Tea.. mm.

helllooooooo blogging world!!! I'm so sorry I haven't been around lately but I honestly get so lazy during the weekdays, and during the weekends I just can't be arsed you know.. sigh. hahaha ok let me satisfy you people, if you need any satisfying that is.. Ok.. no. Wait, let me satisfy myself!! I feel so.. unfinished. As pathetic as it sounds!! It's like I have a little ring at the side of my head constantly telling me that I have to blog.. and it's like if I don't, it feels.. as if I've got some unfinished business to do. my god trust me I've been wanting to blog so many times last week hahahahahhahahaha if you come into this whole blogger website thing and sign into my account you'd see so many incomplete posts saved as drafts. It's just I lose my motivation halfway and also because you know, i just run out of things to say.

So I'll make this really short.. I doint' want to lose my motivation halfway and stop.

hahahahahah ok so you know how you go into big cafe's, and their logo often has a little date underneath stating when it's been established and shit. like.. you get 'established 1983' or 'since 1845' or something along that line..

The other day (about 3 months ago actually) we were at kiulap mall, we went into a small miserable looking cafe gahahhaa and found this..

Tea box cafe... SINCE 2001?!?! hahHAHAHAH so embarrassing why do they even bother putting it up. and what is that, like little flies flying around the coffee? I dont' know.. at least make the date up right? They could put 'since 1980' instead or something, at least got a little more class la.

'since 2001' tsz hahahahah who wants to drink coffee that's like 6 years old, the taste obviously wouldnt' be the same! Coffee from 100 years ago awlays tastes better, the recipe's gone through so mcuh, people likes to think that it's 'evolved' and the ingrediants are much more classier. It's just the thought of it makes it tasty.. you know. like the fact that 100 year old coffee's are made the original way by hand, and not gone through some huge chemical process through the factory and been exposed to the poluted air, probably dumped into shit water a couple of times in the south china sea or something. who wants to drink 2001 coffee?

oh ok whoops this makes it even better, hahahaha it's actually TEA! whoops. well ok, who would want to drink 2001 tea?!?!?! same shit.. the tea bags have probably been through the same chemical process as well anyway. The thought of having tea that originated from teabags that were actually made from pandan leaves straight off the jungle or something would make the tea drinking experience more tastier.

Ok. I blabbered.. hahahahhahahahahhahahha this might not even make sense but hmmmmm.. whatever that's your problem. hahaha I'm off to bedddddd!!!! bye!!


If I were living in the Harry Potter world..

Alriiiiiight well first of all, thanks for tagging bitches.. NOT! Eh man, if I don't blog.. it doens't mean you can't show me some love ok. So sad my blog was like seriously dying! Never gave me any motivation :( sighhhhhhh I know I blog bullcrap ok.. just pretend that you like it anyway.

I haven't really been bothered to blog lately..

I've finally started pickin up with this Harry Potter thing.. Because you know it's like the 'in thing', and everyone's always like "THE LAST HARRY POTTER BOOK WAS SOOO GOOD" and stuff.. I thought I'd just pick off from the 6th book. Because I've seen the movies for the rest, so you know whut the fuck whatever. No difference..

I've always wondered how it was like to live in the Harry Potter world though.. shit that'd be so cool. I'd be like 'Ann Antoine Teetlebird' or something.. because y'know all the characters in Harry Potter have the weirdest names ever. YOu know how much easier life would be if we all lived in the Harry Potter world?! It was like some sick joke God decided to play on us.. He'd purposely create some famous author named JK Rowling to write books about this world he knew every kid would fantasize about, then he puts us in some boring world so we're left to think about how awesome it'd be to be friends with harry potter.

When I was a kid and I was new to ISB (this was in year 2), I remember I used to get bullied alot. I still remember this kid's name, her name was Natasha (she can burn in hell for giving me a hard time) and the other one with the big afro, I forgot her name. Well y'see.. what they'd do is.. My mum used to give me ferero roche's to school for me to eat during breaktime a lot.. and it was cool and stuff y'know cuz woah.. Ferero Roche's can make me the most evied person in that class. But that didnt' matter because I had bigger things to worry about, like who I was going to play with during break time. So this gang of white girls, they were humungousoo compared to me.. and obviously I got pretty freaked out. They like seriously made fun of me.. no joke, it was like something out of a Disney movie.

Ok, so you know how students from SAS dont' normally call their teachers by their last name, they call them 'teacher' and occasionally when you get too used to saying it, it comes out as 'cher'.. well nobody ever told me I had to call my form class teacher by her last name when I came into ISB? I dind't see it anywehre in the rules book? So I walk into class, obviously a little pettrified.. still getting used to the smell of the class and stuff, and I hear people beside me raising their hand up and saying 'I'm stuck' with their math equations.. and I"m like ok.. that's easy, if I don't know how to do my maths equation I'll just call out 'I'm stuck'. But because I was being the dumbass I was from SAS, I raise my hand up and call out "CHER!".. everyone looks at me as if I'd just killed their dog or something. THen Natasha, the girl who deserves to burn in hell looks back and says

"hahaha what'd youc all her?!?! she's not Teacherrr! it's MRS. TURNERR!"..

Sheesh man, I know I didnt' have the nicest haircut ever (lokoed like a mushroom) but that dindt' mean you get to correct me in the bitchiest manner!

Back to the forero rocher's right, well occasionally they'd be nice to me.. and this was only when they see me opening my lunch box up. When they see forero rocher's, they'd be all "hiiii aannnnn :)". I dint' have any friends so what the fuck give them lah, because they asekd for it. I remember once I brought some other cheap chocolate instead, they came up to me and was like

"Do you have the other chocolate instead? the one you brought yesterday?"
"no.. but you can have this one.."
"Uhmmm.. No it's ok, I dont' like those.."

"*fckin losers*.."

I'm not joking I actually gave them chocolate from time to time because I really wanted to be their friend. Once they played some sick joke on me, when I stood up from the stoole, Samantha (some chick who also deserves to burn in hell) pulled the stool away in hope that I'd sit and plomp right onto the floor. I didn't because she did it so obvious, it was ultra easy to spot by the side of my eye.. then I was like "haha she wants to play in this game huh.." so I wait until she stood up from her stool, I pulled the stool away.. AND SHE ACTUALLY SAT. What idiot wouldn't notice the loud screeching of the stool being pulled away?! She of course cried.. I ran away from the scene of the crime.. Mrs. Turner comforted her.. Nobody knew I did it. Skillllllsz..

So I was thinking.. If we all lived in the Harry Potter world.. I'D HAVE EASILY TURNED THEM ALL INTO LITTLE SHITS THEY WERE!! hahahahaha omg so evil sounding.. but yeah

This post was really rushed, you can so totally see hahaha ok have fun. I'm so sorry this post was so full of bullshitz. But yeah ok toooooooodlesz to tha x to tha y to tha z.