Wu Chun at Fitness Zone! ;D

Today, Me and Jean decided to burn some unhealthy-ness out of ourselves by dragging our lazy butts to Fitness Zone. And so we did, and for that; I think we deserve a pat on our backs! As much as we didn't want to go, we still managed to give our flat blubbery legs some exercise! After doing, well... I would call it a reasonable amount of running [Just to make myself feel better :) ], while resting by the big work out machines and stuff, we see Wu Chun walk in!! Yipee! Gosh.. for a moment there I just stared at him. I don't know, he isn't that much of a big celebrity yet, but inside of me, it still felt like a pretty big deal! That's just me anyway, he still seems normal in a way. But he's awfully dreamy to look at. :D!

Apparently, he's now doing pretty good for himself! He's a singer and an actor at Taiwan. He's in some chinese boyband named 'Fahrenheit'. And it's very weird! Because he comes from Brunei! ;D! I tell you, I didn't think he was very good looking until this evening. I would've never thought he was from Brunei if I didnt' know him! Sigh.. He's great! :D! Just something about him that made him look so "celebrity" - like. He's also got himself quite a number of fans already, hrmm.. *Cough* Sheryl! ;D! I wouldn't blame them! He is quite good looking!

Jean went back right after Wu Chun went out. I walked her down and went back up to the gym, and when I walked in - Wu Chun was still sitting there :D! I looked like some loner - stalker person or something. I took a seat on the table next to his, *drools* hahahaha. Anyway, I managed to get a picture with him! He's very tall. Hrmm.. well, no, not really :( I'm just really short.. And he has a face as smooth as a baby's butt! I swear to god! Hai-ya-yahh. He's leaving tmrw!! :( So maybe you girls could still catch him at the airport! Ha!

Ha! It's Wu Chun! Hrmm.. Cute isn't he? ;D, I look hideous in this photo :( I didn't want to ask for another photo with him, but he somehow managed to dazzle the photo up with his pretty boy-ness ey?! Kinda looks like Wang lee hom too doesn't he?! Hrmm.. yumm :d I think I'll just pretend that he's Wang lee hom instead :)


Banned Advertisements. Ha!

Well, another day - another post! Today I went to boring old ge-dong again. Azim picked me up [Once again, Thanks Muh!], and met up with Jean by the lounge. We couldn't watch the 5.40 movie for 'Night at the Museum', because Jean had to get back early. So we just chilled at Swensens for quite some time. Then went over to the ugly small ass arcade we have here at 'THE' Mall! [What other malls do we have here huh? :( Brunei is soo deadd..] where we spotted Jon Ooi by the dancing machines, who were there with his cousins [Rachel, and a few of their other Singaporean cousins]. Jean went back shortly after. Azim and I walked her over to the Centrepoint where her mum picked her up. Then Azim and I chilled at Coffee bean while we waited for his ride. Muh sent me back again [Thanks Azim and Muh!! ;D!], and that was pretty much it :(. Pretty boring, but at least I didn't have to stay at home and watch myself grow fatter each minute. Today though! I bought another DVD. This time it was "The 40 year old virgin". I'll be watching that later on tonight.

Apparently, 'Night at the Museum' is a pretty good movie. So I'll be sure to check that out soon! Ben Stiller, and Owen Wilson are in it!

Anyway, I was bored today. I decided to go check up "Banned Advertisements" on Youtube. And here are a few clips I found. Youtube has all sorta shit on it, it's great entertainment. well, have fun then! :D!

1. Banned ad' for XBOX. Don't understand why they banned it, because I found it quite good!

2. Adidas ad' [Vs. Nike] Haha, I found this a good one as well.

3. Pepsi ad' [Vs. Coca-Cola], has got to be one of the best. Haha, check this one out :)

4. Some Korean noodle ad'

5. Haha, and that's right - Use fruit flavoured condoms! ;D

6. And this Condom ad' is pretty hilarious. Be sure to check this one out ;)

Well, That's about it for today. Will blog another time ;D! Toodles for now!



Fat kid drops into the pool at the Empire ;)

Whew hoo! time to post something else up on this boring old black emo-looking blog of mine. Yesterday was basically shit, because I didnt' do anything and it pretty much sucked. I just felt myself getting fatter each moment. Yeah.. I was bored as shitt..

