sLaMaT hArI rAyAaa

Today was pretty depressing. I stayed home all day rotting. I seriously thought that I could stay home all day and bum, but obviously not. I literally had nothing to do at all.

I had football practice this morning but had to come home before football practice ended because my dad had open houses to attend and I"d have no ride after that, which was awesome news because I was not happy at all with the weather. There's hot, then there's extremely scorching heat waves-hot. This morning was beyond that. About an hour into the practice, I started feeling really dizzy, which isn't really cool. I'm guessing the weather will be like that in Phuket too? I'm really hoping it's not, I'd come home like a droned out prune.

I was really happy my mid-term break had started, I was so excited to bum. I watched P.S I love you and 21 in a row this afternoon before lunch, but now I regret it so much because now I'm left with nothing else to watch. Yeah, so I was relaly excited, everything was chill, until I realized that there was nothing that I could do / wanted to do for the rest of the day. So I realized, shit, I want to go out. My dad left tonight to Kuching, my mum had a dinner party to attend, Jib died with raya, Kai had summoned everyone to his place for poker, and I've never felt so lonely before. It's pretty depressing. I fully charged my iPod last night and I left it on the whole day, the battery bar now shows red. That's pretty sad to think it's been switched on the whole day.

On Tuesday, I was pretty shit confident that Wednesday was going to be Raya. I think everyone was. Jib texted me at 7 and told me that they sighted the moon. I was pretty frikin happy, it would've sucked if it wasn't I thought, because I was on my way to Gadong by then. 10 minutes after I had arrived in Gadong, my dad texts me and tells me "he he raya tmro"...


Then I get a text from Jib appologizing and telling me that they have sighted the moon. But it was decided that Raya shall be on Thursday instead. which sucked balls man. Words can't explain how disappointed I was, it was beyond disappointment, it was.. it was dis-fucking-pointment. Yah, original, I know.

Soo.. That's my Hari Raya post. Selamat Hari Raya I supposseeeee.



Yoooo. I sorta died out forawhile but yeah I'm back alive. I'm hoping tomorrow's going to be Raayaaa. So HOPEFULLY my mid-term starts tomorrow.

It's alright.

The funniest thing happened this morning. I went to the loo to take a piss, haha I know it's the sexiest image ever but refrain from thinking about me taking a piss. Anyway, so there I was right, in a cubicle, and then I saw something written on the door inside. It was written;
skool rockz by some1 in yr 12

So I'm thinking, haha that's cute, Something to read while I take a piss. But then I realized that it was written by someone in my batch. And then all these different girls starting flashing through my mind. There was Ann lau, Jean, Kristy, Yesmean, Cheryl, I don't know, possibly all the girls I could have thought of. And I just can't imagine anyone from my year group writing something like that while taking a number 1... or 2. I just find it the most awkward thing to do, to have a pencil in your hand when you're using the toilet, and to manage to find the time to scribble something real quick on the door before you leave. And I don't know, who the hell in my batch would write "skool rockz" behind a cubicle door? I'm going to look at everyone so differently now, everytime I walk pass a girl from year 12, the first thought that'll spring into mind will be whether she wrote it on or not. It's just one of those things you know..

I've seen all sorts of different scribbles before, funny how most of them are from the toilets in school. I've seen Hanna had sex here x, hafizah is a bitch, 1 year <3, mooks, mwah.

haha yeah it's pretty awesome..

Mmm. I was out with my dad last night at Taurean, the AAARCH. And we had just paid the bill right, so we were walking out, and my car was parked right next to the outdoor dining area. I walked to a silver car and stood by its passenger door, I got really inpatient so I started jamming the door. And then I realized my dad had walked away. He turns back and asks me EH? WHAT YOU DOING? and then I realized that I had gotten the wrong car, and that the car was full-on bronze instead. It sucked balls because i think the car belonged to one of the guys sitting on the sides. So.. I not-so-casually walked away. And demanded my dad to speed off. Yeah it was pretty embarassing. But um, yeaaaaah... there's no way I could cover that up.



Brat camp

Hola Amigos!

I haven't been able to get my hands around postin a new entry because of school and everything else that's been going on. The good news is though, school hasn't been too much of a drag yet! IB = stlil on pussy level, but the work load has definately increased. And that's probably the hardest part of IB, keeping up with the work.

So the summer holidays ended, which sucks balls. It went by really quick, but I think I spent it pretty well :) The Empire night I was talking about in my previous post went well too! Glad to say that we're having another one tonight hehe.

The only thing that we have been able to look forward to when starting school was the Year12 trip to Temburong. We had no idea what we were up for, but I had an idea that we were going to stay at a proper room accomodated with ceilin fans and bunks with matresses and pillows. That was bad enough. We arrived at OBBD camp, and were instantly introduced to our instructors. The group had been split into three teams. Our instructor was named Haji Roslan. He was pretty awesome, at times. He was also pretty shit at times.

