Movie Mistakes

In my last post I was wondering wehther it was possible to get wisdom teeth at this age, because I suspect I have one making its way through.. and it erally does hurt shit. It is the most excruciating pain ever!! I had a dentist appointment today with Leslie (he's a man.. and dont' ever go there! you'll find out why in a minute), i've never been to him before.. to be honest I've never made it a point to go to the dentist every once in awhile, and if I do go to the dentist, it'd be a different dentist everytime. I'm never happy with the dentists here!

So Leslie ong is the worse dentist ever!! I was so fustrated the whole afternoon. If this is actually a tooth that's coming out, I am DEFINATE it is the wisdom tooth. Dont' ask me why I have it at 15, my teeth just can't wait to mature. So I went into the dentist, and the FIRST thing he said when I saw him was,
"You're only 15 lah how can you get your wisdom tooth.."
So you can imagine how convinced he already was once he heard my dad tell him over the phone why I'm making the appointment. He thinks I'm 15 and he's already taken for granted that it can't be possible to have a wisdom tooth.and when he checked, he took the quickest glimpse and said "THIS is not your wisdom tooth, you see. When a tooth is erupting, it will cause your gums to swell. There are two things you can do.. You can leave it... or cut the flesh out so it'd grow faster"
"oh. uh.. I'll leave it. thanks.."
Much help... So he suspects it's a tooth, but if he actually counted how many teeth I have, THIS IS MY 15TH TOOTH!! LIke any good dentist would do, an xray would be carried out to see what swelling is caused by, but he thinks it's a normal molar that's coming out.. his appointment merely took 5 minutes.

I'm very angry with that dentist becuase that was total slack man. He's a fully qualified dentist, do what's he's being paid for doing. There was nobody lining up after me, take his bloody time and attend to all his fucking patients with equal manner! I know... deep down.. he was slacking because he was so absolutely sure that this was not going to be a big problem. Just an ordinary kid.. worrying over a really small thing, and making it into a really big deal. But I honestly dont' always go to the dentist and if I do, it has to be important! Well, he doesnt' know that.. but I'm still very fustrated with him. I paid good money to see him! Anyway, tomorrow I'm goign to see another dentist..

Well, besides that. hahah i've been doing a few stuff that would keep my midn off the pain. I think my blog is in need of PICTAAAAS to brighten it up a little, maybe I'll change the blog layout soon.. I personally am quite happy with this one i have now. It's plain and there aren't any really vivid colours taht make your eyes go flashey and hurty.



To hell with it

I am angry, I am so confused.. I am pretty fucking down. To hell with it, it isn't going to kill her, because I know with my family, we can definately fight it together. We might lose her, but I'm going to stop thinking of the what mights, or the what if's, because it hasn't even happened yet and I'm positive we won't because we're going to be in it together and nothing gets pass the Lee's man. I have to start thinking present, and right now she's fine. I'm not going to give up right now and I know neither of my family members are going to as well. We have to appear strong and positive so we can keep her in a fighting state. I know we're goign to do it, we'll fight it together :).

I have to say though, it is no doubt one of the toughest things I've ever had to face. My brother is coming back on Saturday and.. I don't think he knows about it yet, it's going to be a pretty hectic weekend and there's goign to be an emotional flooding I'm guessing.. but my sister isn't in Brunei, Dad's exhausted from all the bullshit our family is going through right now, I will have to take the responsibility of keeping the family together and to consntantly remind everyone to be optimistic about the situation. far too much responsibility for a 15 year old! but I know I can take it, I've taken the time to take everything in and accept it as it is and to appear strong is not going to be easy, but I have been doing it for the pass week.. so I'm sure I can continue doing it.. mm.

I've told myself that I will definately not let this effect my life, with year 11 and the mocks and everything, it isn't goign to be a very pleasent year 2008 ahead of me. But I will still make sure I will eat well, and doe verything healthy including studying smart for my mocks and end of year exams! but I just know it isn't goint to be as easy for me as it is for some of you guys. Who am I to say your problems are nothing compared to mine? mm, No one.. obviously.. but what I'm going through right now are some pretty rough stuff. I hate waking up in the morning and having to go through the day with so much things in my head, I dont' look forward to going back from school as much anymore.. it's probably one of the most depressing things ever, but partly I hate staying back now, I just want to go back and be with my family. it is the strangest feeling ever, I just want to be home all week now. Not so strange really..