Today though, was a little better. Azim picked me up and we went to the Empire where we met up with Jean. Apparently - Banana boating and the weird 'Fly fishing' water sport thing were both only 12 bucks, and parasailing was 35 bucks. So you know, 12 bucks is pretty cheap. It was a Christmas special promotion thing. So that was one of the reasons why we went. BUT, waves were a little too big, so no banana boating or fly fishing for us :(. When we wanted to do kayaking, it was already too late, because it closes at 5. It really sucked :( how dissapointing. So we did some swimming, hrmm played a little football and just threw my yellow small ass frisbee around. Oh! Jasmine was there with her sister, and her nephew.. So we saw her there too.

Hrmm, we saw 2 guys almost drown. It was quite amusing, because it's not everyday you get to see things like that :). A fat kid fell into the pool and almost drowned, Safety guard had to jump in to pull him out. He didn't look all that frightened, just looked embarassed. His mum walked in and didn't seem all that surprised as well, I don't know.. It was kinda weird. His mum just smiled at the safety guard and said thank you, walked off with the child to get a cig for herself at one of the tables around the pool. The other guy we saw drowning, was when me and Jean were sitting by the beach. It was already pretty dark, so we couldn't see much shit.. But these guys were 2 grown men, and they were swimming at the fake beach., you know? I just saw the safety guard jump into the water, with his round rubber floaty thing. I didn't see much :( but I did see hands waving about the air, and his friend was trying to help him out. Safetyguard just pulled him out, and that was the end of the show :(. No more entertainment after that.

Azim went back early with Reza and Soph. Me and Jean went to the country club where we took our showers and cleaned up. Country club toilets are nice ;D! They're nice and clean, and pretty. Had dinner at the bunker cafe. Then took a buggy back to the lobby where we saw fake snow fall, (they're soapy bubbles btway - sucked shit :(.. ) and where we stole free chestnuts to eat, and entertained ourselves by watching people take photos with the ugly ass mascots that were walking around. I'm not sure what they were, I think they were prolly chipmunks.. Hrmm.. But decorations were very well done though! ;D

That's about it, Jean just follwed me bck after. That's it for todays' post, just a short one. Toodles then! :)


Merry Christmas!! ;D!

Christmas spirit at Brunei is dead! But Merry X-Mas to all you guys out there, and have a great one! ;D!

haha, the xmas greeting card i did for my dad that he wanted for his friends. I'm the short one in the middle :( MERRY CHRISTMAS GUYS! ;D!

And! If you guys have not watched Tenacious-D yet, check this trailer out! I've not watched it yet, but this trailer got me wanting to watch it. The lyrics are pretty kickass ;D *Rockinnnn', and fucking rollinnn', and fucking rockinnn', and fucking rollinnnn'* Have fun :) Hohoho


Creepy old man from McD

Hah! Time more another post! Just going to blog about stuff that had happened today :), which was nothing much really.. just went to Gadong with Azim, Jean and Jon Shim the loser.

So we went to Gadong today, and had lunch at McD. And get this, while we were having lunch, we saw the old creepy man come in again! HAHAHA! The creepy man that scared the fuck out of Me, Azim and Jean last year! This has got to be our 5th time seeing him there again! AND, a few months ago, we were at Ms. Wong's wedding dinner in the Ritzqun Hotel. As we were walking in, WE DISCOVERED THAT THE OLD CREEPY MAN FROM MC.D IS INDEED - MS. WONG'S FATHER IN LAW! omg!!! So as we shook his hand, I could've sworn to god I felt myself going bright pink! Then bursted out laughing with everyone else as soon as I've gotten in.

