Advertising post

Battle of the Bands, Friday 9th from 7pm - midnight. Go! You don't want to miss out.. ONLY the best bands are playing. Linkin park, Incubus, Smashing Pumpkins.. just to name a few.. It's going to be the ultimate head-banging event. I'm personally more of a Sheng and Azim fan.. hahaha it's only going to be 5 dollars a ticket. Fill the hall up!!!! BOTB needs YOU! Keep in mind, no smoking within school grounds! unless you're out of the school. Hope to see as many of you there tomorrow!!!

haha and Ann Lau's new blog just got launched!

Dont' want to miss this one too right? Here's a sneak peek.. "i get home is to sign in MSN; i like typing on the keyboard. Mind..." oooh.. how exciting! Let's see how long this blog is goign to last Ann.. hahahHAHAHA ok sorry I'm sure it'll last long.