Sleeping habits

I'mmmmmmmmm baaaaaack! haha, I'm gogni to blog again before I forget..

I couldn't go to bed last night, it was craazy. Basically I only had 4 hours of sleep (school holiday just ended and my bodyalarm is so fucking messed), and I had such a hard time trying to put myself to sleep.. There I was.. lying on my bed.. and kicking all over the place! I swear I felt like a cow.. dont' ask me why, but dont' cows kick around a lot?.. or not..? donkeys..? err. Same thing!

Which reminds me.. Is it only me or do I have the weirdest sleeping habits ever? Ok. Tell me that it isn't only me which feels really paranoid after watching a thriller and would only feel comfortable when all of my limbs are nicely tucked under the covers.. When I first realised that I only felt safe when my whole body was firmly tucked under my blanket, I felt really stooopid. It's like I fear Ju-On would jump out from under my bed and grab me by my feet or something.. and bring me to tha world of.. movie making?? Which was exactly why I felt so stupid.. The more I thought about it, the more "why would Ju-On jump out and grab me? God Ann you're so dumb!" I would've felt.. ok so I honestly feel much safer in my room now haha then I did a few years baack.. no.. I'm not just saying this because "I'm so brave and you're not!".. well, I've assured myself that nothing's ever going to pop up beside my bed and haunt me because I've lived in this house for 9 years now and I've not seen anything silly like that! Which is a good thing of course! I definately don't intend to hahah..

Ok, this one I know not all of you would do.. I personally like to sleep with two pillows. One pillow that goes over my head, and another for me to rest my head on.. I've been told milllions of times that it isn't a very normal thing to do.. it isn't exactly a habit just anyone could get into, y'know? usually it'd be

"going to bed now?"
"well, yeah, it's getting pretty late.." (me)
"ok. I'm going to read a book first, so goodnight!"
"nights man" (me)
(big pause while I try to make myself comfortable)
"hey ann.. err.. why do you sleep like that??"
"like what?" (me)
"like that.. I've never seen anyone sleep with a pillow over the head. I've seen it in cartoon animations and stuff, but I think that's just strange.."
"I like it."(me)
"you're weird.."
"YOU'RE weird.."(me)

You know.. something like that anyway. It's not weird! It isn't weird once you hear my story! Well, if you must know.. when I was younger, I used to see a lot of cartoon animations sleeping like that, you know.. bugs bunny, daffy duck, and all that other children goods.. and I thought to myself.. that's weird. I can't imagine myself sleeping ike that.. but one day, I snuck into my parent's room to grab something, and I saw my mum sleeping with a pillow over her head too! I think she was down with a headache or something. Anyway, that night when I went to bed I tried putting the pillow over my head, just to you know.. experience the magical feeling which all cartoon characters I knew at that time felt.. it wasn't very comfortable, but I thought 'well hey, if my mum's doing it, all the cartoon characters are doing it, I can too!'. Then from that day onwards, I found myself unable to sleep without a pillow over my head.. it just grew into me.. til this day I still love to sleep with two pillows! It's very comfortable! I hate going to sleepovers and having to face all these "Why do you sleep like that?? why? huh? why??" questions.. hahah it's not strange really!

I also hate sleeping on the warm side of the pillow, so I constantly find myself switchin sides, shoving the pillow all over the place just to find that nice cold spot. And same goes under the blanket, my feet always has to find that just-nice spot.. the nice chilly but not too chilly, and not too warm spot. So really, I' always move around a lot on my bed..

Ok. Enough, I've lost my motivation to blog.. hahaha :D I'll blog sooooon! Toodles


Big thaaaanks! :D!!!

to the guys who remembered!! :) I really appreciated all the greetins :D!

Some people spend their birthdays on cruises, maybe in a shoppin spree in Paris, even get rice yogurt splattered on their forehead for good luck (I read that up one time, people from Nepal do that haha) but I don't need any of that :D hehe. I'd consider myself one of the luckiest girls ever because I get to celebrate my birthday with some of my closest friends :D hehe. Thanks for the inkkkredibleeee night! Appreciated you guys poppin over hehe :) Just what I needed right before the holiday ends!

Big shout out to Sheng, hehe thanks for poppin over my place this afternoon just to give me a birthday greeting. You certainly one of the best friends I've ever had :) <3

haha I wish I could turn 15 everyday.. So here are a few photos that were taken earlier.. Once again there isn't going to be anything interesting for you guys to read haha. Just one of those days, I'm not in the mood for postin about anything random tonight hehe.

