Unleashing the brat within..

Hey man, it's been awhile.

My computer's been crashing quite alot lately - it dies after I switch it off. It only switches back on after I switch the main power off and leave it for the night. Yeah.. It's pretty messed up, and it always dies in the wrong time. I have to do all my courseworks on my dad's laptop tonight with all my documents saved in the other computer.

I'm home alone tonight! With an army of swarming mosquitos.

Courseworks are getting into me, and I've been thinking how awkward it'd be if we all wrote in essay form in all our blogs.. This would be me essaying a blog post:

It's highly unlikely that a human mind will have the capability of writting formally in every occasion. It is believed that our mind can only function to work like this if we were to force it, however, it isn't proven to be impossible as well.

During converstaions with others, we are simply not able to generate such sentences without sounding like a victim of profound mental retardation. Therefore, we have evolved as a society into lazy beings, thus resulting as what we have now as slangs. The following are examples of what is believed to be the REVOLUTION of certain slangs - What's up? Wazzup? Wussup? sup? sup. Over time, we have chosen to ignore the question mark at the end - making it hard for some to realize whether they are being asked a question or not.

In conclusion... Therefore.. Moreover.. Furthermore...
Certainly not easy. I'm starting to realize that I tend think better when I'm home alone. I'd dance around naked right now but asian families tend to keep maids. Mine's Belle. She'd freak if she saw me prancing in the living room butt-naked right now.

Been feeling quite alone lately since my sister and brother left. The house has been really quiet. It's still a lovely feeling to come home to knowing that I have a wonderful family though. I think our relationships with our family is very important and if only we could all learn to love our families.. I see it as this;

1. Love and understand family,
2. THEN only can we learn and understand our friends.

I think our parents play the most important role in our lives, how we are most of the time is how they've raised us up. I think the children that have proper converstaions with their parents are the kids who's parent actually tried to participate in their lives. I feel that participating in a child's life is the only way that trust can be created.

Often parents choose to restrict their child's life, which is really pointless because there can be no trust from that theory. This often only leads to a child being rebelious. I guess at this point of life, as a teenager (here comes bratty teenager rants), our parents should take this as a chance to take part in our lives even more than they've always had. Because, you know, at this stage, our hormones kick in and without guidance we can get knocked up and raise a family of 10 at the age of 14 - just stating the obvious.

I wouldn't say I'm being biased, but I think if they continued to restrict our lives at this age, which is I'm sure is for our own good, it just wouldn't really work anymore. I think most of us tend to think already that we have a mind of our own and we don't need our parents - I hate to break it to you but I think we do. Communication with our parents is the most important..

If we had to lie about something in particular, the trust isn't there. I try not to lie to my parents.. It's hard because my dad gets suspicious easily. It's frustrating sometimes, maybe he'd actually trust me if he tried to talk to me. I try talking to him, but I get lazy because the attention span isn't there. Conclusion jumping never works in this sorta situation.

I'm just going around the block.. but yeah true rambles. mumble mumble..


I've got mail

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Chris Brown always looks like he's about to sneeze..

Just waiting for my MP3 player to charge on the laptop, my computer crashed when I came back from Penang. Damn thing took half the space of my table and decides to die in the most crucial time.

Seeking entertainment through watching my dog sleep. He gets these fast twitches in his back limbs, I don't know whether it's safe.

Have you ever wondered what your pet says to you? Of course you have, every pet owner does. You know those devices which indicates what your pet's feeling or saying to you? Yeah, they're bullshit. The Japanese are trying to rip us off. Any owner of a dog will know how the dog's feeling through a bark, how hard could it be? Their head's only been inplanted with 3 different emotions - THey could either feel happy, or the desire to chase something, or angry which leads to a motorcycle growl. We don't need a thousand dollar device to differentiate between barks.

Don't worry, in the near future I'll invent my very own non-rip off device which will actually tell you what your dog's saying to you. Wouldn't it be cool if I could produce a small microchip which could be inserted through the ear, and it'd automatically magnet itself onto the brain. And everytime he barks, the messages are changed into electrical impulses which will be recieved by a remote which we keep that translates the barks. Then think about it, we could acutally fulfil their needs and all the pets of the world will be saved! I've got something going on here guys.. I think it'd actually be pretty successful.

And Edison Chen, Edison Chen... What have I got to say to you.. You've disappointed me. After all these years - shit, we were tight man. What's this news about you being a sex maniac? I refuse to believe it! You've exposed Gillian Chung's bush babies, and all you can do is make a terrorist-like video of apology to the public? It's alright, I forgive you. It wasn't your fault..


Greetings from Penang!

Have you ever realize how a font of a context can affect... well, everything!

It's amazing.

It's fantastic.

It's Phenomenal.

Hey, haha fuck you. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck shit, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. gong xi fa cai

Chinese New Year this year created a whole new sensation. Everything and everyone's different, I think one week of staying in this shithole has truly been an eye opener. I've lately started to notice the lack of individuality people here have. I also think the whole of Penang was forced into a roller coaster ride from hell because everyone's been driving like puking bastards on the roads. It's either that or they're just lazy. It's as if God had just gifted me with X-ray vision eyes. It took me this long to realize how painful it is to be in Penang. Because shit, how long does it take for anyone to notice these things?

Armageddon is booming at the back. I'm embracing myself for upcoming tears. It's like sitting on a thrill ride and already have the feeling lingering at the back of my head of my heart plummeting when I know the gaint drop comes. I've never realized Owen Wilson looked bald. Now he just looks weird. I've always realized his crooked nose but now that he's bald he's like the wicked witch from the west. I reckon movies like these create phobias for people like us. Everytime a movie like that comes out, the people who think of names for phobias would get crackin in their non-existant offices. Seriously, who comes up with all these names? I don't blame them for hiding themselves, because shit, they've got the crappiest job in the face of this world next to fruit naming. (Grapples is the new one I heard. Tiny apples which taste like grapes. Damn Americans.)

The beggining scene from Mision Impossible II where Tom Cruise is taking off in a plane and a boy notices a rip in the ceiling of the plane. And only when it was pointed out, the plane decided to malfunction and lose control, then eventually crashes. That scene had always haunted me and it has followed me to every plane ride I've gotten into. It frightens me even more when I'm sitting Air Asia. The only person who survives the plane crash of course was Tom Cruise who magically appears on the tip of a mountain who casually clings for his life. I've always taken that as motivation and it has always comforted me to think that I could as well magically appear on a tree top or a mountain even.

For the past hour I've been applying calamine lotion onto my legs and arms because I've been getting these really bad rashes. I haven't touched one of these pink babies in awhile, its cold texture brings a good feel. Mmm. I think it's the air in Penang, it's so dirty it's even starting to eat into our skins. Have you ever touched sand in Penang? It feels like gravel, or hard concrete except your feet sink in a little. I've occasionally come across some horse shit as well, sort of like a welcome delight.

Earlier at night I had lived up to my asian culture by doing some 2 - 3 hours of hardcore karoke with my family at RedBox. If I had refused to, I'd be a humiliation to the asian society. I think the asians are stereotypically known to sing lots of karaoke, I don't know why. The kids in Kelly Clarkson's Idependence video were singing karaoke. I thought it was an international enjoyment. Though I have to say, Karaoke is always ruined by the background videos of women from the 80's slowmotionly walking across a beach preening themselves. How much do you think they get paid to be vain?

The rocket's burning up! The rocket's burning up! Bruce Willis is about to die! Bye.