sLaMaT hArI rAyAaa

Today was pretty depressing. I stayed home all day rotting. I seriously thought that I could stay home all day and bum, but obviously not. I literally had nothing to do at all.

I had football practice this morning but had to come home before football practice ended because my dad had open houses to attend and I"d have no ride after that, which was awesome news because I was not happy at all with the weather. There's hot, then there's extremely scorching heat waves-hot. This morning was beyond that. About an hour into the practice, I started feeling really dizzy, which isn't really cool. I'm guessing the weather will be like that in Phuket too? I'm really hoping it's not, I'd come home like a droned out prune.

I was really happy my mid-term break had started, I was so excited to bum. I watched P.S I love you and 21 in a row this afternoon before lunch, but now I regret it so much because now I'm left with nothing else to watch. Yeah, so I was relaly excited, everything was chill, until I realized that there was nothing that I could do / wanted to do for the rest of the day. So I realized, shit, I want to go out. My dad left tonight to Kuching, my mum had a dinner party to attend, Jib died with raya, Kai had summoned everyone to his place for poker, and I've never felt so lonely before. It's pretty depressing. I fully charged my iPod last night and I left it on the whole day, the battery bar now shows red. That's pretty sad to think it's been switched on the whole day.

On Tuesday, I was pretty shit confident that Wednesday was going to be Raya. I think everyone was. Jib texted me at 7 and told me that they sighted the moon. I was pretty frikin happy, it would've sucked if it wasn't I thought, because I was on my way to Gadong by then. 10 minutes after I had arrived in Gadong, my dad texts me and tells me "he he raya tmro"...


Then I get a text from Jib appologizing and telling me that they have sighted the moon. But it was decided that Raya shall be on Thursday instead. which sucked balls man. Words can't explain how disappointed I was, it was beyond disappointment, it was.. it was dis-fucking-pointment. Yah, original, I know.

Soo.. That's my Hari Raya post. Selamat Hari Raya I supposseeeee.