P.S// I'm aware I have a strange fringe startin in the middle of my forehead, It looks a bit like a mole.. errrr. I'll chop it off soon.

Surprisee!!! hehe I loved your peanut butter cake Jon!! :)

hahahah I'm not very good at cuttin cakes..

Jon lookin around my refridgerator for things to cook. hhaha he was going to be our chef for the night..
"errr.. better not be condoms and ciggi's again >=("
"waiiiiiit.. I feel something else.."
Kickass candy maan.

Bling blinb babeh

HAHAHAHAHA whoops totally fugleh


Azim checkin who has the longer legs. errrr. hahaha
"I get to light your ciggi?? :D eeeeeeee so excitingggg!" HAHAHA sakai ok..
Someone's... being the outcast in the group.. HAHAH so damn emo

Jon managed to whip us up a little sometheng somethenngggg..

Thanks for the awesome night.. :)



Hiiiii :). Quick update. I've been having a lot of thoughts goign on in my head and I've just been having an urge to scribble it all down.. for some reason the thought of typing it all in my blog never came up. I've been trying to write songs earlier just now, just for the sake of trying something new.. I thought expressing what I'm feeling in a form of a song would be a pretty kickass idea.. but just remind me next time never to be an artist. Because I can't write for shit. So I just started doodling on a piece of paper instead.. very angry doodles! I felt like a goth.. \m/!

Nothing interesting for you guys to read today, I'm sorry to say that there isn't going to be any random posts about strange signs around the world or fast food reality checks.. It's going to be one of those days where I'd just blab on about.. well.. things that would not concern you whatsoever.. haha so it's all for me maan.

I woke up this morning, and I felt haaapy. hehe. Whether it was the rain, or just another good feeling about not having to go to school.. it felt refreshing. Nothing beats a great kickstart to a day. Moments like these always make me feel so grateful for everything I've got, and I know it everyday. Yet only days like these would actually make me feel "weeeee" about it all.. y'know what I'm saying? hahaha probably not.. ok, let's put it this way..

Spongebob works for the Krusty Krabs.
He loves his work because he loves flippin patties..
He's always happy with his job
Not until he gets fired, will he actually realise how much he loved that job
He starts talking to his pet snail about losing his job and how lucky he was for Mr. Krabs to hire him at the first place (Like I'm doing now. Except I dont' have a pet snail.. Instead I have a blog. holy shit.. how geekafied does that sound?)
Because face it, Spongebob is a dumbass..

Perhaps that'd make it clearer?? Maybe?? Sorta?? You know where I'm going with this?? I know.. I'm not very good with examples either hahaha.. so that's two things I have to scrap off my ambition list; an artist and an example maker. SIGH how am I ever going to live in this world?! haha.

I've got the greatest batch of friends ever (not the greatest man. but you catch my drift), and a family that not until recently have I realised how much they've been there for me.. I probably have one of the best brothers ever that I absolutely look up to as a role model, and a sister that I just want to be like when I'm older.. not exactly haha she's a bit of a control freak.. let's hope I won't turn out exactly like her. Doesn't look it, but I reckon my parents are spoiling me haha and how I wish they hadn't. But I love my family, especially my parents :) I appreciate every long lecture my father gives me, because in that amount of time, I can learn so much from him.

Holyshit. I just read that over and I just realised how emotional that sounds. It's like something out of a suicidal note.. I am not feeling like myself tonight haha. And it's good :) I think feeling like this every once in awhile is great.

Y'know, I probably have to say that one of the greatest feelings anyone could ever experience is having someone to love and knowing that the person loves you too. I KNOW THIS SOUNDS CHEESY OK, but bare with me! hehe. (you sad, sad person! I can't believe you're actually reading this! I'm putting a whole bucket load of bullshit in your head right now, hahaha) but even then, when things dont' work out with that special someone, it's great to know that you have your family and friends, and god damnit it isn't the end of the world. Why dont' you put yourself in an African's feet hah?! See how' you'd be sufferin then.. Running around scavangin for food.. tisk.. hahaha ok no I'm joking. But yerh,

it's 4am in the morning and I doin't even know what I'm typing.. like I said man, a whole lot of bullshit. Just like how life is filled wid a whole lot of bullshit, but live with it because you know that you're even lucky to be here. Dont tell me that your'e not lucky, becuase I know you are. For one, you have a bloody computer you're using right now to read this. treasure every moment, no joke. What grinds my gears is when people complain that life is being a bitch.. but they don't necessarily have to live with that, they can simply change that but they choose not to.

Ok how embarrassing this post is.. uggh I'd probably delete it one day.. HORMONAL CHANGES OKE?! I'm feeling.. very.. very.. fragile at the moment. I'm going to burst out crying any moment soon.. hahaha no I'm joking. I joke a lot *ahiok*. You know what's funny? I read this whole thing over and I don't think it was exactly what I wanted out of my mind.. when I finally find what I've been wanting to let out, I'll spill it out here. This whole post just went a little out of hand hehe.

I'm sorry this post wasn't interesting :(


Jon's big whoops!

ok I'm so sorry, Jon for posting this.. but I had to. Because sometimes you're such a bitch, but sometimes you're not <3 like when you promised me you'd cook me dinner for my b'day. Bitch that better be a good dinner..

Anyway a really short post about today's small, but rather embarassing incident Jon had in Swensens! *sniggers* Since I've ran out of things to blog about, and since my tagboard is totally dying out.. well no. That isn't the reason.. I just want to embarrass Jon.. y'know (ahiok ahiok ahiok!)

We had chillarxin time at the Swensens earlier today, hehe and Jon went to pay.. and we thought we had more than enough money. So he left the money on the counter and we walked away, and the waiter called after him. It was like this, y'know.. ROLEPLAY TIME!!!!

Waiter: Er-Eh! Wait!
Jon: Huh? No it's ok, keep the change ;)..
Waiter: Oh, no.. You didn't pay enough..
Jon: Oh.. Fuck. Ok.

Ok, so that wasn't much of a roleplay.. HAHAHA IT WAS ONLY 4 LINES. But yeah, you guys can have fun with it! Act it out and stuff.. and you could make fun of Jon with it. HAHAHA Jon you think you so rich huh??

"Keep the change.." uiiseh man hahahahhahahahahaa

So I had my embarassin moment today too.. but I'm obvoiusly not thinkin about postin about it, we'll see if Jon posts about my embarassin moment. :(

Ok. tooodles. Spiffy says bye too!


"Don't read my blog"

Whoops! That didn't turn out right.. hmm.. haha I'm sure you've all come across one of those before. You travel to another place only to find misleading signs that are so strange that you can't believe they even bothered making signs like that at the first place. Signs that are most obvious to signs that dont' even make sense.. I find it hilarious! haha. I know I came across one sign not long ago when my family and I were drivin to Penang from KL.. it was at one of those toilet stops, and above the toilet seat, there was a sign pinned onto the wall which said,
"Flush twice"
What's that supposed to mean? There isn't enough water to go around for it to complete a single flush? That turned me off for a bit, so I did the wise thing and told myself to forget about peeing until I get to the next stop. What if I flushed and the whole thing exploded infront of me? The toilet did look a little dodgy!

I found these this morning, just a little giggle for you if you've just read the post I posted below.

Notice this sign
Closes at 25.00
Information centre -can you make it anymore obvious?!
Beware of this guy
So, how exactly do you use a toilet?
errr.. no shit sherlock
Beware of God!Strange..
Where do you park?
Lost tourists
We should swim
No rain
Please go south for 80 miles, just on your left..

The child forbids playing here, take care dangerously!

Drinkin and Drivin

I came upon this site the other night, and I had to share it with you guys.. I don't think you get many cases like this in Brunei, but you certainly do in other places around the world. It's pretty crazy..

Well basically the story goes like that.. In late 1999, Jacqueline got into a car collision and had 60% of her body covered with burns, but survived! She was on the way home with a couple of friends when drunken driver veered right into her lane and killed two passangers, and left Jacqueline burnin in the front seat. Anyway, the photos really caught my attention..

Photo of Jac before the car collision
Jac and her dad
Her car after burstin into flames
Now Jac had lost her hair, her ears, parts of her nose, her left eyelid and had her fingers amputated. She didn't get burnt at parts below her hips

Jacqui with her dad

Treatin her burns, her skin rips easily at her forehead.
Moisturizing her left eye since she's got no eyelid
Reggie Stephey (cause of devestatin Jacqui's life)
3 months after being in the car collision
I know this is a very depressing story, but I had to share it with you guys.. How life can take a sudden turn in such a small amount of time. I've always known I had to live life to the fullest, but now I think I'll take that to another degree haha.. anyway, if you're willing to know more about Jacqui's collision and her after stories, click here.