Ann explores the milky way

Dear Sunny Sunday,

Twas a rough night. Snuck into mama's room yesterday night and snuggled right up beside her. I'd almost forgotten the sweet distinct smell the bed's been perfumed with. The smell I once adored; sheltered me with comfort and protected me from the scary boogie woogies that lived underneath and beyond. This time, it was the smell of having her beside me. May it be being relieved or gifted, I cherished it finely. I took in a big breath, and never have I remembered loving the smell so much.

It took much shifting and blanket pulling until I had finally settled on the perfect cold spot. But little did I know what the night had laid out for me. Constant kicking and tugging shattered my perfectly sleepy thoughts. Ocasionally, mama would lift the blankets, and I'd feel the strong gusts of wind prickling against my legs. Wakes me up and pierces me with anger, but not to worry. I tend to sleep it off. I've learnt to forgive and forget. Perhaps years of sleeping on my own bed had alienated me from mama's bed. My dreams that I had planned out had disappointed me greatly.

I dreamt of an old lady next door who asked me in to play Big 2 with her. She was white. And we lived in the country. I wouldn't think it was too random, the night before I had several games of Big 2 with Jean and Jon. It had sort of left me in a Big 2 sensation, in fact I have to say that I'm craving for the game right now. Yeow. No, I'm afraid I didn't have the chance to explore the universe like I had so ambitiously planned. But the night's looking unrevengeful, it will do me good. I just know it wouldn't dare disappoint me again. This time, I'll dream of flying across the milky way... Pass the great wonders of space.

The sun light had eagled through the windows, which had left me in a half alarmed-half near to puking state. I get that a lot, I tend to feel like puking whenever I'd just woken up. Don't tell me I'm the only one... I had cleared my eyes and duh'd into the bathroom at 8 this morning, only to find more hair on the floor. I'd like to twist my sadness and metamorphose that into anger. Though I have to say, the feeling of sticking together is simply withering away.

I want a resolution plan for the year 2008. I've never had one of those before... Perhaps I should place "Stop embarassing yourself" as one of my first resolution points. I have had one too many of those this year, it's just time for a change. In fact, I had humiliated myself today as I found myself trotting into Arthur's home earlier with a Christmas hat on, with a goofy smile I often wear around, only to find his whole family and others gathering around a dining table infront of the door. I was as duh'd out as Jasz and HM were. We had not only disrupted their dinner, but mortified them with my shiny christmas hat. I found myself skipping up the stairs after uttering a soft "Hi Uncle..." and realizing an answer wasn't given out. I'm not the girl to give up, so I had automatically shouted a "Where's Arthur?" when I most obviously knew where he was... I felt down-right stupid because I had noticed I was already halfway up the stairs.

Dear Sunny Sunday, I hope you leave Glorious Monday with a schedule list. It's her turn to babysit me tomorrow.