I guess I am pretty angry as well. I'm actually furious. Easily, this is by far the hardest stage in life.. anyway, my brother is coming back on Saturday so that's somethign I can look forward to! My sister's coming back in 3 weeks time, that' definately somethign to look forward to. Thank goodness I have siblings, they make everything so much better.

On the happier note, can you get wisdom teeth at 15? 2 teeth popped out from my upper jaw a few months ago.. and it HURT SHIT! I went to the dentist to check whether they were my wisdom teeth, and.. he said it wasn't? but I did some research and.. well.. apparently it is.
"Wisdom teeth are third molars that usually appear between the ages of 16 and 24" (Wikipedia stuff),
but.. I'm 15.. maybe my teeth are like.. oddly mature. I did my research and usually 'normal kids' will have 14 teeth both at the top and at the bottom.. I have 14 at the bottom.. and 15th is is erupting out from the right side of my bottom jaw (supposed to have 16 permanent teeth if i'm not mistaken including wisdom teeth).. It hurts so much, I wake up and it feels like I have a sorethroat in the morning down the ride side of my throat. I better make a dentist appointment soon.. I hope they wont' extract it. I'm positive it's my wisdom tooth !

A spider is running across my computer screen.. and it's actually hopping around (I know.. Spiders hopped?!?) It's probably a sign to you know, stop being such a comoputer geek. So I better make a move. I hear the little voices of sushi calling me in the kitchen... THey just can't WAIT to be eaten!


Know yourself

mmmm. This is a must watch. Definately in the list of best videos so far


A Capella

A Capella is so awesome! I've realized that a capella groups either consist of a bunch of chinese geeks.. or you know wannabe chinese geeks. If you're chinese.. You're a geek.. and you can sing.. you're made for A Capella!

This shit rocks.. Bohemian rhapsody hahaha no regrets my friend. Trust me it's tha bomb.. These geeks got talent. Notice.. the odd one in the group.. the only chinese guy. and my god is he like the geekiest out of them all..


Here comes my rants.. so brace yourself!

I haven't had this feeling in awhile.. the sudden rush of desire to blog. wah.. I've just realised how computer-maniac taht sounded! But yeah man, I decided to make use of this feeling fast!! before I lose my motivation! My inspiration! My D├ęsir! My.. wahtever you guys call it these days.. my oompf!

Ms. Then.. I'm so sorry to say.. she just fucked it up real bad this time. First the whole fake american accent slash.. malaysian? then the whole talking through the nose 'nigitive' thing, then the really bad choices of clothes! And now socks with open toe sandals?!?!? Not just any socks! But green socks with kermit the frog on it!! and socks with little bears patterned on it! I would've never thought anyone from America would ever come to brunei like this.. I love her, she is a brilliant maths teacher!! But it's too unbearable to see! and I'm sitting in front, it's hard to not be distracted. You can't help but look down all the time.. it's like a game you know, "hmm.. so what sorta socks does she- WINNIE THE POOH?!" If there was a fashion police around, I swear she'd probably be sentenced for the rest of her life! maybe i am exegerating it a little.. but socks with open toe sandals?? :( sigh what a disappointment from an american influenced woman.

Anyway!! The other day something happened.. Festive month, so if you happen to be driving around gerhdong (day/night.. same thing).. you'd be caught in the most disastrous traffic jam ever. wait.. hey i dont get why the roads are packed even during the day. Aren't you guys supposed to be home and resting or something instead..? So.. you know, you won't get hungry and stuff. mm strange. anyway, so i was looking out the windowwwwwww right... and i realized all the cars that drove pass, NONE of the drivers had their seat belts on! Especially when it's puasa month, everyone drives like a lunatic at like 6 ish. I swear, accident rates are going to shoot up the scales this month. Someone died the other night at the big jerudong road.. probably was rushing home for home cooked curry or something.