Okay, so if you're curiouss.. why we always hide ourselves in the corner or run away as far as we can everytime we see him, it's because last year [Prolly during the summer holidays then] as we were ordering food, he comes from the back and steals Azims' burger, and starts laughing. So we were all just kinda like "uhm.. okay that's cool.." because he was just being friendly and stuff, and he decided to give the burger back anyway. But it was still kinda freaky when it happened.. Hrm.. And we went to the tables upstairs to sit. Shortly after we find seats - we see the old man come up, and he sits on the table next to ours. He then comes up to us with a little container of his, and asks "uhmm.. halo halo - can have some of your fries ah?", then after a moment of puzzled faces and hard thinking, Azim decides to throw some into his container.. and then he goes "uhmm.. abit more lah, abit haha" Garh, by then we were pretty furious hahah! So Azim throws 1 or 2 more pieces of fries into his container. So like the old man strikes a conversation up with us, and starts talking to us for quite awhile. Then we decided to tell him that we've got to go, and ran to the tables downstairs instead. We were such a couple of useless bitches ;D Haha and get this, the man thought we were here on holiday, and he thought we were 16-18 years old. Hah! Omg, I remember us saying that we were from America. ;D! But he's a very nice guy! Just scared us there a little, becuase we're such losers.

Hrmm.. just spent the day walking about gadong. We went over to the new Harajuku shop, where we saw Winnie working. We were there really only because there were seats for us to sit on, and only because we wanted to steal the air conditioning. We met quite a number of people! We saw Yesmean and Jon Ooi, we also met Ardyn. Chen and Aaron was there, so as Jonash and Dilys's brother. We also saw Dilys! Hrm.. Winnie, Jasmine and Betty. Hrmm.. Wan yee, Armilda and Amanda, andd.. well that's about it really.. EVERYONE GOES TO GADONG. HAHA how sad.. and I'm one of them! omg! Anyway, Jean went home early.. and Jon shim went off to god knows where! Apparently he went home by bus HAHAH. Well I find it kinda funny, but hopefully he was just playing around with us. I did see him walk off to the roads though. I'm not sure where he went! It was kinda odd, hrmm..

So it was Me and Azim, and on the way to the toilets.. WE SAW THE UGLIEST MANNEQUINS EVER! Modeling for clothes outside Giodarno. They were freaky looking! Starin at their faces just kinda made us laugh forawhile. It amused us, ;D! So we went over to Dee jay where I got a few DVD's again. This time I bought the 'Break up' and 'Deathnote'. We then walked over to the cineplex where we met up with Aaron and Chen! Haha, Then Azim met a couple of his friends.. So I just followed Aaron and Chen to the arcade where I watched Chen punch the punching bag, then Aaron later on. Chen went back after a punch or two. So then Azim came in a little after he left. Aaron, Azim and I walked over to centerpoint where Azims' driver picked us up. Then Azim dropped me home :)! Thanks Muh! Hahaha.

And today was "Glutinose rice ball" day! I call them "Thong Yuin", haha I think that's in Cantonese. I came back and had a bowl of them with with my family! Then ate at Thiam Hock shortly after. :) Yum.. Came out feeling rather pregnant again. Well, that's it for todays' post. I'll post another time then, Toodles!

P.S: Here are a few random photos that were taken today ;D

Ugliest looking mannequins ever! I hope they'll give you nightmares :)

HAHAHA. Nakata hairstyle?!?! you suck Jon!! "whyy? U-G-L-Y! U-G-L-Y!" you ugly poklen wnabe!! :P <3


Yo mamaaa jokes!

Garh! I'm already getting rather lazy to blog.. and it's only been a week or two - and I know when I get things started, I never tend to stick to it. I always end up giving up or something. It's very sad :(, I'm not proud of it or anything! Hopefully I won't abandon this blog too soon, not until I blog a post up titled as "IT'S MY BLOGS' 1 YEAR ANNIVESARY!!!", then maybe I'd let myself abandon it. ;D!

