Armageddon.. The world's about to end soon!

...which could explain the strange storm we had yesterday night.. It was really unexpected, especially when all of us recieved text messages warnin us on Saturday that a Mini Typhoon was comin our way (at 11pm).. which we all soon found out was complete bulls#it.

No really, the whole thought of our world ending isn't the most comforting to think about.. It's actually a pretty scary thought.

All I hear nowadays everytime I turn the radio on are talks about global warming and major climate changes we're all experiencing.. but because we're all too god damn stuffed in our own worlds and we're too afraid to face the reality of it all, we (most of us) choose to ignore it and go on with our lives without at least trying to put an effort into making a slight change.. which could also explain why everytime we'd take a drive around Brunei, we'd see a nenek by the street burnin trash when there clearly isn't any reason to do so.

I'm not going to lie though, I for one ocasionally throw my trash by the streets when I'm feeling a little lazy.. hehe. But I'd like to make a change. So far my attempts have been unsucessful.. I planted a tree and it died within weeks.

I want my children and my grandchildren to be able to see a proboscis monkey when they're older, or be able to see the world the way we're all seeing it now.. but by the looks of how things are at the moment, I dont' think we'd ever be able to stop global warming, rather delay it. So when's the world going to 'end'? I know putting all of this into your head right now isn't exactly the cheerful thing to do.. haha but really, it's all happening so quick, I reckon we'd all be living underwater pretty soon!

We could be living in homes like these! hehe which is pretty awesome actually.. I found this the other day while surfin the net. It isn't as random as you think it is..

So I just lost my motivation to blog, I'll leave it here and will blog another time. Armageddon's about to come, so pack your bags and start diggin some shelters! Tooodles


Fastfood ads VS. Reality

Fastfood isn't always what you think they are.. The outcome of it may be disappointing (My DQ Cheese dog) In an ad. - Taco Bell Nachos Bell Grande
In Reality - Not so Taco now huh? In an ad. - Arby's beef and chedder
In reality - Arby's melted mysterious looking not-so-burger..
In an ad. - Wendy's Southwest Taco Salad
In reality - Nasi lemak

In an ad. - Wendy's chicken club

In reality - ....Shit.

In an ad. - McDonald's Sausage Breakfast Burrito
In reality - Dog shit that had been wrapped up in toilet paper..

In an ad. - DQ's cheese dog

In reality - The biggest disappointment ever.. sigh..


Public toilets

Alriiiight~ I'm so sick of bloggin about what I did today and all that shizzle. I honestly don't think anyone gives a rat's ass about what I've done today, because I personally don't give a shiit about what others have done today. hmm but that's just me! It gets really boring postin about my daily acitivities, because secretly I know nobody actually reads it. hahaha :( WHERE IS THA LOVE PEOPLE?!?!

I'd just came back from having sushi for dinner with my family, and I drank a little too much green tea and had to use the loo baad. There is no doubt that I absolutely hate using public toilets (especially the ones in Brunei).. I try to avoid using public toilets under any circumstances, even when I'm on road trip to say.. Miri.. I'd make sure I'd sleep the whole way through so I won't stuff myself silly with food.. because food will make me thirsty and I know that I'd gulp down a gallon of liquid instantly! but.. at times when I just can't hold it in.. and I HAVE to let it out hahaha.. it calls for some serious re-thinking about public toilets.

When I really have no choice, then I'd have to use it.. which really sucks. It's so uncomfortable, especially the dark ones. The ones without toilet paper are even worse (The Mall).. how about the ones with footprints patterned all around the toilet seat? Come on people! Have some decency and try sitting on the toilet seat for once! That's what they are made for.. ever thought about lining toilet paper around the toilet seat and sitting on it instead of troubling yourself by climbing onto it and squating? Man.. I'd be so scared to do that.. I think I'd slip and fall down *KABOOM* if you had me squat on a toilet seat like that.. Which reminds me, the ones which dont' even have toilet seats are far worse. The squating ones.. the ones that you'd have to squat over and pee into a very contaminated looking hole.. with shit splattered all over! (Kiulap mall) hahaha bad memories with it ok.

When I was 5, I went shopping with my mum in KL in some mall.. I went to the bathroom and while takin a piss, I slipped and two of my legs went *bloop* straight in! I dont' know what was in there other than my very own piss, but I had black shit all over my leg when I got out.. NOT NICE OK! It was terrible! I was crying too because I felt so 'ughEEEEK'.. didn't even want to look at my own legs. I remember my mum going
and I was like speechless. I was so grossed out.. Also the toilets with big windows at the side that are left open for vantilation.. everytime I'm in one of those, I get a little paranoid.. because I've heard stories of very hamsap guys actually peeking in. So I always make my toilet moments quick and snappy, short and sweet, as long as I get out of there quick! Even tiny little cracks around the toilet area makes me a little paranoid at times.. what if some sick minded dude had happened to hide a camera in there, or an eye is peekin in and you wouldn't even know! I dont' know about you, but I personally am very picky with the toilets I go in... Don't even get me started with the toilets they have in planes (especially air asia).

I don't get how guys can stand public toilets.. how do they manage to stand and pee infront of other random strangers looking at their 'happy place'? Just the thought of it is uncomfortable.. Some even make friends while peeing, like you know if a guy is peeing next to another guy.. they'd probably be like
"Hey, my name's Bob.."
"Oh.. Hi.. Mine's Nick"
*Silent moment*
"Wow.. haha looks like I had a little too much to drink for dinner huh? haha WHOOPS! You need a little help aimin? You almost got me there! haha.."
It's just a strange thought.. What do they call those things they pee into again? Urine fountains? hmm.. I need to ask around for that.

