Yoooo. I sorta died out forawhile but yeah I'm back alive. I'm hoping tomorrow's going to be Raayaaa. So HOPEFULLY my mid-term starts tomorrow.

It's alright.

The funniest thing happened this morning. I went to the loo to take a piss, haha I know it's the sexiest image ever but refrain from thinking about me taking a piss. Anyway, so there I was right, in a cubicle, and then I saw something written on the door inside. It was written;
skool rockz by some1 in yr 12

So I'm thinking, haha that's cute, Something to read while I take a piss. But then I realized that it was written by someone in my batch. And then all these different girls starting flashing through my mind. There was Ann lau, Jean, Kristy, Yesmean, Cheryl, I don't know, possibly all the girls I could have thought of. And I just can't imagine anyone from my year group writing something like that while taking a number 1... or 2. I just find it the most awkward thing to do, to have a pencil in your hand when you're using the toilet, and to manage to find the time to scribble something real quick on the door before you leave. And I don't know, who the hell in my batch would write "skool rockz" behind a cubicle door? I'm going to look at everyone so differently now, everytime I walk pass a girl from year 12, the first thought that'll spring into mind will be whether she wrote it on or not. It's just one of those things you know..

I've seen all sorts of different scribbles before, funny how most of them are from the toilets in school. I've seen Hanna had sex here x, hafizah is a bitch, 1 year <3, mooks, mwah.

haha yeah it's pretty awesome..

Mmm. I was out with my dad last night at Taurean, the AAARCH. And we had just paid the bill right, so we were walking out, and my car was parked right next to the outdoor dining area. I walked to a silver car and stood by its passenger door, I got really inpatient so I started jamming the door. And then I realized my dad had walked away. He turns back and asks me EH? WHAT YOU DOING? and then I realized that I had gotten the wrong car, and that the car was full-on bronze instead. It sucked balls because i think the car belonged to one of the guys sitting on the sides. So.. I not-so-casually walked away. And demanded my dad to speed off. Yeah it was pretty embarassing. But um, yeaaaaah... there's no way I could cover that up.



Brat camp

Hola Amigos!

I haven't been able to get my hands around postin a new entry because of school and everything else that's been going on. The good news is though, school hasn't been too much of a drag yet! IB = stlil on pussy level, but the work load has definately increased. And that's probably the hardest part of IB, keeping up with the work.

So the summer holidays ended, which sucks balls. It went by really quick, but I think I spent it pretty well :) The Empire night I was talking about in my previous post went well too! Glad to say that we're having another one tonight hehe.

The only thing that we have been able to look forward to when starting school was the Year12 trip to Temburong. We had no idea what we were up for, but I had an idea that we were going to stay at a proper room accomodated with ceilin fans and bunks with matresses and pillows. That was bad enough. We arrived at OBBD camp, and were instantly introduced to our instructors. The group had been split into three teams. Our instructor was named Haji Roslan. He was pretty awesome, at times. He was also pretty shit at times.

Anyway, I'll get straight to the point, becaused I've told the story so many times before I'm beginning to get so sick of the story, it's starting to sound boring. Basically, We didn't know we had to hike 6 hours into the jungle, set up tents and dig our own shit holes, cook maggie mee under a badly sheltered poncho to get away from the rain, sleep in a tent with 3 other people having to constantly wake up to shift ourselves around to either move away from a puddle of water that's been accumlating the whole night or to get around the tree root that we had been sleeping on. We also had to suffer miserably in our tents because it kept pouring and the only source of communication we had with the other guys were literally shouting over our tents. Or singing. To collect water or to wash ourselves we had to climb down the steepest and most muddiest hill to get to the smallest stream ever. We woke up at 6 (not because we had to but because we wanted to), packed up our things, and ran away from the bee infested camping spot. You had no idea how glad we were when we finally arrived at our originial camp base, the OBBD. I literally teared up.

The trip did teach some valuable lessons, I'm glad to say that I had appreciated everything else after coming home from the trip. Sad to say, I think the appreciation weared off a few days after. I'm such a brat.