Okay! So nothing really has happened since the last I blogged. Jean came back on Monday, So I went out with her on Tuesday - and where else but to boring old ge-dong? Haha, we went gyming at fitness zone, and then had dinner at Swensens ;D! Where we saw Jeff, but didnt' realise it was him until he left ;(, because he had dyed his hair and we didn't recognise him. Anyway, we bought a couple of CD's. We walked over to Unitek to get a few games ;( so we could entertain ourselves when we've got nothing else better to do during the holidays. We bought a few Sims CD's! Haha, I've decided to start playing that game again. I know, that game is pretty old school, but it's still pretty fun! ;D! And Jean bought a few other random CD's for herself. Garh, Unitek sucks actually. I dont' know why everybody goes there to get DVD's. Quality sucks and price isn't all that great, and the music they have blasting outside is quite disturbing really - well, I think so anyway ;D! You may like it, but I don't :). Me and Jean got bored, so went over to that big orange CD shop next to Dee Jay at the mall - you know?! you know?! yeah, that one ;D! And there, we bought a few DVD's. I bought 'My super ex-girlfriend' [Which btway was quite a dissapointment! Wasn't as funny as I thot it'd be, and was pretty stupid. It was okay though :D!] and Jean bought Rob - B - Hood. THEN WE GOT BORED AGAIN.. Zzz.. So we decided to compare the prices of DVD's from that big orange CD shop, and Dee Jay! And for the same quality you get cheaper DVD's at Dee Jay!

  • DVD's at the big orange CD shop are 5 bucks
  • At Dee Jay - they're 3 bucks
  • AT UNITEK - they're 1.50 for really crappy 'VCD' quality-like DVD's, 5 bucks for pretty bad qualities, and 8 bucks for super quality - but still a ripoff ;D!

So now you know where to go to! To get cheap and good DVD's. Dee Jay's a good place to go to. Hah! We then walked over to Euro Classic, where I picked up a statue thingmabob and part of it dropped off because it wasn't glued on properly. The people who worked there made it seem like it was my fault ;( but it wasn't, it just wasn't stuck on properly! So as they were making a pretty big fuss about it all, me and Jean ran off like scared little bitches without them knowing. ;D! And then ended the night at coffee bean where we waited for our ride =D!

YESTERDAY; I went to Empire! Where I met up with Jean, Jasmine, Brian and Harry. And then saw Chen and his friends bubblin themselves up at the jacuuziiii. Anyway, it was fun and all. Jasmine had to go off because she was there with her cousins, Harry and Brian had to go off early, SO IT was only me and Jean again :(. We took a buggy to the country club to take a shower, garhh.. the toilet at the country club is so nice to be in man. I like it ;D! Then had dinner at Spaggetiniii, where they served us really classy food. We dont' know how to eat classy food ;(. For starters they gave us a huge plate. And on it was a cup the size of a shot glass or something, filled with tomato soup [it was really puny :( ] Next to it, it had some green stuff sprinkled on the plate the shape of a triangle [which obviously wasn't meant to be eaten, but was just there to make the dish pretty. Looked kinda out of place to me, didn't make the dish any prettier.] And i don't know, on the other side of the plate was some sorta shit.. really really tiny shit.. that kinda looked like sushi, but it wasn't. I'm not sure what it was, hrmm.. THEN they served us the worst mushroom soup ever! If you ever go there, don't order mushroom soup! It's not nice! and by the time they gave us our Pizza, we were already full.. garhh.. So we didn't get to finish the whole pizza off.

The pizza we ate - it was a folded up. Kinda looked like a curry puff, but the size of your face :)

That's it really, Spent the night walking about Empire. Went back and stayed over at Jeans where we watched Rob-b-hood. It's a good movie, the guy that acted in it is really cute. I fell inlove with him hahaha. And, yeah. MSN has been a real bitch to me today. MSN sucks so badly at the moment, it's gettin really screwed up. Anyway, I'm off then. Will post another time, toodles!

P.S: If you're ever bored, read a few yo-mama jokes :). Just for fun, y'know. Here are some ;D! Have fun then.

  • Yo mama so fat people jog around her for exercise

  • Yo mama so fat she went to the movies and sat next to everyone

  • Yo mamma so fat you haveta roll over twice to get off her...

  • Yo mama so fat she goes to a resturant, looks at the menu and says "okay!"

  • Yo mama so fat she got to iron her pants on the driveway

  • Yo mama so fat she's on both sides of the family!

  • Yo mama so fat that when whe was born, she gave the hospital stretch marks.

  • Yo mama so ugly they push her face into dough to make gorilla cookies

  • Yo mama so ugly her mom had to be drunk to breast feed her

  • Yo mama so ugly they pay her to put her clothes on in strip joints.

