Photos from Empire 28th Jan

Giant Ann stepping on puny Bridgette
Free apples and the Jacuzzi!
TITANICC~ HAHAHA, so loserrr :P

Sunday splash [Isn't a very good image, because it was taken by my phone = ="]
Soo cheappp! *urgh*
Sakai wah, never see tourist before

We're on a roller coster ridee~ :P!
14 dollars worth of chocolate, when it's looking all nice and un-touched
Leave the best for last!
14 dollars gone. :(

HAHAHA. AND WITH BRIDGETTE'S PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS, she manages to capture a photo of the naked lady that sat next to us in the sauna! hahahahaa, Bridgette so loserrr :P
and it's the 'Ann pose'! :P

Unsuccessful shot of what was supposed to be an advertisement for sunsilk hair products


BRIDGETTE TRYING TO DO THE 'ANN POSE'! :P Loser one lah her! ;)!


Naked ladies fill the Empire toilets!

Weekend's going to end soon :( And I've got to go to school tomorrow. If only the weekend had 5 days instead, we'd all be having the weekends of our life! Reminder; Finish analyzing on images of clocks for DC tomorrow, Finish researching on at least one artist by tomorrow, and biology report by tuesday! I'll get that done :) [hopefully]

I went to the Empire today with Bridgette and Jean <:o)! So hilarious lah, Bridgette so funny to be with. So sakaiii man herr! :P hahahahaa. She's soo lameee! :P We decided to be emo, so we walked to the little spit area, where there were benches by the waves [prolly the best emo place to go to :)].. But when we got there, it started to rain really heavily, and we ended up grabbing our bags and running like stupid people! :( I swear, if you saw us from far - We'd look soo stupid. I was hoping so bad that nobody was watching us! Then we were such losers :(, a big Sunday splash was going on and it was 15 bucks. We were too lazy to go, so we just sat and watch the others have fun like sad people. hahahaa tisk. We then went over to the country club, and hung out by the jacuzzi in the toilet! :P, JACKPOT! So many bloody naked ladies walking around the place! It was so scary! ONE LADY, omg! It was like live porn or something! :S She was an old white lady, and she had a towel wrapped around herself. She was with her friends, so she asked one of her friends to take a photo of her by the jacuzzi. "Here, take a photo of me!.. Wait! It's really hot, let me take take off my towel.." *STRIPS down, BUTT naked! No underwear what so ever! :(* "Here" *Poses, her hands wide open - total exposure of her breasts! And down there as well* *Click!* *Old white naked lady lies in the jacuzzi completely naked for quite some time* We know this because we were sitting by the changing rooms, pretending to be unpacking our bags and stuff, when in fact we were watching and listening to everything that was going on. Soo kehpoh :P But who would take photos of themselves in a jacuzzi completely naked? Omg.. It was soo odd. Ooh~ Another Japanese lady, came into the sauna room when me and Gette were in there. She had a towel wrapped around herself, but once she gets in.. She takes it off, and sits next to me and Gette completely naked. Soo awkward man! Hahaha.. these people, not malu kann?! hahaa, hilarious. Anyway, you get the point! They were all over the place! Tisk. I'm so scared to go into the jacuzzi now.. Everytime that lady pops into my head while I'm in it, I'll get goosebumps all over! I've got school tomorrow, I'm staying back for Mandarin dance practice :( And soccer traning! Then I think I'm going to have my flu jab tomorrow, because everyone in Brunei seems to be getting sick at the moment. Apparently someone died a few days ago from the flu, it's pretty scary. She works at the RBA. Anyway, so you guys better get your flu jabs too! You don't want to die, do you? :) Ohh.. Nothing to worry about, if you're sick.. Not like you're going to die! There's only about an 8 out of 10 chance that anyone who catches the flu would die! ohoho, no I'm kidding. I'm being jobless, because I don't want to get started on my DC homework just yet. Anyway, I'm off! Toodles for now <:o)! Photos are posted below. Have fun! [To upload the photos in another post instead is much easier for me]



Apparently, Jean and Jasmine's first ever 'happy' pose for a picture
Take 1
Take 3

Eh sehh Vonnn.. New look ahh? :P
The girls. Eh? The one in the middle... Is a girl ;)!