The other time Me and zim saw the craziest accident at that road too.. where the bottom of the car was stuck flat onto the tree.. sorta like you know. bent, ok.. like hooked onto the tree sideways. not head-on, not from the side of the car, but the bottom. you can imagine like the whole car's been flattened and bent, and gone through so mcuh pain.. holy shit i got no idea how the car got there, but it was raining crazy.. probably skidded and went out of control and flipped through the air and went SPLAT onto the tree trunk. No news about the guy who was int he car though! But it was obvious he was dead.. or she.. hmmmmm.

hahahahaha you know what amuses me so much.. like when you go to gadong, and you make sure you stay there until buka puasa! You go to a restaurant at like 5.30, and you see everyone sitting on tables with their food infrotn of them.. just waiting for the prayers. THen when the prayers go on, everyone starts digging into their food. hahahahahahahaha i'm not disrespecting or anything but you have to admit man, even if you are muslim! It is the funniest shit to watch. So i like to go into restaurants at like 5.30.. especially the food court at the mall. EVERYONE man, they all wait.. hahahahhahhaa.

hmm.. hey is it me or does milo have a thing for making you feel liek shitting all the time. i know azim feels the same way too.. you guys have to let me know. I want to knwo whether our stomachs are just... you know.. fragile.. or anti-milo. and hey waht is up with fonzies and twisties?! Twisties is most obviously the original.. fonzies can burn in hell. So as pepsi.. coke owns all.

Oh well.. Here's a little something-something for you to watch.. i think this clip is amazing. You all have to watch it.. trust me! you're honestly not going to regret this!

Perfect pictures for an imperfect world

Oh dear.. I stumbled upon a commercial ad on internet this afternoon.. My god I told myself I had to show you guys the clip..

now tell me.. is this a comercial ad for a camera?! because if it is, why the fuck would any of us want to take photos with it after watching this ad?! it says "perfect pictures for an imperfect world".. wait.. huh? strange, they're doing a very good job with convincing us not to take photos though.. it's such a depressing advertisement! maybe it's telling us that the camera can take photos of objects and make it seem perfect through the lens.. and erase all the flaws away. mm... sounds like bullshit to me.

If you ask me, I think society's pretty fucked man. I know this isn't anything new and you've probably heard it about a millions times now, but I've just been thinking.. generally I think it's those damn Americans with their constant strive to be the 'it' place, my god and with those damn hilbilies and ghetto fools all those stupid poklens in the mall look up to.. who keeps shooting us with movies and music, trends, reality TV shows.. mm I'm definately not saying that I'm totally against them. You know.. I love desperate housewives and the OC!! and you know all that other chick flicks hehe. but I just dont understand why we're living in this..

the media.. well can burn in hell. Again, nothing new but I don't think we'd all be looking ourselves in the mirror from day to day and trying to look like a certain stereotypical image of how a girl shoudl look like if it wasn't for the media. If it wasn't for all those fake slutty chicks they put on magazine covers.. Then again, I guess we'd all be living really unhealthy if it wasn't for that. hmm.. come to think of it, we'd all probably be really obese and sloppy.. they'd probably have to make larger cars for us to fit into.. bigger beds.. larger toilet bowls for our fat asses. I could probably look at a really obese, hairy black man and say "mmm.. he's so sexy.. but quit dreaming Ann!!! He's so out of your leauge~ sigh".

OK so the images could give a healthy look, you know.. but do you know how much they edit those shit pictures?! those models look nothing like the outcome of those photos we see in our rip off seventeen magazines!! and people actually strive to look like that fake image.. they'd even go so far just to look like that. Y'know.. bullimic and crap..
If you dont' believe me on how much those images have been retouched, you can check this site out..

I had a better site similair to this.. with far more better retouched photos.. but I lost it!!!! Well, this will do!

We're living in such a fake world. I swear.. I dont' even know what's real anymore. Everything is so fucking comercialized! My sister was reading a book by a author by the name of mm.. Think it was harumi murasaki. and she was telling me.. just like a sudden outburst of conversation, well the author said the last time something felt 'real' was in the 70's, when you bought a drink, you'd get a precisely that.. a drink. But if youw ere to buy a coke right now, it wouldn't just be extracts from the coca plant anymore, it'd be.. all these other strange chemicals. Because everything's so fckin over marketed nowadays, and we'd be buying a brand image not the drink. I would choose a paddlepop over an Anun icecream anytime..

mmmmm ok that's about it.. enough of my midnight ramblings. Swimming tomorrow for PE.. Time to get into 'shape' babeehxyxyz. giggity giggity giggity!