Pigs can fly

So anyway, as some of you might have heard, I had to postpone the Empire outing to Sunday instead. And I dont know how that's going to work, because Sunday's an odd day to have a sleepover. But since I'd still be on holidays, I'm fine with that. For some of the guys who have school on Monday, it'd suck because you guys wont' be able to stay over. But it wasn't like you guys were going to stay over if I had it on today anyway. Hopefully all you guys would still be able to make it, I'd really appreciate it if you guys do.

The reason why I had to postpone it was nothing serious, really. I just didnt' want to go to the Empire scaring people away. Azim and Jasmine were a few of the very unfortunate ones which had to witness my eyes slowly swell with agony (thanks for not laughing. And puking.). I had to walk into school this morning because the results were supposed to be out. It wasn't. I had to walk into the office with a pair of sunglasses which were bearly even tainted, and very much see through. Ask the woman whether I could collect my IGCSE results today. She tells me that they were supposed to arrive yesterday afternoon, but they hadn't. So she tells me to ring her this afternoon to check, but then she also tells me that the office closes in 2 hours. Confused to why I had to ring her, I asked whether I could collect it by tomorrow then? She answers, "No dear, the office will be closed then. It's the weekend. You can collect it on Monday instead."
"Well, Ok dear. Then why the fuck did you ask me to call you again this afternoon in the first place?!?!"

As much as I want to show you my eyes, I can't. It's that bad. You might even get it by looking at them thorugh the net. It doesn't help that you dirty little bastards keep asking me to showcase it on webcam for you. It's not going to happen! Here, let me give you a slight picture of how my eyes look at the moment.

They were far worse yesterday night. I could hardly see. And I thought I couldn't get more asian. It's the most uncomfortable state anyone could ever be in. Here's what happened.

About 5 days ago, I woke up in the morning to signs of allergies. Normal sneezes and the occasional mucus I'd sometimes find dripping down my nostrils. Not so comfortable. I thought it'd get better, like it always did. But it didn't, and I came back from Gadong that night feeling far worse. I had been to the doctor's that very same day, and it seemed like I had gotten down with a normal cold. Nothing big. He gave me some new Herbal medicane which I took, very obediently, but only to find that I was not getting better at all.

In fact, for the next two days, I couldn't believe the amount of mucus my nose was producing. It seemed almost impossible. Then I started to feel aches around my face, particularly on my temples and below my eyes, near the cheek areas. I thought I had a tooth ache. I started to feel very flushed around my face too, at one point my face swelled up. I thought it was the dodgy herbal medicane I've been consuming, and that I was probably allergic to it. I went to the doctors the next day, and he told me that I had a sinus infection. Ok. That explained the pain.

He gives me Anti biotics and painkillers to take. And tells me to put vicks in hot water and inhale the steam, it'd clear my nose. So I did. Together with the painkillers and the Antibiotics. An hour later, I thought I was feeling pretty refreshed! I felt no pain around my face, I wasn't blowing so much. It was a miracle! Little did I know, that just about another hour after that, I'd felt bumps building up underneath my eyes. It only took about 15 minutes for it to cover my whole eye. It was not funny.

I went to the doctors for the third time this morning, only to find that the particular painkiller he had given me has actually been known for giving people allergies. Wait. So... The doctor never warned me about it before subscribing me the pills. What-the-fuck? Anwyay, that was an assholic move.

Let me try to put you in my shoes. Try to give you a clear view of things through my eyes.

This is what you see.

This is what I see. By the way, if you're wondering wehther my eyes were the only reason why I wanted to postpone the Empire outing. It isn't.Ann Lau The sinus infection hasn't completely cleared yet and it's still in a healing process, I need lots of sleep to get my mind off the pain on my forehead. It feels like it's about to explode. The doctor was giving me a brief explanation on where the cause of the pain is from, but I wasn't really listening because I was feleing incredibly uncomfortable at that time, and i had hoped that my mom would've done the listening for me instead. He was saying something about the thing which connects the things at my temples to the things at my cheek areas are very narrow, so these things can easily clog up, causing pressure against my temples. Some how the things underneath my eyes are affected too, which causes that tooth ache sensation I've been feeling ofr the last couple of days. Something like that.



I say... Shame on you if you had missed the opening ceremony to the grand 08.08.08 Olympics!

The Olympics was off for a great start yesterday night! It was very exciting to see all the lights and colours, it had a good feel. It was very refreshing to see eveyrone so enthusiastic about it, especially the chinese who seemed very proud to be hosting it. The opening to the olympics was incredibly breathtaking, for the first 15 minutes. Then I got strangely bored, which is unusual for anyone, but if it helps I was still very amused!

I had just seen the first half to the Brazil vs. New Zealand football match. (Brazil's leading by 2 points). It's like the World Cup all over again! Who knew watching the Olympic events could be so fun.. I had no idea I'd be intrigued by watching a bunch of men cycling on TV. Exciting though!
I did hear that Brunei never got the chance to participate in the Olympics, shame for Maria! Sad the government hadn't been able to enter the form on time. Would've been so great to see Maria on TV! I was secretly excited.

I woke up this morning feeling a little tickle up my nose, thinking it'd go away, I took a quick shower only to find that I'd come out feeling far worse. I found myself sitting in my living room couch all day flipping through Olympic channels with a box of tissue on my lap, which soon ran out. I feel terrible! I ate all the oranges we had, but I think I've got a bit of a sore throat now.

+ Have you seen The Dark Knight yet?!?!!