Anyway, I'll get straight to the point, becaused I've told the story so many times before I'm beginning to get so sick of the story, it's starting to sound boring. Basically, We didn't know we had to hike 6 hours into the jungle, set up tents and dig our own shit holes, cook maggie mee under a badly sheltered poncho to get away from the rain, sleep in a tent with 3 other people having to constantly wake up to shift ourselves around to either move away from a puddle of water that's been accumlating the whole night or to get around the tree root that we had been sleeping on. We also had to suffer miserably in our tents because it kept pouring and the only source of communication we had with the other guys were literally shouting over our tents. Or singing. To collect water or to wash ourselves we had to climb down the steepest and most muddiest hill to get to the smallest stream ever. We woke up at 6 (not because we had to but because we wanted to), packed up our things, and ran away from the bee infested camping spot. You had no idea how glad we were when we finally arrived at our originial camp base, the OBBD. I literally teared up.

The trip did teach some valuable lessons, I'm glad to say that I had appreciated everything else after coming home from the trip. Sad to say, I think the appreciation weared off a few days after. I'm such a brat.


Pigs can fly

So anyway, as some of you might have heard, I had to postpone the Empire outing to Sunday instead. And I dont know how that's going to work, because Sunday's an odd day to have a sleepover. But since I'd still be on holidays, I'm fine with that. For some of the guys who have school on Monday, it'd suck because you guys wont' be able to stay over. But it wasn't like you guys were going to stay over if I had it on today anyway. Hopefully all you guys would still be able to make it, I'd really appreciate it if you guys do.

The reason why I had to postpone it was nothing serious, really. I just didnt' want to go to the Empire scaring people away. Azim and Jasmine were a few of the very unfortunate ones which had to witness my eyes slowly swell with agony (thanks for not laughing. And puking.). I had to walk into school this morning because the results were supposed to be out. It wasn't. I had to walk into the office with a pair of sunglasses which were bearly even tainted, and very much see through. Ask the woman whether I could collect my IGCSE results today. She tells me that they were supposed to arrive yesterday afternoon, but they hadn't. So she tells me to ring her this afternoon to check, but then she also tells me that the office closes in 2 hours. Confused to why I had to ring her, I asked whether I could collect it by tomorrow then? She answers, "No dear, the office will be closed then. It's the weekend. You can collect it on Monday instead."
"Well, Ok dear. Then why the fuck did you ask me to call you again this afternoon in the first place?!?!"

As much as I want to show you my eyes, I can't. It's that bad. You might even get it by looking at them thorugh the net. It doesn't help that you dirty little bastards keep asking me to showcase it on webcam for you. It's not going to happen! Here, let me give you a slight picture of how my eyes look at the moment.

They were far worse yesterday night. I could hardly see. And I thought I couldn't get more asian. It's the most uncomfortable state anyone could ever be in. Here's what happened.

About 5 days ago, I woke up in the morning to signs of allergies. Normal sneezes and the occasional mucus I'd sometimes find dripping down my nostrils. Not so comfortable. I thought it'd get better, like it always did. But it didn't, and I came back from Gadong that night feeling far worse. I had been to the doctor's that very same day, and it seemed like I had gotten down with a normal cold. Nothing big. He gave me some new Herbal medicane which I took, very obediently, but only to find that I was not getting better at all.

In fact, for the next two days, I couldn't believe the amount of mucus my nose was producing. It seemed almost impossible. Then I started to feel aches around my face, particularly on my temples and below my eyes, near the cheek areas. I thought I had a tooth ache. I started to feel very flushed around my face too, at one point my face swelled up. I thought it was the dodgy herbal medicane I've been consuming, and that I was probably allergic to it. I went to the doctors the next day, and he told me that I had a sinus infection. Ok. That explained the pain.

He gives me Anti biotics and painkillers to take. And tells me to put vicks in hot water and inhale the steam, it'd clear my nose. So I did. Together with the painkillers and the Antibiotics. An hour later, I thought I was feeling pretty refreshed! I felt no pain around my face, I wasn't blowing so much. It was a miracle! Little did I know, that just about another hour after that, I'd felt bumps building up underneath my eyes. It only took about 15 minutes for it to cover my whole eye. It was not funny.

I went to the doctors for the third time this morning, only to find that the particular painkiller he had given me has actually been known for giving people allergies. Wait. So... The doctor never warned me about it before subscribing me the pills. What-the-fuck? Anwyay, that was an assholic move.

Let me try to put you in my shoes. Try to give you a clear view of things through my eyes.

This is what you see.

This is what I see. By the way, if you're wondering wehther my eyes were the only reason why I wanted to postpone the Empire outing. It isn't.Ann Lau The sinus infection hasn't completely cleared yet and it's still in a healing process, I need lots of sleep to get my mind off the pain on my forehead. It feels like it's about to explode. The doctor was giving me a brief explanation on where the cause of the pain is from, but I wasn't really listening because I was feleing incredibly uncomfortable at that time, and i had hoped that my mom would've done the listening for me instead. He was saying something about the thing which connects the things at my temples to the things at my cheek areas are very narrow, so these things can easily clog up, causing pressure against my temples. Some how the things underneath my eyes are affected too, which causes that tooth ache sensation I've been feeling ofr the last couple of days. Something like that.



I say... Shame on you if you had missed the opening ceremony to the grand 08.08.08 Olympics!

