Jon's big whoops!

ok I'm so sorry, Jon for posting this.. but I had to. Because sometimes you're such a bitch, but sometimes you're not <3 like when you promised me you'd cook me dinner for my b'day. Bitch that better be a good dinner..

Anyway a really short post about today's small, but rather embarassing incident Jon had in Swensens! *sniggers* Since I've ran out of things to blog about, and since my tagboard is totally dying out.. well no. That isn't the reason.. I just want to embarrass Jon.. y'know (ahiok ahiok ahiok!)

We had chillarxin time at the Swensens earlier today, hehe and Jon went to pay.. and we thought we had more than enough money. So he left the money on the counter and we walked away, and the waiter called after him. It was like this, y'know.. ROLEPLAY TIME!!!!

Waiter: Er-Eh! Wait!
Jon: Huh? No it's ok, keep the change ;)..
Waiter: Oh, no.. You didn't pay enough..
Jon: Oh.. Fuck. Ok.

Ok, so that wasn't much of a roleplay.. HAHAHA IT WAS ONLY 4 LINES. But yeah, you guys can have fun with it! Act it out and stuff.. and you could make fun of Jon with it. HAHAHA Jon you think you so rich huh??

"Keep the change.." uiiseh man hahahahhahahahahaa

So I had my embarassin moment today too.. but I'm obvoiusly not thinkin about postin about it, we'll see if Jon posts about my embarassin moment. :(

Ok. tooodles. Spiffy says bye too!