  • Yo mama so ugly she looks out the window and gets arrested!

  • Yo mama so ugly that your father takes her to work with him so that he doesn't have to kiss her goodbye.

  • Yo mama so stupid it took her 2 hours to watch 60 minutes

  • Yo mama so stupid that she puts lipstick on her head just to make-up her mind

  • Yo mama so stupid she got locked in a grocery store and starved!

  • Yo mama so stupid she could trip over a cordless phone!

  • Yo mama so stupid that she sold the car for gas money.

  • Yo mama so stupid she stole free bread.


Rapist in brunei?! :O

Yes, another post. I'm so bored, I have to blog everydayyy.. but I'm still loving the holidays ;D. Hrm.. well at the moment, I'm just entertaining myself with 'yo mama!' jokes, and am watching abit of the 'Green Screen Show' on youtube. I tell you, Youtube has all sorts of things. You can find just about anything in that website, haha I've been watching abit of 'Friends' lately too! and 'The Family Guy!" ahaha.

So, yesterday Jasmine stayed over. She came during the afternoon and we went to boring old ge-dong at 5-ish. Just the two of us :(, we're such loners. hahah but it still went alright! We had dinner at swensens ;D - it was a pretty satisfying dinner, but came out feeling like I was pregnant, urghh.. Then we watched the 7.15 show for 'The Holiday', that movie made me pretty emoo mann.. hahaha. Nothing special lah that movie, wasn't that great. I mean, just the usual romance/'abit' of comedy movie. At some point during that movie, I really felt like falling asleep. But it was very sweet ;D! If you're out on a date, and you're in for a little snuggling with your partner ;), 'The Holiday' is the movie for you! Don't be stupid and go watch 'Borat' instead, hahah. 'Borat' btway was such a dumb movie. Haha, I don't blame them for banning the movie from the cinemas here - haha but that's just in my opinions anyway.

We went to buy a few DVD's after the movie, to watch at night - :( I bought it with my own 10 bucks.. AND JASMINE FELL ASLEEP!.. SO WE COULDN'T WATCH IT. We bought Borat and Devil wears Prada. SO - I watched Borat myself :( and I felt like a loner! I had to smile to myself when I was watching that movie. And I was so sleepy, I was so close to falling asleep on the couch. I watched it until 4am - then did a little chatting with Air and Jon shim again, then snoredddd till it was 10am. And went to lunch with my family and Jasmine at Sheraton :) and came out feeling pregnant again!

So, the weirdest thing happened today. ;S.. This afternoon [after Jasmine left], I was on my computer and my parents were in their room. I had my dog with me, but he was at the balconey, staring at God knows what. Hrmm.. I heard the back door slammed downstairs - and my dog at the balconey was going pretty maniac out there, he was barking his ass out. But you know, I usually ignore it haha because he barks at the most pointless things ever. haha so I was thinking 'Hrm.. kokoh's back!!!!' haha then I started thinking later on 'hrm.. what's taking him so bloody long to come up', but whatever you know. Too lazy to check. Uhmm then someone came up.. but it wasn't my kokoh =/ IT WAS A STRANGER. Fck, I was freaking the hell out. He came up, and he saw me. We both kinda stared at each other forwhile, then I saw him jump a little, and he mumbled something out. "uhh.. mum.. done already? uhh nvm" and he ran down. So you know, obviously, I was just kinda "WTF??!!" haha then I went to my mama's room, and told her "ma, there's a strange man that just came up! GO CHECK! it's weird!!!" anddd.. by the time my mum, dad and I got down, he was gone. Commeee onnn', of all dayys - I leave the backdoor unlocked, and a strange man comes up. urghh, I was scared shitless. And my dog had to be in the balconey. Or he could've chased him around the house or something - While I throw cups and plates at that guy, perhaps chase him around like an old chinese lady with a broomstick on one hand. Okay, so I just think it's really odd you know? I dont' know, he was prolly a rapist!! :O. haha.

There isn't anything in particular to blog about today really, just a few random stuff. By the way, Congrats to Azim's band - "Evilive" for making it all the way to the newspaper! "EVILIVE, LOCAL METAL BAND", and a huge photo on the page of you guys :) haha so then, I'm off! Shrek 2 is on HBO, and I want to watch! I'll blog another time, toodles for now.