The Olympics was off for a great start yesterday night! It was very exciting to see all the lights and colours, it had a good feel. It was very refreshing to see eveyrone so enthusiastic about it, especially the chinese who seemed very proud to be hosting it. The opening to the olympics was incredibly breathtaking, for the first 15 minutes. Then I got strangely bored, which is unusual for anyone, but if it helps I was still very amused!

I had just seen the first half to the Brazil vs. New Zealand football match. (Brazil's leading by 2 points). It's like the World Cup all over again! Who knew watching the Olympic events could be so fun.. I had no idea I'd be intrigued by watching a bunch of men cycling on TV. Exciting though!
I did hear that Brunei never got the chance to participate in the Olympics, shame for Maria! Sad the government hadn't been able to enter the form on time. Would've been so great to see Maria on TV! I was secretly excited.

I woke up this morning feeling a little tickle up my nose, thinking it'd go away, I took a quick shower only to find that I'd come out feeling far worse. I found myself sitting in my living room couch all day flipping through Olympic channels with a box of tissue on my lap, which soon ran out. I feel terrible! I ate all the oranges we had, but I think I've got a bit of a sore throat now.

+ Have you seen The Dark Knight yet?!?!!

Summer Holidays

I [heart] not waking up to the sound of my alarm nagging me to wake up at 5 in the morning.

I [heart] not having to worry about finishing off my courseworks or preparing for my exams.

I [heart] finally being able to do things that I've put off over the last couple of months.

I [heart] the holidays.

It is absolutely the best feeling anyone could ever encounter. It's like being pushed off a cliff and realizing that God had gifted you with wings which suddenly sprout out from your sides and help carry you up, and you're flying in the sky pass clouds and planes beside the sinking sun with a flock of birds. It feels free!

I recently came back from a short holiday to Penang. Me and my family mostly stayed at home to hide away from the bustling streets. It was just as traumatizing having to drive down to my Grandfather's home and being caught up in heavy traffic and having to dodge cars which don't drive in neither lanes, but right down the middle. It's hard to overtake cars like that, but we've learnt long before, when being in any place but Brunei, we have the power and every right to actually Honk. Who knew we'd pound our heavy fists of fury onto the middle of our stirring wheels one day? These things actually have a use.


How to hide from an air attack

During world war II, the Army Corps of Engineers needed to hide the Lockheed Burbank Aircraft Plant to protect it from a Japanese air attack. And so they did by covering it with a camouflage netting and trompe l’oeil to make it look like a rural subdivision from the air. It's really awesome stuff.



You wouldn't believe where I'm at right now...

I am indeed at a spa parlour. I'm in no position to do illegal advertising, so I refuse to state the name of the parlour (Zen), and While my mum's sitting beside me on an oversized leather couch doing a foot spa, I'm taking advantage of this moment by using this incredibly comfortable seat to browse through the internet and what not, with my legs crossed and my flip flops kicked off. I'm so comfortable, I could ask my mum to come here everyday for a 25 dollar foot spa. And I could tag along just so I could sit underneath the dimly lit lights with a book or a laptop, with compliments of free green tea. Life cannot get any better.

I'm on the way back home now, with the new Bmobile portable modem, cutting edge stuff. I can now use the internet anywhere and everywhere. But I better go because I'm about to reach my destination.

I have yet to donate to the Chinese and the Burmese.


Mother Nature plays tricks on us

The recent storms had damaged the once majestic tree that stood behind my house. There it stood, waiting to be engulfed by a buldozer, little did it know that it'd be weathered down by the strong forces of nature instead. Mother nature can be quite unpredictable, in this case she's casted 'mini cyclones' in Brunei, not life threatening however. Although it did stir a big distress among the Bruneians - people had their roofs whiped out, floods were being drawn into our homes, trees and twigs have been broken off and pushed around like toys by the strong gusts of wind. The main point is, you don't want to mess with Mother Nature's ass.

The chinese clearly did not take that into note, because whatever they did, Mother Nature was not happy. Sichuan China, 12th May, felt the heavy rocks of an earthquake, the strongest yet they've had in 30 decades. A hospital and nine schools were pulled down in Sichuan, phonelines were cut and major highways were torn down. A chemical plant in Shifang city collapsed and sent 80 tonnes of toxic liquid ammonia leaking from the site, together with hundreds of people underneath the rubble - body, limbs sticking out at awkward angles. Death toll reaches 51000, and still making its way up. It's at times like these, where I feel grateful to be living in the equator, where nothing really goes down but everything's still pretty awesome.

The Burmese aren't too lucky themselves too. As you've all probably heard, Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar in the 2nd of May, and flattened the city after a period of ten hours. There's nothing much to say because it's all over the news. You've also probably heard that the Government of Myanmar had refused any supporting aid from foreign countries and claimed that they are able to rebuild without any outside help. A French navy ship filled with food and water arrived in the coast of Myanmar, but was given the red light and was rejected for the offer. Whatever the matter, there is always room for donations and I believe that every penny counts. :) Death toll reaches 77,738 and still counting.

While all that's happening around the world, I've been caught up with my exams and studies. You come to a point where you simply give up and slack. Apparently two weeks is my limit. Now it just feels like I've completely shut down and all information have been shunned from entering my brain. I just hope to get through this battle field in one piece. With Aces.


