YESTERDAY, 3 puppies had been abandoned and left on a flowerbed by the local gym in Kiulap. Witnesses had claimed that they have heard much yelping and howling since the night before, but had not the heart to collect them as they had hoped that the irresponsible owners would realize their wrong doing and would eventually come back for them. Fitness Zone staff members had tried to live in denial, and ignore the fact that 3 puppies had been left upon their responsibility. As they were too busy rock climbing and phone chatting by the registration counter, they 'had not noticed the puppy's constant crying for food and help'.

A few mornings after, May Lee; a gym member, had heard the dog's cries. She explains that she had collected the dogs in good will, and hopes that she'd find the perfect home for them.
"I know my family can't keep them, but we have to find homes for these puppies, they're far too young to be out there alone, otherwise they'd die." May debates.

All three puppies are confirmed as females, clearly pulled away from their mother.. and milk supply at such a young age. For more information about the three puppies, contact Ann. These dogs are good dogs. Happy dogs. Small dogs. They are looking for responsible owners to take them in, not a dirty hag who'd dump them by the streets.

Written by Ann Lee

Did you like my article? Someday, I hope to write for Borneo Bulletin. Hopefully I'll make it big.. Well, yeah. Three female puppies were found, and we took them in, and we want nothing better than to look for a good home for these puppies. They had clearly been abondoned by an irresponsible owner who did not want to bare living with more dogs, but if you wanted to keep male and a female in your house, you have to live up for the consequences, and not dump them by Fitness Zone like a fucking coward and flee so the responsibility can be left for someone else. If you leave them there and hope they'll die by the flower beds, then you are a dirty bastard.

I have to say that this is probably a big problem in Brunei, strays and abaondoning and whatever other animal cruelty this sick place is filled with. I understand that the dogs are breeding like mad cells, but if you are willing to take them in, then perhaps you should treat them with love because animals deserve a life too. If you want stray animals to stop wandering around Brunei because it's 'Inconveniencing' you, perhaps you should stop taking random dogs in so they could be your guard dog, then letting them breed more and abandoning them by the roads because it's too much hassle, but hey, let's dust it off our shoulders by letting it get run down by cars and trucks. Perhaps, instead of sending in complaints into the opinions page in the newspaper, you should do something yourself instead of depending on others to start something up. You pathetic losers, your complaints do nothing but irritate us. As if we don't already notice the problem? Perhaps instead of ramming the dogs down whenever you see them in the roads, because you get so angry that they're there, or because dogs have become so much of a taboo in the muslim religion, you should think twice you sick.... inhuman.. object..

I was glad to know that the animal shelter was being set up, which is great news! Until I heard.. of course.. that all they do is put them to sleep.. I understand that nobody is willing to adopt them, because for wahtever reason, possibly because they're stray dogs. But, my god, try putting a poodle or a chihuahua up for addoption, check how many phonecalls they'd get then. It's great for the society that hey, finally they're doing something about these pests, they're killing them so they would stop rummaging through our garbages, and my goodness we're doing the dogs a favour anyway. We'll put them to sleep so they don't have to live yet another day suffering and dying, but how do we know that we're donig them a favour? There could be a possiblity they would rather live stray than to die. Why of course, who cares what the animals think, we're at the top of the food chain and we're doing this for our own good. But I also have to be realistic, If nobody is willing to adopt them then we can't possibly put them back in the streets, I suppose the best sollution is to actually kil them, I know.. I know.. it's heartbreaking, but that's what they actually do..

I just feel that they are strays because of us. We led them to being strays, and we're letting them be. Then we want this to stop, because they're pestering us, but we're not doing anything about it.. so we.. just really want to stop our own wrong doings? but we make it sound like it's the animal's fault that they can't find any elsewhere to live. But how're we going to do it.. if we're not doing anything.. really. The animal needs more cash for making a shelter, perhaps we could think about that and make some donations. We have to understand that these animals are under our responsibility, and they are depending on us. Whether we like it or not, we'll have to do something about it.

As for the three puppies, I'll post photos up. They're so adorable.. If you're willing to take one in? or all three, that'd be awesome. If you know other responsible pet lovers as well who're looking for a dog, hehe come to me! :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ann, I might not know you but I have a few things to say about your article: I think you have the passion for writing but you need to fine tune certain elements in your writing, something which I believe you will be able to do as you progress along your academics.

Passion is always necessary, so don't lose that and having a dream like that is wonderful!

Or I suppose you can write in the less formal sections of the Borneo Bulletin, like what Ignatius Stephen does.

Best regards.