Movie Mistakes

In my last post I was wondering wehther it was possible to get wisdom teeth at this age, because I suspect I have one making its way through.. and it erally does hurt shit. It is the most excruciating pain ever!! I had a dentist appointment today with Leslie (he's a man.. and dont' ever go there! you'll find out why in a minute), i've never been to him before.. to be honest I've never made it a point to go to the dentist every once in awhile, and if I do go to the dentist, it'd be a different dentist everytime. I'm never happy with the dentists here!

So Leslie ong is the worse dentist ever!! I was so fustrated the whole afternoon. If this is actually a tooth that's coming out, I am DEFINATE it is the wisdom tooth. Dont' ask me why I have it at 15, my teeth just can't wait to mature. So I went into the dentist, and the FIRST thing he said when I saw him was,
"You're only 15 lah how can you get your wisdom tooth.."
So you can imagine how convinced he already was once he heard my dad tell him over the phone why I'm making the appointment. He thinks I'm 15 and he's already taken for granted that it can't be possible to have a wisdom tooth.and when he checked, he took the quickest glimpse and said "THIS is not your wisdom tooth, you see. When a tooth is erupting, it will cause your gums to swell. There are two things you can do.. You can leave it... or cut the flesh out so it'd grow faster"
"oh. uh.. I'll leave it. thanks.."
Much help... So he suspects it's a tooth, but if he actually counted how many teeth I have, THIS IS MY 15TH TOOTH!! LIke any good dentist would do, an xray would be carried out to see what swelling is caused by, but he thinks it's a normal molar that's coming out.. his appointment merely took 5 minutes.

I'm very angry with that dentist becuase that was total slack man. He's a fully qualified dentist, do what's he's being paid for doing. There was nobody lining up after me, take his bloody time and attend to all his fucking patients with equal manner! I know... deep down.. he was slacking because he was so absolutely sure that this was not going to be a big problem. Just an ordinary kid.. worrying over a really small thing, and making it into a really big deal. But I honestly dont' always go to the dentist and if I do, it has to be important! Well, he doesnt' know that.. but I'm still very fustrated with him. I paid good money to see him! Anyway, tomorrow I'm goign to see another dentist..

Well, besides that. hahah i've been doing a few stuff that would keep my midn off the pain. I think my blog is in need of PICTAAAAS to brighten it up a little, maybe I'll change the blog layout soon.. I personally am quite happy with this one i have now. It's plain and there aren't any really vivid colours taht make your eyes go flashey and hurty.