Mrs. Mraz

I heart Jason Mraz.

I heart illegal downloadings through the net.

I finally managed to download the right torrent of Jason Mraz's new album. After a few clicks here and there, and a torchering hour's worth of waiting, Abracadabra! - the computerized pop up speech bubble appears imforming me of the completed download. I hear the notification from my kitchen, I snatched the toast and slapped it onto a piece of tissue paper before slobbering some peanut butter onto it and dashing out as quick as I could, almost as if Jason Mraz was going to greet me in person. After a few clicks, Jason Mraz was indeed singing through my very own speakers. The sound of music...

It's a very good way to calm down before any exam paper (Science Practicals tomorrow morning).. :)

Global Warming is a hoax?


As I sit here in my room watching the non-existant sun go down and gladly embrace our very much hard-earned victory for our second match today! I'lll be anticipating for our semi-finals match for tomorrow. We WILL win, people may call me cocky but I call it the magic of sending positive signals towards the game. Just let me remind you, if I don't post a new entry anytime soon, it may be because.. we didn't get through.

I've been busy, I just never finish a post whenever I start one. You know.. it's all these lunch dates with Brad Pitt and shit.. These famous stars! They just never know when to stop calling me, C. Ronaldo booked me for the whole weekend, nothing much.

I've been chilling. Chilling a little too much perhaps, I hate to say it, but exams are in 12 days. We have to come into terms that the exams are going to come, eventually, and we will defeat it like a crouching tiger, hidden dragon. Yes.. we will do our very best to creep behind these pests, and when the time is unexpected, we will jump and KILL.

As I was being driven home, I encountered at least 3 houses that were burning leaves. Definitely nothing unusual about that, coming from a person who lives in Brunei. I'm not going to lie, it's a dirty habit we all know or have. My maid tends to do it too, eventhough I've told her several times not to, I think she's gotten to that point where she's just doing it to piss me off. I think she even managed to encourage our neighbor's to do it too, it's survival of the fittest though, and she definitely has the power now. Three maids and a young girl who doesn't think it's right to burn leaves. What chance do I have?

No, but I personally think that there is absolutely no reason to why we should burn leaves, other than wanting to get rid of it ASAP. The burning of leaves actually contribute to several respiratory problems, the smoke that is produced consists of poisonous gasses and dirty particles that are often breathed in. Especially by kids who thinks it's fun to be in the middle of the smoke. I used to enjoy the smell of the aftermath of a firework, so I'd stand infront of a firework that's been lit, and left to smoke and cool down, just so I could feel like I'm on cloud9. My dad stopped me one day after he realized what I've been doing, and always stopped me every since.

That was the end of my getting-high-on-fireworks days.

When people burn wood, it produces CO2, which also contributes to global warming. Basically, it's not a very healthy hobby. Leaves can dicompose naturally after a period of time, so there could actually be added nutrients into the soil. We can create compost bins so we could use the shit that's been left over as fertilisers.

It would be nice to see less people burning unnecessaryly outside their yards.. There's a group in Facebook which says that 'Global Warming is a Hoax!", I strongly disagree with that. I think Global Warming will hit a critical stage where we'll really start witnesing the effects eventually, the only thing we can do now is slow down the process.


Mumble mumble mumble...

These bitches disowned me.. As a visitor in this house, I demand to be fully served with entertainment and midnight food hog-outs!

I have to type quick because Lau's laptop goes on screensaver mode once it gets left alone for a short while (a short while meaning a few seconds).. and also because I secretly want to sneak Sims2 out to play.

Aah.. the times when we seeked pleasure out from playing nothing more than just the original Sims - satisfaction and no demand for more! We were such good kids, so happy with what already had.. Up until of course the time when EA games started the overloading phase of Sims follow-ups. The first follow-up came, which was if I'm not mistaken.. the party or the vacation one. Then we started craving for mooooooooooore. We became such barbaric beasts. Shame..

I'm sitting here and I'm, believe it or not, dreading the holidays(?!). What with the extra classes, preperations, IGCSE finals coming up and what not.. our March break has become sorta like a teacher's sick joke of how to really perform a torcher. This, my friends, dominates all the other wussy torcher chambers existing. This doesn't happen in a swift action or it doesn't catch you when you're unaware - you're informed about it a few months before and it sinks into you bit by bit, and as days progresses, we can feel this feeling bloating up. Then we enter the exam room and the feeling tries to escape but can't so it's thumping against the walls of our hearts and we hear our hearts on the verge of exploding. But no, it mantains and refuses to let out. It sits in you like the piece of shit that doesn't get scraped off under our nails or the ant that lives underneath our computer keypads and refuses to move away. The whole thing ends and the feeling is still trapped in there, just waiting to repeat the whole fucking procedure again.


I've landed!

Upon our arrival in planet earth, we sat in our 'house', or so they call it (sorta like their comfort zone but it's still pretty exposed, but whatever floats their boats - I'd just point out that I could break into any of these houses in a second), and studied the outdoors.

The people here are friendly.. I would say that their society is still pretty fucked up anyway. I've also realized that people here just lives for food. This makes me wonder how the human kind can be such ungrateful beings.. Particularly in this place I'm in actually, Bru...nai. But that's just been vaguely touched on, I'll have to further study this theory in order to prove it.

