Fuckdown!! It's been forever since I last blogged, man is my blog dead. New layout, new layout if you guys have not realised. Was feeling very environmental, so I thought a nice green layout for my dead blog would be pretty. Carrie helped me with it, so credits to her *clap clap* *pat pat* *tap tap* *snap snap* *spit spit* to her.

So, if you guys are wondering why the sudden runaway from my blog - several reasons; my internet explorer wouldnt' let me get into, so that's pretty fucked up if you ask me. Kill the blogger/internet explorer gang then they know! I've really been lazy with all this blogging things with all the damn school projects and Fobissea training coming up, and I sort of forgot about my blog :(. BUT HERE I AM, and I've got a gazillion-bazillion-mazillion-razillion-annazilion things to post up about, but I really haven't got the time and I feel a little chemical reaction going on in my head, it's going to explode soon with a head ache!

Okley-dokley, mokley-hokley.. Well, first of all, let me start you of with a word of advice: Never buy food or go into a restaurant when you're hungry. If you go into a supermarket with an empty trolley when you're hungry, you'll come out with a trolley full of Lays crisps, Crunchy chocolates, Ice-cream, sweets, candies and everything nice. Totally not the best thing to do if you're planning on saving up for a birthday gift. Same goes to restaurants really, you grab a menu and you order everything that sounds so good. You go in feeling empty and skinny, and you come out feeling like a pregnant pinyata stuffed with meat, fats and calories. Now, that isn't the best thing to do if you're planning in going on a diet.

Another word of advice: Don't go into the female's toilet alone in Centrepoint next to coffee bean/Dynasty. Fuckdownnn, a pervert cleaner who works there likes to peek in whenever a girl enters the toilet. It's scary, and it makes you wonder what he really had planned up his sleeves. I went in alone, not to take a piss, but to fix my hair. Moments later, the door opens, and a head pops in and runs off instantly after seeing me. I'm convinced it was the cleaner! Because it happened two times in a row, god dammit! What, he doesn't have enough money to get some porn CD's, and has to experience having pleasure by peeking into a female's toilet?! Cibaiii... The next time I go in, I'll be sure to take a video of him peeking in again (If he ever does) Made me wonder.. What if I actually was taking a piss? What could he have possibly done? Maybe he gets the pleasure from hearing girls take a piss. You never know, sick people these days..

When I say 'Bang', you say 'Kok'! - 'Bang'! '..Cock?' That's right! Bangkok here I come! I've only been there once, and I hardly remember anything from that trip. Maybe a vague memory of me being scared shitless of the largest elephant I've ever seen, but I'd get to go back to all of that in May for Fobissea! I'm really looking forward to it, except all the damn trainings I have to go through, really not up for that shit. But I'm just hoping time would fast forward itself to the day we all get to the airport, yay! I'd be so excited, I'd probably pee in my pants on the way to the airport. So that's all good, something I get to look forward to.

I finished OC Season 3 a weekend ago, and oh my god am I glad I got over that. People decided to spoil it for me and told me Marissa was going to die, but then I realized that I had been looking forward to the scene where she bloody dies. She had been annoying throughout the whole of OC, I really wanted to enter the TV screen and stranggle her till she chokes and dies! One thing for sure, is that OC really gives you the feeling of wanting to be in a relationship. That's what I find so fustrating. You just dream about it all and it makes you want to have something like that. The whole 'spending your days with a boyfriend' thing, and being picked up by a boyfriend and going to the beach, doing shit stunts and getting into trouble with them, having fun with them, calling them and just wanting to talk to them, telling them your deepest secret or simply just going through everything with them, you know.. all that crappy-crap-crap. Though I'd prefer a Summer-Seth relationship to a Ryan-Marissa relationship.

I'll post a few photos up soon, well no maybe not. I'm on the other computer at the moment, my computer won't let me log into So for now, enjoy. Toodles. Might be awhile until the next post.