During the female/Puberty talk thing :P

I love all my girlfriends to bits :) And I've suddenly realised, that I haven't been having enough time with them! We shall have more girl outtings! :P Move on to the next post! :)


Males - Nipples, why? Hrmm..

Hrmm.. It's been a week since I last posted! Seriously, time flies. Now I'm just imagining myself looking very lost in a uni [Perhaps UBD if I continue doing nothing but sit by the computer the whole day], pushing anyone who gets into my way, just so I could get through to my next big lecture hall or something. It's quite scary, the thought; here I am in year 10, thinking small, stupid art projects are already fustrating enough to do and too much work to handle [not really.. hrmm..], but by the time you know it, I'd be working, and maybe raising a family of my own! [With a nice, decent, un-abusive, un-hamsap man I hope, of course. Hopefully with beautiful kids that won't cry if i disagree on getting them a big ass toy that costs a few million dollars as well :S] Well, I'm just hoping time wouldn't fly by too fast! I'm having too much fun as a kid :) Anyway, moving on! -

Today I woke up really tired because I stayed up yesterday night doing my english homework. I admit, that I do procrastinate alot, a little too much I reckon :(. I'd find myself any lame excuse just so I could forget about the homework for that time only, and of course, 'that time only' seems to change to 'that time only and until the day before the homework is due in'. In fact I'm procrastinating at this very moment! I could be doing my art project now, but I refuse to because I tell myself I've got some blogging to do! Which isn't true, I could ditch this blog any time! I just blog because I tell myself that there isn't anything else to do, when there are crap loads of homework waiting to be done in my miserable looking bag next to me. It's quite sad, really :(.. But I've told myself over and over again today, that I'd at least make an effort tomorrow on trying to get some parts of my art project done. My mum had noticed that I haven't got good time management, that I sleep at the wrong time and that I procrastinate way too much. I spend too much time by the computer, when really I've got so many other things I could be doing! She gave me a big lecture this afternoon, which made me really grumpy. But then I realised that she was actually right! I'm going to take her advice; I'm going to be using my time more efficiently from now on. No more sitting by the computer the whole day doing nothing but chatting, going on friendster, blogging, and whatever else I do on this stinkin' computer! I'm going to try to stop procrastinating too much, and actually read more books! I could be watching TV, or going out and giving myself some exercise! I have to be more responsible, like my mum said :(. 2007 - New me [hopefully] Here I come! (?). We'll see about that..

The other night, when me and Azim couldn't get any sleep - We helped each other out by talking on the phone until both of us fell asleep. We had a few, weird, random topics we talked about; and one of them really got me thinking.. 'Why do males have nipples?', think about it! Seriously, why? I mean, I understand why females have nipples, because they'd come in handy when they get a child! If you don't know, they're for breast feeding. Yes.. I'm sure we've all sucked on our mother's nipples before, hard to believe?! Get used to it! But why do men have them? Hrmm.. I decided to procrastinate again, and to leave my maths homework alone for the time being, so I could work my brain cells extra hard just to think of a few good answers! Maybe -

  • God made it so that both males and females are equal, and would all have similair features. He's not sexist :), and so in the future, males and females wouldn't create wars between themselves, because one gender didn't have something the other gender didn't. It could cause jealousy! Therefore, men were given nipples so they wouldn't get jealous of females for having them. :)

  • Because we were once monkeys! We believe that monkeys had revolved into human beings. Maybe way back in the ape world, when there were no such human beings here to slowly destroy the world [As we are doing now, ARMAGEDDON guys! Watch out!], male apes would've done the baby sitting job of their little ones instead, they were the ones that would've let their little monkey boys and girls suck on their nipples instead! But that soon changed, because little monkey boys and girls learned to love their mothers more than they loved their fathers, and chose to suck on their mother's nipples instead. They soon revolved into people like you and me! Unfortunately, the nipples for the males stayed as it was, and thus having males walking around beaches at the present world, exposing off their manly chests! Which they think are soo sexy, tisk :P

