Give it to me

Was listening to MTV yesterday afternoon, and got a glimpse of Timbaland's new video. It's called 'Give it to me' - Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake. Check it out! Here it is :) -

Sigh.. Pretty catchy tune if u ask me, but the lyrics are so kambang man. hahahah Not a big fan of this song, but is a pretty good feet tapping, finger snapping song to listen to when you're in a mood for some lonesome dancing in your room by yourself (hehe, loser loner). Toodles


Dancing with my eyes

HO-LI-DAY! hehehe. School's out for two weeks! Though it'd be much better if it was a little longer.. :( Nothing's been up! Haven't been beerhloggin for quite awhile, because I just hadn't been bothered to.. And I've just been damn sleepy every damn day of every damn week!

Last week Ms. Wong asked us over to her place, hehehe. I think it was a little 'thank you' gift for being good helpers at BGIC ;) Honestly, they make such a big deal out of this helper thing.. We didn't do much really.. But whatever :P They could fill us up with chocolates and certificates as much as they want, We'd be more than happy to have them all ;) Well, Ms. Wong's Was pretty rad! No, not really.. But I had a good time there laughing with my friends. There were so many other old people there that we didnt' know, so we had our little chinese gang of girls take over the sofas' at the living room. Pretty kickass! There isn't much to say about it, but the pictures below will help sum it all up. hah

I caught the damn sniffles and snuffles today after school. Catching the cold isn't the most comforting thing ever :(.. But it could be a nice thought when you get to lie in bed and laugh at your friends who are in school :P But what a day to catch a cold! School's out, the weekend's here, and I had a Chem test today I didn't get to miss because I only realised I was coming down with the flu towards the end of the school day :@! So depressed.. I had to go over to Ann Lau's after school today sniffing and itching.

I'll make this really short, feeling a little tired and worned out. I think I'll drag myself to my bed and have a good sleep until the sounds of my tummy grumbling wake me up. hehe :P I should be having dinner at this moment, but I really can't be arsed to walk all the way down! So I'm off! Toodles for now!

First attempt
Second attempt
Third attempt! The fiesty little monster finally stops moving!

Then I decided to do a little dance because I liked the music, and got sick of the food I was eating, hehe.


We aren't stalkers ;D fo sho!

Charity photo - orang cacat

Empire with FREEEEEE - DAAHHH!

Like one of those Lion dance photos

You know you want one! BGIC photos for 20 bucks! ;)

Wednesday rehearsals
Jasmine's open house

Trying to "fit in"
More photos will be uploaded soooooon!

Being a helper rocks

I haven't been blogging for such a long time, just couldn't be arsed.. But here I go anyway! By the way, a Happy belated chinese new year to you guys.

Anyway, the whole weekend was packed shitless outta my mind. We had the BGIC at the ICC that ran from Friday - Monday. I couldn't be bothered to sign up as a delegate, so I was a helper instead. Being a helper rocked! hahahahahaha.. We didnt' have to sit through those boring talks, and we get to play cards outside. We get to eat before everyone else does, and we get to meet new friends :)! It was all really cool, but next year hopefully I'd be a delegate :P. But after all the damn delegates left, we had to lift all the tables and chairs from each room into the storage (including the big ass main conference hall). Wasn't too bad, we had quite a few people anyway!

Friday night, right after the first day of BGIC - we followed Jasmine's ride to her place, because she had an open house.

Saturday night, right after the second day of BGIC - we went to Tet wee's for an open house.

Sunday night, right after the third day of BGIC - me and my family had a chap goh mei dinner!

Monday night, after the last day of BGIC - we had a kick ass dinner, presentation, performance and a disco at the Empire ball room. It was really fun :) We all rocked the dance floor with our lame dance moves man (Carrie, Chen, Jean, Ann lau, Wan jing, Rachel, Freddy, Javon, and me)

So you know, killing me with the lack of sleep..

Ann Lau, Carrie, Wan Jing, Jean, Rachel and I came up with so many inside jokes throughout the BGIC. There was the "cute guy" hand signal, the half time show, the "food complainer" imitation, the evil lunchladies, the pullin of Ann Lee's, sigh.. Our food station was the best. We spent half of the time stalking the delegate of China, hahahaha. I think he sorta figured out that we were stalking him, but who cares.. He lives in KK.

Anyway, I think I'll stop here. I took a day off school today, because I really couldn't be arsed to go.. So i'm going back to bed. Till then, toodles!

PS: Photos will be uploaded in another post, once I collect them all from everyone's camera. Have fun