Yeah Brunai's wonderful and shit but I've landed in several other places around earth and I have to say that Brunai's probably the most non-happening place to be in. It's like they have to make everywhere else in earth mordernized except for this place which I so happen to accidentally land on, I don't know what I did to make my spacecraft malfunction above Brunai but it must've been something really bad. I have to admit though that I am growing quite fond of this place.. It's something about it that sucks me in.

So as me and chippert-bang (Chips for short) sat in a segment of the house and looked out the windows (We call it yippies where I come from), we encountered these amazing creatures which seemed relatively similair to the human beings, but that's another thing. We watched them crawl into our compound, but they seemed pretty calm about it - this raises questions by the way about the whole breaking into the house topic. So I sent Chips out on a mission to investigate these creatures as I marvelled at their actions behind the transparent glass. These were a few snap shots I took with a local camera while Chips negotiated with them:


Unleashing the brat within..

Hey man, it's been awhile.

My computer's been crashing quite alot lately - it dies after I switch it off. It only switches back on after I switch the main power off and leave it for the night. Yeah.. It's pretty messed up, and it always dies in the wrong time. I have to do all my courseworks on my dad's laptop tonight with all my documents saved in the other computer.

I'm home alone tonight! With an army of swarming mosquitos.

Courseworks are getting into me, and I've been thinking how awkward it'd be if we all wrote in essay form in all our blogs.. This would be me essaying a blog post:

It's highly unlikely that a human mind will have the capability of writting formally in every occasion. It is believed that our mind can only function to work like this if we were to force it, however, it isn't proven to be impossible as well.

During converstaions with others, we are simply not able to generate such sentences without sounding like a victim of profound mental retardation. Therefore, we have evolved as a society into lazy beings, thus resulting as what we have now as slangs. The following are examples of what is believed to be the REVOLUTION of certain slangs - What's up? Wazzup? Wussup? sup? sup. Over time, we have chosen to ignore the question mark at the end - making it hard for some to realize whether they are being asked a question or not.

In conclusion... Therefore.. Moreover.. Furthermore...
Certainly not easy. I'm starting to realize that I tend think better when I'm home alone. I'd dance around naked right now but asian families tend to keep maids. Mine's Belle. She'd freak if she saw me prancing in the living room butt-naked right now.

Been feeling quite alone lately since my sister and brother left. The house has been really quiet. It's still a lovely feeling to come home to knowing that I have a wonderful family though. I think our relationships with our family is very important and if only we could all learn to love our families.. I see it as this;

1. Love and understand family,
2. THEN only can we learn and understand our friends.

I think our parents play the most important role in our lives, how we are most of the time is how they've raised us up. I think the children that have proper converstaions with their parents are the kids who's parent actually tried to participate in their lives. I feel that participating in a child's life is the only way that trust can be created.

Often parents choose to restrict their child's life, which is really pointless because there can be no trust from that theory. This often only leads to a child being rebelious. I guess at this point of life, as a teenager (here comes bratty teenager rants), our parents should take this as a chance to take part in our lives even more than they've always had. Because, you know, at this stage, our hormones kick in and without guidance we can get knocked up and raise a family of 10 at the age of 14 - just stating the obvious.

I wouldn't say I'm being biased, but I think if they continued to restrict our lives at this age, which is I'm sure is for our own good, it just wouldn't really work anymore. I think most of us tend to think already that we have a mind of our own and we don't need our parents - I hate to break it to you but I think we do. Communication with our parents is the most important..

If we had to lie about something in particular, the trust isn't there. I try not to lie to my parents.. It's hard because my dad gets suspicious easily. It's frustrating sometimes, maybe he'd actually trust me if he tried to talk to me. I try talking to him, but I get lazy because the attention span isn't there. Conclusion jumping never works in this sorta situation.

I'm just going around the block.. but yeah true rambles. mumble mumble..


I've got mail

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: thomas mampilly < >

Date: Jan 15, 2007 10:17 PM

Subject: people say its true.. so why not we all make some money.....???To: my friends <>

Dear Friends,

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When you forward this e-mail to friends, Microsoft can and will trackit (if you are a Microsoft Windows user) for a two week time period.

For every person that you forward this e-mail to, Microsoft will payyou $245.00, for every person that you sent it to that forwards it on,Microsoft will pay you $243.00 and for every third person that receives it, you will be paid $241.00. Within two week! s, Microsoft will contact you for your address and then send you a cheque.



From: Udapudi, Bheemaraj (Cognizant)

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Chris Brown always looks like he's about to sneeze..

Just waiting for my MP3 player to charge on the laptop, my computer crashed when I came back from Penang. Damn thing took half the space of my table and decides to die in the most crucial time.

Seeking entertainment through watching my dog sleep. He gets these fast twitches in his back limbs, I don't know whether it's safe.

Have you ever wondered what your pet says to you? Of course you have, every pet owner does. You know those devices which indicates what your pet's feeling or saying to you? Yeah, they're bullshit. The Japanese are trying to rip us off. Any owner of a dog will know how the dog's feeling through a bark, how hard could it be? Their head's only been inplanted with 3 different emotions - THey could either feel happy, or the desire to chase something, or angry which leads to a motorcycle growl. We don't need a thousand dollar device to differentiate between barks.

