I'm starting a Modern Suffragette movement

I've been motivated!

How've you guys been doing? why of course if anyone out there is actually reading this. How I wish I knew who my viewers were.. y'know what all the bloggers need? A box at the side which indicates who the people are who're visiting.. like if everyone had webcams which are left on 24/7, then I can scan through the box and look at you guys reading it. but I must say, that's just some michael jackson stuff right there. I'll be the creepy perv getting OG's from looking at you guys through the webcam.. ha-ha but of course I'm not like that. Gee, no.. of course I don't seek pleasure through live-webcam videos, my god that's just sick. Same goes to porn! Shame on you for going on R-rated websites! Porn on internet or videos.. or PICTURES, my god! are simply signs which show how desperate and pathetic some people are out there.. How do pictures turn you on.. They aren't even moving. Shit, can you imagine having to try to puzzle up the pieces in your head? Make your own story up from the picture you're holding. I suppose that's the whole fun behind it.. sick shit...

I haven't got anything against it haha, but one thing I definately don't understand is, why would anyone ever want to expose their body in such manner through videos and pictures? It's just... wrong. Having sex for the pleasure of the viewers.. y'know people who watch porn, i reckon.. are just people who wish they could be put in their position, and who hopes to some day have a crazy sexual intercourse with another. People are actually proud of it too, which is.. perculiar.. they're actually proud of watching porn. I suppose it's become sorta like a trend now, but I find it so wrong for girls to allow their bodies to be exposed like that in this society. I could start like another one of those suffragette movements thing, hahah fight for the rights of women!

Which reminds me, that 'I got it from my mama' song by that head tingly song sung by Blackeyedpea star, that catchy song which is being constantly played in [V] countdown, the first song I've ever heard which made me personally, feel like a friggin' object as a female myself. haa-ha.. I wish he died. Am I the only one who thinks this song is offending? I've never thought of Black eyed peas as musically talented, their songs are good club songs I suppose.. good tunes to dance to.. catchy driving songs.. but basically all their lyrics don't mean a thing. They steal tunes and add in a few rip off lyrics and their version of their mix. That song was.. technically using us as.. an object really. He's comparing our bodies god dammit, and if I'm ugly shit, my mum's ugly shit too.

"Maybe cause you’re blessed with the beautiful buns.Maybe cause your beauty keep the dudes on sprung,"

Shuttup will you, keep your eyes to yourself! Shame on you! sigh. We dont' want you telling the world who has better buns, and whether they're beautiful or not.. Throughout the whole song, I was pretty pleased.. until I heard;

"And if her mama real ugly,I guarantee ya she gon’ be ugly like her mama."

which just got me wondering..

Well, I dont' know how the topic led to porn and what not.. but that wasn't what I wanted to blog about, but I've lost my motivation, so there you go for now. I need a new layout.. mm.. Perhaps Azim might help me out on that..


Late 'Summer' celebration

Beach party next Sunday...
Jonshim's organizing, hahahaha and I'm helping him make it happen. PLEASE make it happen, it will be a nice catch up session.

You can go if we don't know you as well.. oh no, it wont' be awkward at all.. having unknown people in the beach with us.. eating our food.. talking to our friends.. no.. won't be awkward. Not one bit.. So yeah go ahead if you want to!

Bring volleyballs and footballs and whatever else! If you have beach buggies.. that'd be pretty awesome.. yeah.. if I dont' know you and you have a beach buggy, PLEASE come. We're friendly people, we like people.. with beach buggies..

Advertising post

Battle of the Bands, Friday 9th from 7pm - midnight. Go! You don't want to miss out.. ONLY the best bands are playing. Linkin park, Incubus, Smashing Pumpkins.. just to name a few.. It's going to be the ultimate head-banging event. I'm personally more of a Sheng and Azim fan.. hahaha it's only going to be 5 dollars a ticket. Fill the hall up!!!! BOTB needs YOU! Keep in mind, no smoking within school grounds! unless you're out of the school. Hope to see as many of you there tomorrow!!!

haha and Ann Lau's new blog just got launched!

Dont' want to miss this one too right? Here's a sneak peek.. "i get home is to sign in MSN; i like typing on the keyboard. Mind..." oooh.. how exciting! Let's see how long this blog is goign to last Ann.. hahahHAHAHA ok sorry I'm sure it'll last long.