Anyway what I really wanted to write about is making a number 2 in a public toilet. How do people manage to do that? I dont think I've ever made a poopie in a public toilet in my life because I CAN CONTROL IT and IT CAN WAIT! I don't rush to a public toilet to take a shit because that is one thing I' hope I'd never have to do! What really got me to writing this was because in dinner earlier, right before I went to the loo.. there was a malay chick that was sittin on the table infront of mine that was using the toilet before me. So I had to wait around til she got out.. it did take her awhile.. but I was patient and I waited.. and waited.. and waited. When she finally got out, I walked in and it and it was 'wheeeew~'.. the smell explained waht took her so loonnggg. She had a little too much sushi I'm guessing.. haha I didn't use the toilet. I didn't even bother liftin the toilet seat up, because people don't usually.. you know.. flush it all down.. they always leave a little surprise for the next person who goes in. I held my breath and I had to stay in there for awhile because I dint' want to come out instantly and appear rude. So I was kinda like.. 'hanging around' in there you could say.. with my shirt over my nose. It's so embarassing too.. come on laaa.. be more like a womaaan. At least spray perfume after you shit. So females aren't always hygeanic ok! Don't think we are always really clean and organized, we are just as messy as you males are!


New look for the layout!

Ok, I've finally changed the layout of my blog. I've been wanting to change it since forever but I've never gotten around to doing it, because I'm useless when it comes to changing the layouts of a blog.. So I always have to wait until Carrie comes online. You probably already know, but to navigate yourself aroudn the blog, you have to click on the coin-like crosses at the bottom of the page. It's not very obvious, even I didn't know until Carrie told me. I found myself clicking all over the page like a loser.. If you've figured out how to navigate around the blog yourself, big ups to you!! You a genius. I had a problem reading the tagboard at first, but it was alright after I restarted my computer.. so if you have problems with it too.. try restarting your computer.. (if you that desperate to tag)

I went to watch the Sultan cup today with Jasmine, Harry and Jon Shim. haha we met at Funbread cafe and then walked over to batu bersurat (it isn't as far as you think) to watch Jon Shim's sister's team play.. Had Kevin pick me and Jon up at CHAI KEN XIAANGG (teo poi hoon) because it was pourin cats and dogs out.. Watched Jasmo and some other team play, and then watched Malar (?) Setia the pinoy imported team play with some other team. Chris the supposingly very goodlooking player... wasn't as goodlooking as I thought he was going to be. Chen, Jasmine, Kevin and Jonshim all had assured me that I was going to go bonkers when I see him.. but I must say.. I was a little disappointed when I saw him sitting by the stands. He didn't give me the 'omfg I'm going to stalk him the whole night' impression.. more of a 'huh?.. HIM? :S hmm.. ok..' sorta impression.. he's only good looking when he's playing hahahahha..

We had Jon act homosexual infront of him! We could see that Chris was feeling a little uneasy everytime he was put out on the court.. more of being paranoid. Sorta like..
"Shit.. that homo's looking at my ass.. should I stick my arms out like that? Would he be checkin my arms out if I do? Am I running ok... Could my running style be turning that kid on?.."
hahaha which was really funny. Jon was screamin "AHHHH CHRISS!! I LOVE YOUU! DUNK FOR ME!!" the whole night, so paisei ok. Chris was so embarassed too, you could see it. hahahahaha then Jon asked him wehther he could take a photo with him ;) ahahaha.. Chris is so popular. After the match all tha ladehs rushed after him to ask whether they could take photos with him..

hahah ok so Jon didn't turn out as gay as expected in this photo


Happy birhtday Harry !

Happy birthday Harry!!! wootz wootz! Anyway a short post for today.. I"m not inspired to write about anything in particular at the moment but Harry's little party he had at his place tonight! So ok, blah di blah.. the usual. I don't think you'd be that interested in what I did today, but if you are.. I had Jon pick me up today and we went to pick up a few cake slices for Harry at LeApple (hmm.. Jasmine and Jon still owes me $4.00 *hint hint* I hope you're reading this Jon.. hahahahhahaha), and we arrived with our PoKlEnxX outfitzZz. I'll post photos ok!

Paikia shots ok. So samseng
hahahahahaha ok I know it's pretty gross, but me and Jon had raspberry condoms in our mouths instead of cigarettes. I thought they were ketchup packets.. They were gifts for Harry..
hehe whoops. I accidently threw an inflatable dummy at Azim's left eye.. and you could instantly see blood clots on his eyeball.. His eye was bloodshot red the whole night
Jasmine's present to Harry! hahAHAHA to be honest I'm not even sure what it is.. but it's made of playdough

Hardcore fckin sessions broke the bed
Of course.. a party is never a party without a 'girly-slumber-party-moment'
We do our hair, paint our nails and we gossip!!
Azim showing his feminine side
OK. So samseng

Threesome.. hmm..
This boy is the genious ok. Don't play play.. He is the pictionary master and he's so fckin smart. What the fuck is an 'Easter Island'?! How the hell does a 12 year old like him know and not us..?!
AHHHHH. This boy is so cute!! I think his name is Roe-Roe..?

My comic to Harry!

We rock ok.
Pro lead singer


Nintendo wiiii

Me and Harry rockin it at the Tennis court

hahahaha Nacho the dog from hell

PoKlEn HeArTxXx~

Condoms for Harry!
Cigarettes for Harry!

Vodka for Harry!

My comic for Harry!