Don't worry, in the near future I'll invent my very own non-rip off device which will actually tell you what your dog's saying to you. Wouldn't it be cool if I could produce a small microchip which could be inserted through the ear, and it'd automatically magnet itself onto the brain. And everytime he barks, the messages are changed into electrical impulses which will be recieved by a remote which we keep that translates the barks. Then think about it, we could acutally fulfil their needs and all the pets of the world will be saved! I've got something going on here guys.. I think it'd actually be pretty successful.

And Edison Chen, Edison Chen... What have I got to say to you.. You've disappointed me. After all these years - shit, we were tight man. What's this news about you being a sex maniac? I refuse to believe it! You've exposed Gillian Chung's bush babies, and all you can do is make a terrorist-like video of apology to the public? It's alright, I forgive you. It wasn't your fault..


Greetings from Penang!

Have you ever realize how a font of a context can affect... well, everything!

It's amazing.

It's fantastic.

It's Phenomenal.

Hey, haha fuck you. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck shit, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. gong xi fa cai

Chinese New Year this year created a whole new sensation. Everything and everyone's different, I think one week of staying in this shithole has truly been an eye opener. I've lately started to notice the lack of individuality people here have. I also think the whole of Penang was forced into a roller coaster ride from hell because everyone's been driving like puking bastards on the roads. It's either that or they're just lazy. It's as if God had just gifted me with X-ray vision eyes. It took me this long to realize how painful it is to be in Penang. Because shit, how long does it take for anyone to notice these things?

Armageddon is booming at the back. I'm embracing myself for upcoming tears. It's like sitting on a thrill ride and already have the feeling lingering at the back of my head of my heart plummeting when I know the gaint drop comes. I've never realized Owen Wilson looked bald. Now he just looks weird. I've always realized his crooked nose but now that he's bald he's like the wicked witch from the west. I reckon movies like these create phobias for people like us. Everytime a movie like that comes out, the people who think of names for phobias would get crackin in their non-existant offices. Seriously, who comes up with all these names? I don't blame them for hiding themselves, because shit, they've got the crappiest job in the face of this world next to fruit naming. (Grapples is the new one I heard. Tiny apples which taste like grapes. Damn Americans.)

The beggining scene from Mision Impossible II where Tom Cruise is taking off in a plane and a boy notices a rip in the ceiling of the plane. And only when it was pointed out, the plane decided to malfunction and lose control, then eventually crashes. That scene had always haunted me and it has followed me to every plane ride I've gotten into. It frightens me even more when I'm sitting Air Asia. The only person who survives the plane crash of course was Tom Cruise who magically appears on the tip of a mountain who casually clings for his life. I've always taken that as motivation and it has always comforted me to think that I could as well magically appear on a tree top or a mountain even.

For the past hour I've been applying calamine lotion onto my legs and arms because I've been getting these really bad rashes. I haven't touched one of these pink babies in awhile, its cold texture brings a good feel. Mmm. I think it's the air in Penang, it's so dirty it's even starting to eat into our skins. Have you ever touched sand in Penang? It feels like gravel, or hard concrete except your feet sink in a little. I've occasionally come across some horse shit as well, sort of like a welcome delight.

Earlier at night I had lived up to my asian culture by doing some 2 - 3 hours of hardcore karoke with my family at RedBox. If I had refused to, I'd be a humiliation to the asian society. I think the asians are stereotypically known to sing lots of karaoke, I don't know why. The kids in Kelly Clarkson's Idependence video were singing karaoke. I thought it was an international enjoyment. Though I have to say, Karaoke is always ruined by the background videos of women from the 80's slowmotionly walking across a beach preening themselves. How much do you think they get paid to be vain?

The rocket's burning up! The rocket's burning up! Bruce Willis is about to die! Bye.


Just another add to the hundreds of other Heath Ledger posts that're already on the net

Spiffy's grown quite abit since my last post about him. He's also gotten really picky with his food. I like to think that he's catogorized his food between the expensive bits and the bits for peasant hamsters. He gobbles down his food like a little glutton. Not even a word of Thanks. Well sometimes Spiffy, just sometimes, I'd like to feel like I'm being thanked for what I'm doing for you. I think I've spoilt you too much. Often the food you eat offers a little more than what a tiny hamster like you usually require. You're getting a little.. Chunky. Uh-oh.

Exams ended two days ago. Yipee - but hault! Things hadn't ended. I see endless preperations for our final exams in the near future. I can sense it. Let me remind myself that things are just about to begin; youth is just a stonefall away from being trashed around like one of those chicks Akon humps on stage. Publicly humiliating and degrading.


When Steve Irwin died, my life collapsed. I couldn't believe that he had died from a Stingray. It was like one of those scenes from a horror b-movie where a kid starts off playing with a butterfly and she gets attacked by a monster swarm of butterflies and catterpillar follow-ups, then the real movie begins. And the whole town shelters themselves in darkness to get away from the (now) giant-butterflies and catterpillars. I remember when Steve Irwin died, I googled stingrays up and suddenly stingrays were the most dangerous creatures of the sea.