  • When there were no such things as dinosaurs, or any such living creatures that moved around like so, and when there were only living microbes that filled the world instead - As they revolved into big ugly creatures - Something went wrong during the process, and accidently gave the monkeys nipples. In fact, there was only one microbe that made it through the process of developing a creature, and it had nipples. That soon changed into a retarded, miserable looking monkey, which soon worked its way up to making other little monkeys in later generations, looking much more like the monkeys you see now. So you see, the creature that was first produced had nipples, managed to carry down the feature of having nipples as well! Hoorah! NIPPLES! :)

  • All walking living creatures back in the ape world were all females. They all had nipples for obvious reasons. I wouldn't know how they managed to give birth to younger ones, because males didn't exist. But that's something else different, so you think about that yourself! But one day, a group of females had an argument, and managed to bring the whole population of females into it as well. So 2 groups were arguing about the land, and how they had to share them. They were upset, and had to sort this out a different way; they did this by having a huge animal, barbaric fight! Fortunately, one group of females lost, and had to move to the "Darker side" of the world, where it wasn't all colourful and happy like it was in the other side. Soon, they stopped using their important female parts, as there wasn't a point in using them. And everything feminine about them had revolved into what you would see now, as males! Once again, the nipples stayed in place. The nipples just never seem to want to go away :).

  • Okay, my father just came in and I asked him why he had nipples. He gave me and answer which apparently had been scientifically proven. That women are 100% females, where as men - They're half male, half female. Something to do with their X and Y chromosomes or something along that line anyway. Ooh~ There goes all my little answers I managed to come up with!

Well, those were just a few random answers I managed to think of from the top of my head! Abit silly, but hey! You never know! But you know what else is silly? The fact that I had just spent so much time thinking of those answers, when I could've been doing something else muce more constructive! There goes my '2007 - New me, here I come!' thing. I'll work on it :).

The weekend is here, once again! Wah hoo! I look forward to the weekend every week as soon as Monday starts, and I celebrate it every Friday :) Sometimes by staying home and just sleeping the whole afternoon away, sometimes to the Empire, and well.. sadly, at times I'd do it by going to Gadong :(. Gee! Brunei's so full of things to do! Today though; Me, Hui min, Jean, Jasmine and Yvonne decided to celebrate our start of the weekend by going to Gadong [again.], we decided to have an 'all girls day out', because we hardly get that :(. It was fun :).. We had small silly gossip conversations at Swensens, and moved on to singing and dancing like little crazy kampong girls at the arcade. We sang quite a number of songs :P.. I reckon I need more of these girl hang out things! They're really good! :P. I bought DVD's 'Material girls' and 'She's a man!', I'll watch that tonight if I don't fall asleep, or tomorrow. I might be going to the gym with my parents tomorrow morning, but that may change because I may be feeling too sleepy to go. Jean and Azim might be coming over tomorrow to have, as what Azim would call it, a "Reunion, bonding friendship night" hahahahahahahaha! BFF!! HAHA :P Oh we sad little people. But that may change because I think Jean has got a wedding to attend tomorrow night :(. We'll see how things goes, I may just stay in tomorrow and watch DVD's all day! And watch 'I not stupid too' the series! Which I really like, because Joshua Ang looks even cuter than I remembered! Shawn lee has 'ugly-narized' as I would call it, :(. He isn't that cute anymore. Be sure to check out the series :) It's still pretty hilarious to watch! Well, I'll blog some other time. Til then, toodles! :)

P.S: Photos that have been taken recently will be uploaded soon in another post! :)

A proper post, finally.

Okay, so I'm on my computer - And I'm thinking 'Oh, what the heck?! It's time for a proper update for my poor miserable looking blog!', and here I am.. In my room, on my computer, spinning on my chair with the biggest back ache ever, typing while listening to Incubus [Which by the way kicks big ass!]. My blog is slowly getting abandoned - Not only by me, but by the people who would usually tag on my board :(. [That's you Jon! Bridgette :(.. My blog misses you guys! :( ].