Pick up lines

Okay, if you're wondering why my last 2 posts were done on the same day, it was because I deleted my last blog, and copied the two posts down into this blog instead. :D! So those posts were actually done on monday and on thursday. Well, you know, just incase you were wondering ;D haha..
Hrm.. Well, nothing much is going on today. I was supposed to go out with Azim, Hazim and Jasmine - but change of plans. So Jasmine's just going to come over to my place today to stay over. And perhaps go out later on today. I'm feeling rather tired, even though I had just about 10 hours of sleep, hahah! I went to bed yesterday at 2-ish, 3-ish, and woke up at 12-ish. Snoree.. I stayed up all night chatting to Air and Jon shim. Jon shim was feeling emo ;D! Hahaha

So as I said in my last post, I was thinking of getting a haircut. And so I did! Yesterday afternoon ;D, hahaha. The curls are gone now, but after showers it'd curl up a little - but not as much as it used to. My split ends are gone! It just looks a little heavy towards the bottom of the hair, so I'm thinking of doing something about that some time this week, or next. Perhaps tomorrow.
Anyway, Greg left a few weeks ago, and at times I still think to myself "Omg, Greg's gone.. awwwh.." Yeah, pretty slow huh? It takes time to absorb information like that, because I'm so used to the fact that he's still in Brunei. He's prolly in Aust hitting on older chicks at the moment, with his lame pick up lines haha. Sigh, it really sucks you know? Because we might not be able to see him again. If he does decide to come back to give us a visit, that'd probably be ages from now, and he never comes online, and whenever I try to call him, it goes straight to his voicemail. Oh well, we'll get used to it eventually ;D, school year isn't going to be the same without him. Here are a few photos of him I've decided to post up. ;D have fun.

It's Gregs famous photo pose.


Greg reminds me of these silly pick up lines he used to always tell me. Haha hrmm.. So I decided to search some up to put on - You never know ;D They may come in handy one day! haha read them through, they're kinda funny.

  • What's that on your face? Oh, must just be beauty. Here, let me get it off. Hey, it's not coming off!
  • When I get married, I wonder if God will be mad that I stole one of his angels.
  • Ya know, you look really hot! You must be real reason for global warming.
  • You're daddy must be an archer because he sure shot a bulls eye.
  • Is there a rainbow today? I just found the treasure I've been searching for!

Haha! and check this out, these are suggestions for women to respond to pick up lines!

  • Guy: If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together.
  • Girl: Oh really, because if I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put F and U together.
  • Guy: Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
  • Girl: Did it hurt when they kicked you out of hell??
  • Guy: I would die for you...
  • Girl: Prove it!
  • Guy: I'm all you've got cutie..
  • Girl: Then I must not have alot
  • Guy: Is this seat empy?
  • Girl: Yes, and this would be too if you sit down!

hahaha! have fun ;D If you're ever bored, check out! I got that site way back in year 8, Amirah gave it to me. haha anyway, I'll post another time, till then, toodles!


Time to do sum'more blogging :)

Okay, bummer... I've done nothing since the last time i blogged. just stayed home, and watch movies.. play sim city 4 [which btway i'm getting quite good at] and watch VJ Utt on MTV, *drools*.. I swear to god, VJ Utt is one good looking guy!! Well anyway, I'm not doing anything at the moment.. Just chatting to Air and Han, so I thought I'd do some blogging :)

I don't know how to add a tag board to this stupid blog, and my blog sucks so bad because Azim can't be arsed to make it look pretty just yet. And when he says "I'll do it! soon.." That day will never come :(. He has photos in his camera that I've wanted him to send to me since August, he still hasn't sent them to me yet. Everytime i ask for it, he says someting like "It's in the other computer!! I'll send them to you tomorrow!!" and when I ask for them the next day, he won't reply me. Typical of him :). And I want to go to the gym with him today, but I don't think he wants to. AZIM you skinny little bitch :).. Gain some speed bumps on your arms!