THEN HEATH LEDGER? First they kill Steve Irwin with a stingray and now they depress Heath Ledger so he could choked himself with sleeping pills?! It's the media I tell you. It's all them. They're behind all this. They placed a highly vicious stingray in the reef which had been trained to pierce holes into hearts, then they tempt Mr. Ledger by chucking pills into his toilet closet and forced him into depression by breaking him and his wife up!!! It's to gain spotlight. Celebrity deaths are depressing. I think more are ahead of us. The media has something planned up. Maybe if they're nice, they'll take away the depression from all of us by killing Britney Spears. Yeeeeeah! 'cos we are Spartaaaaaaans!

I'm going nuts. The buzzing, the ticking. Just get out of my room you bitch! You've been trapped in my room since I had gotten back from school. I have kindly left my doors and windows opened so you could free yourself, but you seem to have a great fondness for my dressing table. Get out you bee creature! I'm this close to whacking you! But I'm a little afraid actually... Your stinger looks fiesty. I hope you get out soon, otherwise...


Toothpaste never tasted this good...

Toothpastes are the wonders of inventions. My father tells me everyone had to brush their teeth with charcoal instead when they were younger. I wish they knew how it felt like to grow up with toothpaste.

Not all toothpastes though. No. There are toothpastes which have tendancies of filling your mouths with spit (Specifically Colgate). Over time, you'd start talking and sounding like a slug's nest had been built on the back of your tounge. Then we get toothpastes in little party packets they give us on the plane if we're flying over a longer period of time. They usually come in little black tubes the size of your thumb. Whenever I'm flying over and away from the Asian region (not often), it feel like a bar of soap had been lathered down in my mouth.

I like Oral-B. It has never let me down. Although, I have to say, toothpaste comercials do nothing but lie to us. My breath never leaves a trail of minty leaves whenever I talk or huff-a-puff. In fact, if toothpaste stays in my mouth for too long, it may start stinking up even more. If I went on a date with Oral-B breath, it might not go too well. I also don't get beautifully straight teeth whenever I brush them. They look the same as they did before... And I don't know about you, but let me tell you this; when I brush my teeth, my mouth bubbles uncontrolably with foam and spit. As unpleasant as it sounds, it's the realism of it all. Why haven't I once encountered a clean brushing experience like we see in ads?

Toothpaste and mint comercials give me fake expectations of breath and teeth.

Why am I telling you this? I like to ramble away about something most irrelavent to keep my mind off something. My english exam paper today was pretty chaotic. Not knowing what to expect, I had assumed it'd be the cherry on top of an icecream. I went in the exam room cocky, and came out a different girl. A changed girl. A girl who's pride had been ripped far apart from her.

I entered the room and the atmosphere instantly stranggled me with axiety! I opened the paper and I scribbled....
...I wonder how Mr. Klein pulled making three children off with Mrs. Klein... Hmm... Mrs. Klein is a pretty hot teacher...

Shit. Fifteen minutes left and all I have are these scraps of scribbles. Will this make sense? Maybe I should re-copy everything. Maybe not. What if I want to? Yeah OK, I think I can make it.

"Five minutes left" she shouts. Well Fuck you, what if I want to stay a little longer for the exam? Wait. What? Shit I can't. I have five minutes left and I've hardly re-copied everything. I think I'll leave this last page out and just hand it in anyway. If they fail me in this paper, I'll re-scribble everything out and tell them they've marked everything wrongly because they didn't give us enough time to write the expected standard of an essay. I'll tell them they've read everything incorrectly.

So I'm sick of contemplating on the what if's and the what not's. I'd rather forget all about my exams until the results are out. It's like waiting for dooms day. Except in a far worst situation, in a student's case.

I better be off now. I'm starting to feel the fustration raging out as I sit here trying to find the end of a sticky tape roll. I think I might have rubbed over it a couple of times now. Why do they have flies patterned around the roll? Was sticky tape invented to catch flies... Why's it stained with a flat smell of plastic... Oh right.

This is making me sick.


Michael Jackson for President may just eliminate Racism in America

The year's looking promising. After several years of pondering on the idea of how IB is going to be like, I don't think I want to even know at this stage.

The ribbons popped, the music played, hugs were exchanged, then we go back and enjoy a few moments of happiness, where everyone forgets about everything else, then we meet the MOCKS. The best welcoming to a new year anyone can ever recieve. Of course, Schools expect us to spend our December holidays preparing for our MOCKS. It's only normal to spend Christmas and New years eve running through school notes. I had to drag my weariness to my celebrations, the feeling of dreading the start of school. It lurked within me everywhere I went. The MOCKS are haunting.

2008 has the next presidential campaign lined up for America as well. I'm all for Obama. Fuck female presidents. I didn't think I'd see a black president for another 10 years, so if only they had online voting. I'd be Obama's number one fan. Or Sultan... Can never forget Asian pride of course.

It's strange to think how the presidential campaign in America can effect so many other people around the world. America has become so well developed and done so good for themselves, I've come to think that the whole world has become a little clump which revolves around America itself. Wehre would we all be if it wasn't for good ol' Christopher Columbus? Let's see the whole world drooling over the crowning of the next Sultan in Brunei. It's amazing isn't it, how we've all simply allowed ourselves to be sucked into the whole American Culture.

