"Don't read my blog"

Whoops! That didn't turn out right.. hmm.. haha I'm sure you've all come across one of those before. You travel to another place only to find misleading signs that are so strange that you can't believe they even bothered making signs like that at the first place. Signs that are most obvious to signs that dont' even make sense.. I find it hilarious! haha. I know I came across one sign not long ago when my family and I were drivin to Penang from KL.. it was at one of those toilet stops, and above the toilet seat, there was a sign pinned onto the wall which said,
"Flush twice"
What's that supposed to mean? There isn't enough water to go around for it to complete a single flush? That turned me off for a bit, so I did the wise thing and told myself to forget about peeing until I get to the next stop. What if I flushed and the whole thing exploded infront of me? The toilet did look a little dodgy!

I found these this morning, just a little giggle for you if you've just read the post I posted below.

Notice this sign
Closes at 25.00
Information centre -can you make it anymore obvious?!
Beware of this guy
So, how exactly do you use a toilet?
errr.. no shit sherlock
Beware of God!Strange..
Where do you park?
Lost tourists
We should swim
No rain
Please go south for 80 miles, just on your left..

The child forbids playing here, take care dangerously!