I say... Shame on you if you had missed the opening ceremony to the grand 08.08.08 Olympics!

The Olympics was off for a great start yesterday night! It was very exciting to see all the lights and colours, it had a good feel. It was very refreshing to see eveyrone so enthusiastic about it, especially the chinese who seemed very proud to be hosting it. The opening to the olympics was incredibly breathtaking, for the first 15 minutes. Then I got strangely bored, which is unusual for anyone, but if it helps I was still very amused!

I had just seen the first half to the Brazil vs. New Zealand football match. (Brazil's leading by 2 points). It's like the World Cup all over again! Who knew watching the Olympic events could be so fun.. I had no idea I'd be intrigued by watching a bunch of men cycling on TV. Exciting though!
I did hear that Brunei never got the chance to participate in the Olympics, shame for Maria! Sad the government hadn't been able to enter the form on time. Would've been so great to see Maria on TV! I was secretly excited.

I woke up this morning feeling a little tickle up my nose, thinking it'd go away, I took a quick shower only to find that I'd come out feeling far worse. I found myself sitting in my living room couch all day flipping through Olympic channels with a box of tissue on my lap, which soon ran out. I feel terrible! I ate all the oranges we had, but I think I've got a bit of a sore throat now.

+ Have you seen The Dark Knight yet?!?!!