thought anyone from America would ever come to brunei like this.. I love her, she is a brilliant maths teacher!! But it's too unbearable to see! and I'm sitting in front, it's hard to not be distracted. You can't help but look down all the time.. it's like a game you know, "hmm.. so what sorta socks does she- WINNIE THE POOH?!" If there was a fashion police around, I swear she'd probably be sentenced for the rest of her life! maybe i am exegerating it a little.. but socks with open toe sandals?? :( sigh what a disappointment from an american influenced woman.

Anyway!! The other day something happened.. Festive month, so if you happen to be driving around gerhdong (day/night.. same thing).. you'd be caught in the most disastrous traffic jam ever. wait.. hey i dont get why the roads are packed even during the day. Aren't you guys supposed to be home and resting or something instead..? So.. you know, you won't get hungry and stuff. mm strange. anyway, so i was looking out the windowwwwwww right... and i realized all the cars that drove pass, NONE of the drivers had their seat belts on! Especially when it's puasa month, everyone drives like a lunatic at like 6 ish. I swear, accident rates are going to shoot up the scales this month. Someone died the other night at the big jerudong road.. probably was rushing home for home cooked curry or something.

The other time Me and zim saw the craziest accident at that road too.. where the bottom of the car was stuck flat onto the tree.. sorta like you know. bent, ok.. like hooked onto the tree sideways. not head-on, not from the side of the car, but the bottom. you can imagine like the whole car's been flattened and bent, and gone through so mcuh pain.. holy shit i got no idea how the car got there, but it was raining crazy.. probably skidded and went out of control and flipped through the air and went SPLAT onto the tree trunk. No news about the guy who was int he car though! But it was obvious he was dead.. or she.. hmmmmm.

hahahahaha you know what amuses me so much.. like when you go to gadong, and you make sure you stay there until buka puasa! You go to a restaurant at like 5.30, and you see everyone sitting on tables with their food infrotn of them.. just waiting for the prayers. THen when the prayers go on, everyone starts digging into their food. hahahahahahahaha i'm not disrespecting or anything but you have to admit man, even if you are muslim! It is the funniest shit to watch. So i like to go into restaurants at like 5.30.. especially the food court at the mall. EVERYONE man, they all wait.. hahahahhahhaa.

hmm.. hey is it me or does milo have a thing for making you feel liek shitting all the time. i know azim feels the same way too.. you guys have to let me know. I want to knwo whether our stomachs are just... you know.. fragile.. or anti-milo. and hey waht is up with fonzies and twisties?! Twisties is most obviously the original.. fonzies can burn in hell. So as pepsi.. coke owns all.

Oh well.. Here's a little something-something for you to watch.. i think this clip is amazing. You all have to watch it.. trust me! you're honestly not going to regret this!