Anyway, I hate maths. Well, no, not really. I hate my maths teacher actually, [That's right! You! - Mr. Walter!!]. He's so crazily paranoid, and so stupidly dumb! I'm going to unleash my bitchy side! Mr. Walter just totally slapped on a huge chunk of anger into my tiny body :(! A little more, and my tiny body would've exploded infront of him :(. During maths on Wednesday, I asked whether I could go to the bathroom [You might want to know that Mr. Walter has this thing with people going to bathrooms. Apparently, Year 10 kids had been involved in a few things that had been going on around the school. So he's especially strict with us going to bathrooms during lessons.] But you know, I really had to go. And he seemed fine with it! His reply was "Yeah *Nod*". So I assumed that he didn't mind! So off I went, apparently while I was off - A few other guys from my maths class asked whether they could go to the bathroom as well. And their answers were 'No'. Instantly, Mr. Walter's suspicions had obviously risen, and when I got back to class [I took a little longer, because I was in the bathroom fixing my hair as well], he did his little hand gesture asking me to come over to his table. I really thought he was going to ask me for help on his computer or something :(, but instead he jumps the conclusion and goes;

"Now, I know you didn't just go to the bathroom. Tell me honestly, where did you go to?"

I thought he was joking around at first :(. But he wasn't, that asshole! Wait, here's the gay conversation;

"Hahahaa.. What, seriously? You're kidding me right?"
"No, I'm serious. Would you answer this for me? Why all of a sudden, are all the kids in your maths class developing weak bladders, and having to go to the bathroom at the same time?"
"Hahaa. You're kidding me right? I don't know, but I swear I just went to the bathroom!"
"No, no. Don't swear! I know that you didn't just go to the bathroom."
"What?! What could've I been doing?!"
"There has been a few fishy things that had been going on around the school, and I think that you are involved in it."
"Now, the fact that you're freaking out - Is making me suspect you even more!"

GEEZES, what do you expect me to do?! Be calm about it?! I think it was really ridiculous! He sounded so sure that I was off doing like.. Drugs or something. Come'onnnn, dumb ass.

"Of course I'm freaking out! Okay, I'll be calm then! I'm just telling you, that I went to the bathroom as I said I would!"
"Now tell me honestly, what were you doing?"

"*Moment of thinking* Go back to your seat."

And so I go back to my seat, and explained what had just happened to Ann Lau. He heard what I was talking about, and he goes;

"You see, the fact that you're talking about it still - Is making me suspect you EVEN MORE!"

I couldn't believe that asshole. I just rolled my eyes and kept my bloody mouth shut for the rest of the lesson :(. You know, I mean yeah - He may have a bad impression on me or something, but he was so bloody sure that I was off to do something else other than go take a piss at the bathroom. Urgh! Well yeah, I'm so glad I won't have to see him until Tuesday.

Today we had the Terry Fox run at Tasek Lama. We were raising money for Skin Cancer victims. Other students that weren't up for Tasek Lama had decided to do a fashion show assembly for the primary kids instead [Advertising ways of preventing skin cancer by modellin clothes that you would wear out in the sun.] Really, just trying to get kids to be more aware on Skin Cancer, to get them to 'Slap on a hat! Slip on a shirt! Slop on some sun screen!'. During this little project thing we've been working on for quite a number of weeks, I've learnt quite a couple of stuff myself too :).

  • A good tan could be the first sign of skin cancer!
  • When a mole starts growing really retardedly, and it looks a little abnormal - It could be the first step to skin cancer as well.
  • To get a sunburn at the back of your neck is the worst place to get a sunburn at!
Well, there are other things, but my brain had decided to switch off all of the sudden. Must be all that angry typing I did about Mr. Walter. There isn't anything much to blog about anymore really.. Happy belated birthday Yasmin! [Yesterday], Happy birthday John!! [Today]. Tomorrow I might be heading to Miri, not too excited about it. But I'm sure it'd go okay! I've also recently found my new cycling/walking around Kiarong partner - Brian! Hahaa, so I don't have to stay in my room all day and get all fat now! I can go out and watch Pakistani boys play LIVE CRICKET! [:O!] around the neighborhood with Brian! I'll be blogging again soon! Toodles for now :)

PS: A few photos taken from today at Tasek Lama/School during the fashion show have been posted below. Have fun - And remember kids! Do stay in school! hohohohoho

A little river place we had to walk across
Ms. Tracy, Jean and Ann
Before the fashion show
Jean and Yvonne
At the bus - Jia min