I don't think that there is anything wrong with us being so, we cannot help it, but sometimes we have to realise that we've been put into this world with stretchy eyes, which will identify us as the chinks. I don't midn the American culture, but they have made such a great impact in this world, it makes me wonder how everything would be like if it wasn't for America. I can't put this in any other context which will make me sound less like a sort of American Obssesser, but I assure you that I'm not. I suppose in some perspective, we all rely and depend on them, even at the smallest point I'm sure.

Could that possibly be the reason why so many of us put ourselves in the presidential campaign as well? Or any other American events in general. Is it scary to think that America may just be taking over the world? Maybe they assassinated Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan.

It's depressing.

But I refuse to phraise them and respect them like gods, like I tend to see some people do to any westerners they meet. It's sick. I like to think of it as being intimidated, but I really think that there isn't any reason to be. I don't think any of us should feel intimidated by anyone, because we'd put ourselves down below them and often, we'd boost their egos. And they become cocky shits who deserve to burn in hell. Next time you meet a cocky shit, you better slap it good.

It all comes down to one point of course; it's my eyes. They itch and it's late, I want to sleep. Goodnight.


Air Asians...

Wah lau. 2008 already.. happy new year

I was at Penang for the new years and I have to tell you, Penang is like a mini bangladesh. Everyone's walking on the streets and the lines on the roads aren't visible, so people're driving all over the roads. People are eating curry laksas on the floors, the hocker stores are crowded but filthy places to go to. I just don't understand why I haven't ever realized this about Penang before.

I got to Penang by airasia, but through KL first, and arrived at LCCT which is like, believe it or not, Air Asia's own terminal. Whut the fuck man since when did they get their own terminal, they're taking over the world. So we arrived, and usual Air Asia treatment you know, you get off the plane, you walk down the stairs because they they think that if we're paying less, they won't have to give us the walkway into the airport, and like we race into the airport. Everyone's running and pushing like barbarians. You'd think that we'd be a little more civilized than that, but nobody acts like themselves in Air Asia. Taking Air Asia is like an excuse to go barbaric and rebelious.

We arrived in this like, bus station or something. It did not look like a terminal at all, you see these bums lying on benches at the arrival hall, which I suspect are illegal immigrants or something. People are cutting into lines and shit, and you have to tell them off or push them away. You have to withstand your ground and be one of them, blend into the environment and you wouldn't get pushed around. So that's probably why everyone's so wild over there. I seemed to finally understand why they had to build their own terminal, can you imagine a bunch of air asians running around KLIA.

In advertisements and shit, you'd think that everything about air asia's really low budget. And I always thought that the air stewardses are goign to be an ugly bunch, because everytime I saw an Air Asia ad, they didn't look very appealing. But you get into the plane right, and the air stewardesses are all hot. So I was thinking, Whut the fuck? Why's everything so opposite in this place. So you see them hot and stuff, and you'd think that hey, maybe they're nice, maybe they'll give us extra service, maybe they'll give us some free food, but I was just wrong man. They are just as rude. Everyone's fighting for their seats and stuff, you get people who don't know the rules on te plane, I honestly don't blame them for their attitude that was being thrown onto us. But if you're going to be rude, then you might as well just work at a hocker restaurant. We're paying less but we still gotta get some good service running.

It was funny because we were landing and I still had my mp3 running in my ears, the air stewardess came and pointed really aggresively into her ears, I reckon she was indicating for me to switch it off or something. But she did it really rudely, and I would've switched it off for anyone else, but not for her. So I told her that it was already switched off, I just have my ear phones in my ear. And she totally ignored me and ran away.

Hey, and Nicholas reckoned that the reason why we shouldn't leave our handphones on are becuase the phone services wouldnt' know how to charge us, not because the plane panels has the same frequency as our phones. So we left our handphones on, and... we didnt' crash and die. I also don't understand why we have to have our seats back up right, so what we always do is when we get into a plane, we lean our seats down to the same level so the air stewardeses wouldn't notice. You should probably do that too. But we all got caught once, and it was just funny becuase we all had to push our seats up. How obvious was it that we were trying to fake it.

In Air Asia, everything's so hectic. You get these white poeple who're so confused, because they don't understand the whole system. So you get these guys who take their anger out on the asians. And these asians will allow them to becuase sometimes they think foreigners are much more superior than we are. So we were waiting in the express line, and this white guy was taking his anger out on the she-man who was working for air asia, because he didnt' want to wait in the other line. and it was crap because he then cut infront of us. And my sister mumbled something about people cutting in, and he turned back and told us he was there first and told us to 'SHUT THE FUCK UP', fcking bogan. A whole conflict was created, it was pretty exciting. but the she-man came in and told him to 'calm dowwn~~ it's okee~ i gib u express ticket u must paay~" and that was the end of it. The white dude seriously thought he owned the place.

I also don't understand the whole paying to get into a toilet system at Malaysia. Who wants to pay to use a crappy toilet. And those poor people who have to spend the rest of their lives sitting outside a toilet collecting money... If we're paying to get into a toilet, it should be of a better condition.

I'm glad I'm back in Brunei...