Mumble mumble mumble...

These bitches disowned me.. As a visitor in this house, I demand to be fully served with entertainment and midnight food hog-outs!

I have to type quick because Lau's laptop goes on screensaver mode once it gets left alone for a short while (a short while meaning a few seconds).. and also because I secretly want to sneak Sims2 out to play.

Aah.. the times when we seeked pleasure out from playing nothing more than just the original Sims - satisfaction and no demand for more! We were such good kids, so happy with what already had.. Up until of course the time when EA games started the overloading phase of Sims follow-ups. The first follow-up came, which was if I'm not mistaken.. the party or the vacation one. Then we started craving for mooooooooooore. We became such barbaric beasts. Shame..

I'm sitting here and I'm, believe it or not, dreading the holidays(?!). What with the extra classes, preperations, IGCSE finals coming up and what not.. our March break has become sorta like a teacher's sick joke of how to really perform a torcher. This, my friends, dominates all the other wussy torcher chambers existing. This doesn't happen in a swift action or it doesn't catch you when you're unaware - you're informed about it a few months before and it sinks into you bit by bit, and as days progresses, we can feel this feeling bloating up. Then we enter the exam room and the feeling tries to escape but can't so it's thumping against the walls of our hearts and we hear our hearts on the verge of exploding. But no, it mantains and refuses to let out. It sits in you like the piece of shit that doesn't get scraped off under our nails or the ant that lives underneath our computer keypads and refuses to move away. The whole thing ends and the feeling is still trapped in there, just waiting to repeat the whole fucking procedure again.


I've landed!

Upon our arrival in planet earth, we sat in our 'house', or so they call it (sorta like their comfort zone but it's still pretty exposed, but whatever floats their boats - I'd just point out that I could break into any of these houses in a second), and studied the outdoors.

The people here are friendly.. I would say that their society is still pretty fucked up anyway. I've also realized that people here just lives for food. This makes me wonder how the human kind can be such ungrateful beings.. Particularly in this place I'm in actually, Bru...nai. But that's just been vaguely touched on, I'll have to further study this theory in order to prove it.

Yeah Brunai's wonderful and shit but I've landed in several other places around earth and I have to say that Brunai's probably the most non-happening place to be in. It's like they have to make everywhere else in earth mordernized except for this place which I so happen to accidentally land on, I don't know what I did to make my spacecraft malfunction above Brunai but it must've been something really bad. I have to admit though that I am growing quite fond of this place.. It's something about it that sucks me in.

So as me and chippert-bang (Chips for short) sat in a segment of the house and looked out the windows (We call it yippies where I come from), we encountered these amazing creatures which seemed relatively similair to the human beings, but that's another thing. We watched them crawl into our compound, but they seemed pretty calm about it - this raises questions by the way about the whole breaking into the house topic. So I sent Chips out on a mission to investigate these creatures as I marvelled at their actions behind the transparent glass. These were a few snap shots I took with a local camera while Chips negotiated with them: