Big thaaaanks! :D!!!

to the guys who remembered!! :) I really appreciated all the greetins :D!

Some people spend their birthdays on cruises, maybe in a shoppin spree in Paris, even get rice yogurt splattered on their forehead for good luck (I read that up one time, people from Nepal do that haha) but I don't need any of that :D hehe. I'd consider myself one of the luckiest girls ever because I get to celebrate my birthday with some of my closest friends :D hehe. Thanks for the inkkkredibleeee night! Appreciated you guys poppin over hehe :) Just what I needed right before the holiday ends!

Big shout out to Sheng, hehe thanks for poppin over my place this afternoon just to give me a birthday greeting. You certainly one of the best friends I've ever had :) <3

haha I wish I could turn 15 everyday.. So here are a few photos that were taken earlier.. Once again there isn't going to be anything interesting for you guys to read haha. Just one of those days, I'm not in the mood for postin about anything random tonight hehe.

P.S// I'm aware I have a strange fringe startin in the middle of my forehead, It looks a bit like a mole.. errrr. I'll chop it off soon.

Surprisee!!! hehe I loved your peanut butter cake Jon!! :)

hahahah I'm not very good at cuttin cakes..

Jon lookin around my refridgerator for things to cook. hhaha he was going to be our chef for the night..
"errr.. better not be condoms and ciggi's again >=("
"waiiiiiit.. I feel something else.."
Kickass candy maan.

Bling blinb babeh

HAHAHAHAHA whoops totally fugleh


Azim checkin who has the longer legs. errrr. hahaha
"I get to light your ciggi?? :D eeeeeeee so excitingggg!" HAHAHA sakai ok..
Someone's... being the outcast in the group.. HAHAH so damn emo

Jon managed to whip us up a little sometheng somethenngggg..

Thanks for the awesome night.. :)