Ann's comeback!

First of all... HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAH.. I'm really sorry I haven't been blogging guys! It's just.. I've been so.. so.. busy.. blarhh.. who am I kidding? I'm a lazy cow. :( hehe but I'm blogging now! I've suddenly been inspired! in a way.. sorta.. kinda.. well maybe. Just a little post to inform you guys that I am not dead, and so as my blog! I'm not going to abandon it just yet!

I actually have planned to post up all the photos taht were taken in Bangkok during the Fobissea games, but I got lazy.. and it's still saved as drafts. So I'll finish that up for you guys to check out. Fobissea was the bomb man.. No doubt. I dont' know why I wasn't excited about it! It turned out to be pretty kickass! hehe.

Ok.. I'm feeling.. normal today. My last post sounded a little "garh..?" because I was a little koo koo then.. but I've decided to sound.. more normal today. Because you know.. I am normal. You know? haha well school just ended, and that's a 7 week summer break for us! So that's really kick ass, but I really am not looking forward to going into year 11. It's going to be pretty crazy.. I've already got courseworks that I have to work on for Year 11 during the summer break, and it's going to count as 50% of my end of year marks. That's really crazy actually.. I've never actually had to work during a summer break, it's because year 10 and 11 is a 2 year course. Summer break.. hrmm.. Why do they even call it a summer break? It's summer all year round in Brunei anyway.. ergarhd!

Oh yeah.. That reminds me, when I'm older, I want to stay in a cold place! I'm so sick of the sun.. Lately I've been getting a lot of sun burns.. No joke. It's official, I'm a walking shadow. I'm like Michael Jackson when he was black, or an Oreo cookie. hehe white in the inside, black on the outside right? Well I'm not exactly white. I'm more of yellow.. Okay, so I'm like Apu from the simpsons. Yellow in the inside but brown on the outside. Or a fried banana..? hahahaa OK I'm running out of examples.. But you get the idea. I've gotten so tannned! First it was sports day, then Empire.. Just been out in the sun so much I think I'm about to explode!

One day when I find the time, and when I'm not feeling lazy.. I'll post up photos from Sports Day and all. Honestly guys, I think it's just the pictures that gets you reading my posts.. It would make life so much better if you got yourself a Facebook account. hahahahaha but no, I'll still post photos up on my blog.. for viewing pleasures!

I wish I was a car.. Or a boat.. I wish I could fly! hrmm.. okok So I'll try my best to make my bloggin a little more daily.. So there you go! Have fun!