Global Warming is a hoax?


As I sit here in my room watching the non-existant sun go down and gladly embrace our very much hard-earned victory for our second match today! I'lll be anticipating for our semi-finals match for tomorrow. We WILL win, people may call me cocky but I call it the magic of sending positive signals towards the game. Just let me remind you, if I don't post a new entry anytime soon, it may be because.. we didn't get through.

I've been busy, I just never finish a post whenever I start one. You know.. it's all these lunch dates with Brad Pitt and shit.. These famous stars! They just never know when to stop calling me, C. Ronaldo booked me for the whole weekend, nothing much.

I've been chilling. Chilling a little too much perhaps, I hate to say it, but exams are in 12 days. We have to come into terms that the exams are going to come, eventually, and we will defeat it like a crouching tiger, hidden dragon. Yes.. we will do our very best to creep behind these pests, and when the time is unexpected, we will jump and KILL.

As I was being driven home, I encountered at least 3 houses that were burning leaves. Definitely nothing unusual about that, coming from a person who lives in Brunei. I'm not going to lie, it's a dirty habit we all know or have. My maid tends to do it too, eventhough I've told her several times not to, I think she's gotten to that point where she's just doing it to piss me off. I think she even managed to encourage our neighbor's to do it too, it's survival of the fittest though, and she definitely has the power now. Three maids and a young girl who doesn't think it's right to burn leaves. What chance do I have?

No, but I personally think that there is absolutely no reason to why we should burn leaves, other than wanting to get rid of it ASAP. The burning of leaves actually contribute to several respiratory problems, the smoke that is produced consists of poisonous gasses and dirty particles that are often breathed in. Especially by kids who thinks it's fun to be in the middle of the smoke. I used to enjoy the smell of the aftermath of a firework, so I'd stand infront of a firework that's been lit, and left to smoke and cool down, just so I could feel like I'm on cloud9. My dad stopped me one day after he realized what I've been doing, and always stopped me every since.

That was the end of my getting-high-on-fireworks days.

When people burn wood, it produces CO2, which also contributes to global warming. Basically, it's not a very healthy hobby. Leaves can dicompose naturally after a period of time, so there could actually be added nutrients into the soil. We can create compost bins so we could use the shit that's been left over as fertilisers.

It would be nice to see less people burning unnecessaryly outside their yards.. There's a group in Facebook which says that 'Global Warming is a Hoax!", I strongly disagree with that. I think Global Warming will hit a critical stage where we'll really start witnesing the effects eventually, the only thing we can do now is slow down the process.