Uhmm.. well I just came out from the shower not too long ago, and OH MY GOD!! I've got split ends! I think it's about time I get a haircut. I think i'll get one today :D. Just the usual, layer it a little, not too short though. These few days I've been spending time trying to uncurl my curls, hahah.. It's kinda worked, it isn't so curly anymore. Just at times when it feels like it's in the mood for irritating me, it'll curl up a little. I've also been thinking about dying my hair black again, but as if my hair needs to be any more dryer than it already is. Sigh, i'm just seroiusly killing my hair aren't I? haha.. I've also thought about getting a fringe :) but everyone has fringes now, and it won't look very special :(. I'm definately not going to straighten my hair, because everyone has straightened hair now as well. You know, maybe i'll just get a haircut, wait till it uncurls, and that'll be the end of my hair thinking days! Just leave it as it is! hahaha, and maybe get much more loopier curls the next time ;D! When my hair goes all black, i'm thinkingg of dying itt.. Red-ish? hrmm.. perhaps the same colour as I have now, just less blonde - more of copper in a way.. Anyway :) Enough about my hair.

I'm going to watch TV a little now, while I wait for my lunch to be ready haha. My, if I keep up with this unhealthy routine I've been going through these few days for the whole holiday, I'd just be earning myself a one-way ticket to fatty, unhealthy land! Where BFG's live and have 10 scoops of ice-cream for every meal each day! I really have to start thinking about going to the gym, or going jogging some day. But i'm always feeling lazy :(.. We'll see :) haha I'll blog another time, toodles for now!

P.S: I've been watching alot of Russell Peters lately on youtube. hahaha he's hilarious ;D!

So as Pablo Francisco ;D!

I've got a blog now! Yay! ;D

woo hoo! i've got a blog now! i've figured that maybe i should have one - since everyone seems to have one at the moment, and since I've got nothing else better to do.
Anywayy, school holidays just started on friday ;D i'm very happy about that. but i dont' think i'm going anywhere for this holiday :(.. whatever really, i still love the feeling of waking up and not having to worry about anything.. just sit on the couch, while watching telly and eating delicious chocolate chip cookies all day. yum!

haha okay, i don't think i'm going anywhere today. jean just left to singapore. and azim's at god knows where! he isn't replying me on msn :( annoying skinny bitch :). hahaha, yesterdayy i went out! and you know, it's brunei "snort", so where else is there to go but boring old gee-donggg - Zzzz.. I went with johnny, abuushrekk [who is apparently flying to bangkok today to play for the under 15 brunei national cricket team, i hope you do good :) don't trip fall and die while running for the ball infront of the whole crowd] hazim, yesmean and jean! and GADONG HAS GOT TO BE THE MOST BORING-EST PLACE EVER! Snoreee.. we ended up playing with cards at the food court instead, but it was still good fun :P! we did nothing but go around restaurants, eating and talking. no good movies were on, haha man does brunei suck. we went to the foodcourt to have some of those delicious fattening "straight to your hips!" fries which were smotthered with melted cheese. they were quite good! try them when you've got the chance, at Jolibee :) because if you don't, man are you missing out! hahaha, hrmm then we spotted sheng and his pretty girlfriend, jessica with a few of their friends. MP has got to be the shy-est girl ever! hahaha, everytime she sees johnny, she'd run away so effin' far! haha it was pretty funny. uhmm then went to the arcade to sing some backstreet boys! and wow, johnny and sheng's got a pretty good voice! hahah..

well that's bout it ey?! i'm off to play some sims city 4, it's really fun! i'm just really bad at it :(.. my city sucks and i'm a bad mayor. sigh.. i'll get better with it soon though! hopefully. haha, i'll blog some other time. toodles!

P/S: Here are some photos that were taken during the last day of school :) Christmas spirit!! Haha..

Azim, Jean and I. Haha, during our art lesson. Just messing about on the tables ;D

Azim and I being vain :) Ohh.. There are plenty more where that came from! hahah

Azim and I again :).

Azim and Jean. :)

Azim and I AGAIN. hahaha, when we went out the afternoon after school.

Tha ladies ;D haha uhhuh.. we're such posers aren't we?

Haha.. hrmm..