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I want to wish all of you guys a Happy Valentine's! [Well, mainly to all the couples out there anyway] and a Happy Emo day for all the Anti-Valentiner's [Singles :(]. I think Valentine's day is such a stupid day. No offence to all those couples who love to get down and dirty on this particular day, but it's so depressing for all the singles and all the other people who has got no dates.

It's been 26 years! 26 bloody long years, my parents had been together for. Damn! How do they even do it? They got married 26 years ago on Valentine's day :) and so, Happy anniversary Mi and Di! [If you're reading this]. Hope there will be many more to come! And thanks for staying together after all these years, and having to cope with me, jie and koh! You guys did a damn good job :)! Glad to know that you aren't getting bored of each other. Looking forward to your 27th anniversary in 2008 already :). hahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaahahahhahhahahahahahahah.. Look what I found hanging in my parent's bedroom wall -

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Damn old fashion looking I tell you. What's up with your crazily bushy hair mi?! :P !

Chinese new year is coming up this Sunday, so empty out your wallet guys! Time to collect some easy cash! Kaching, kaching! And I'm off to KL on Friday! Tomorrow and the morning after I'm performing a chinese dance [Thousand hands of Buddha or something (?)] for the school. I'm not nervous, but I reckon I'd start feeling all shaky and jumpy about 10 minutes before the performance, because that always happens - and I dont' like that feeling :(.. Feels like I've got snakes slithering all through my tummy. Anyway, a short post. Tooooooodles for now then. Hope you guys didn't have too much of a lonely Valentine's ;D
Love is in the air baby [not really].



AIIIKS! Weekend's long gone, and damn! We have school tomorrow! Overall though, weekend pretty kicked ass! I'll try making this post really short with words, and I'll fill it up with photos instead. I don't want to go on and on about what I did over the weekends, because I don't think you'd give a shit, but I'll just do it really briefly anyway - for me :) So I could look back at this one day, and remember all the fond memories I had with my friends. hohohohohoho!

Friday night; I went out with Eqbal and Jean to Gadong, then followed Jean's ride back and stayed over. Didn't do anything but eat at Gadong :(. Here are the list of cafe's and restaurants we went to, and they were all really good!

Ahan thai (Next to the rainforest net place) - They have Milo's that come in cups the size of my head [even bigger] for only $1.80! :) Sakai.
Sollitude (at the Mall) - They even make water look good in the menu. Check the damn menu out, the drinks all look so good. Groovy place
Funbread cafe (near incomm) Funkay place. Check it out :) It has a nice atmosphere, and it's
just a really nice place to chill at.

Saturday; I had a BBQ at my place, and had most of the people come over. Pretty good turn up lah, there were Hui min, Ann Lau, Jean, Jasmine, Yesz, Jon ooi, Jon shim, Brian, Harry, Hazim and Azim. We ran out of honey, so Hazim, Brian, Harry, Azim and I ran to Kiarong complex in the rain with our 'tri-shields' (umbrellas') to get some honey. Tisk. Was really gross having to run in all the puddles. But it was still pretty fun :). Then Ann and Jean stayed over. Sigh... I love the weekends soo much. Anyway, I'm off. Till then, Toodles!

PS: Here are a few photos that were taken over the weekend. Have fun.

Stay in school kids!

Playing around with Colour Accents on Jean's camera

Azim has got my back :)

Hiding in the room (I'm aware that it isn't the biggest room ever)
hahahahhahahahaa. Messing about with scary lookin masks

Comp's soo damn amusing
Once again
And introducing - the SERIAL KILLER smile [as we call it ;)]

And then we attempt the cover girl shot ;)

:) The gang.

I had to post this up :) Heeeeeeeeeee.

LOOK! LOOK! HAZIM'S SMILING FOR A PHOTO! Oh my dear godd.. You don't get that everyday.

Supper :( Soo miserable looking
My Lovelehs

Period face

DAMN emo. Jon shim just looks horny.
My Loveedoo's again

The serial killer/maniac look

Messing around with Colour Accents again. Green underwear and Green shirt.


Too much staring at the computer does this to your eyes. Tisk.

EMO TIME BABY! ahahhahahaha